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My liberty


What kind of libertarian am I?

The last time I stopped with the effort of putting a label on my stance was when I discovered how many labels there are and that the one I picked (social libertarian) is the one Noam Chomsky uses to describe his. I stopped in horror and decided that the issue needs more deliberation. Continue reading →

Less democracy


Now, that I told you that more democracy would make the world worse off and no democracy is not a good idea, you must wonder: what is the answer?
I will try to make the point that the answer is less democracy which, on the other hand, we cannot have without a wide reaching democratic consensus.  Continue reading →

Ideology and pragmatism #2 – Liberty

2013-09-12 pragmatism 2

I started listening to Stefan Molyneux when he was still making his podcasts while driving to work. He was at around #400 and I started diligently with the first. I never caught up, I stopped listening when I realized that he is hopelessly and irredeemably ideological.
His presentations were a little too verbose but fair representations of libertarian principles as they relate to various subjects. Still, I consider his work the best example of the problems of ideological libertarianism today.
He is, of course, not alone, he is standing on the shoulders of the likes of Rothbard, but Stefan represents best what I would call populist ideological libertarianism.

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