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Propaganda in the service of dogma

I used to have a boss I liked a lot and had a great working relationship with. His temperament was pretty much opposed to mine. He was calm, collected and impeccably polite, yet he was in a way fascinated by my very Hungarian directness and passion. It happened a few times that after listening to my public diatribe about yet another corporate malfeasance or short-sightedness, he looked at me and said: “Well, Zork, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel?”

After spending months of researching, collecting and sorting information; after nearly a year and a half of disheartening incredulity, frustration and anger; I am ready to let you know.

The process very often made me quite uncomfortable. The more I learned, the closer I was pushed to believe that the only rational explanation is a massive conspiracy. Yet, I am still not ready to say that it is.

We all should be very careful using this word. What is a conspiracy? Does the unspoken agreement behind colluding interests qualify? Will a cover-up qualify? How about bending the truth just a little bit? Is propaganda, and its twin sister censorship conspiratorial? How about partisan disagreements and the shunning of dissent?

At what point, through what acts does following your self-interest may become conspiratorial?
At what point does your refusal to consider evidence contradicting your beliefs becomes unacceptable?
At what point should harmful actions be considered criminal?

At what point does suspicions, the suggestion of possible answers become a conspiracy theory?
Is it the projection of intent what makes a conspiracy theory? Is there such a thing as a benevolent conspiracy? Can the intent behind any conspiracy be anything but nefarious? We wouldn’t call a surprise birthday party a conspiracy, would we, so what can we call,  legitimately, a conspiracy?

The point is not that I don’t want the world to see me as a conspiracy theorist, but that I do not want to see myself as such. At the same time, I’m always reminded of the Sherlock Holmes principle:

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains,
no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

As I am desperately trying to find answers to questions that should be obvious to everybody; as I am eliminating the impossible, what is left is very ugly: greed, corruption, opportunistic collusion, incompetence, lies, political opportunism, utter cynicism and yes, conspiracies on one hand, and uncritical, unthinking, cowardly, sheepish submission on the other.
It is improbable, it is difficult to believe, but, unfortunately, it is very possible.

With all these caveats, I should be ready to let you know what I know, what I suspect, what I believe, what I think and how I feel about it. I will make it visually clear which is which.
Will we ever know THE TRUTH? Probably not the whole truth.

I will try to limit the references, which does not mean that I don’t have them. I am not trying to prove anything, I will just try to explain my understanding, my logic and my feelings about this absurd reality we all have to live with.

I believe, that there are people in this world who can be best described as narcistic megalomaniac sociopaths. George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey would be good examples of the type.

I believe, that the primary mover of the world is self interest. The self interest of individuals, institutions and organizations, but above all, politicians. More often than not, this self interest is masked by delusional, bigoted, dogmatic faith. The kind that has no room for questions, doubts or self reflection.

I believe, that people are corruptible and their corruption is contagious. I also believe that they have a nearly infinite capacity to justify their actions to themselves, no matter how harmful or immoral they are.

We do know that conspiracies do exist. The movie “Conspiracy” is a perfect illustration. So is the birth of the Federal Reserve.
In this case, I don’t know if there was a time and a place where some nefarious people got together and decided on a detailed plan for this plandemic. Maybe we’ll never know.
So, let’s give the benefit of the doubt to the megalomaniac sociopaths. It is irrelevant what was or was not planned. What matters, is that the usual players were prepared. And I know that. Straight from them. From their books, their web-sites, their public statements. From the speed and the uniformity of the response. The uniformity of the message.

What is that message?

  • This is a natural disaster. Nobody is actually responsible for it. It came from animals.
  • There is nothing we can do about it except obeying any order given to us without questioning it.
  • Although it seems to affect disproportionally the elderly and the immunocompromised, we should all be worried about it.
  • We should worry especially about each other. The biggest threat to you is the person next to you. We are all in this together, and in the interest of the whole, everybody should be forced to comply. It is legitimate to destroy the livelihood of anybody, who does not comply.
  • There is no cure, there is no treatment. Anybody suggesting otherwise should be censored and censured. Any deviation from the official narrative represents a danger to public safety.
  • The government, your politicians, health-care providers, medical researchers and the media are working heroically to save you from harm. Their efforts must be applauded and their dictates obeyed. Opposing any ‘public safety’ measure is by definition antisocial and disobeying them can be deemed criminal. No matter how oppressive, harmful or unreasonable they are.
  • The only thing that can save us is vaccination. EVERYBODY should be vaccinated. In the interest of the whole, even those who have very low probability of getting infected. Better safe than sorry, no matter what the cost of that ‘safe’ is.
  • Heard immunity = >80% vaccination. Even people with antibodies and T-cell immunity should be vaccinated. Natural immunity does not count, EVERBODY must get the vaccine.
  • Until EVEERYBODY gets the vaccine, we ALL have to obey the public health rules. Even if you don’t (need the measures), you must abide by them to demonstrate your compliance.

What is the reality?

Everything about the official narrative is wrong. Every official voice is lying about every aspect of this ‘pandemic’. (Starting with the designation. The definition is arbitrary and its application is inconsistent.)

  • There is nothing natural about the virus. It is the result of a Gain of Function research financed by Dr Fauci and subcontracted to the Wuhan research lab. It escaped probably by accident. The evidence is getting so overwhelming, that even the New York Times had to report it. The Wuhan vet market origin was just a poorly done cover-up.
  • As Julius Ruechel points out in his very thorough report, the pandemic was an institutional problem, killing mostly those in some sort of government run or controlled setting. According to his calculations, 98.6% of outbreak related deaths occurred in nursing homes, hospitals and prisons.
  • There is a lot we could have done, such as treating sick people instead of just waiting for them to die. There is already close to a dozen different possible treatments, various anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs used for other infectious diseases. Unfortunately, none of them would make billions for Big Pharma, therefore all of their advocates had to be destroyed.
  • None of the public-health measures actually work. Masks, social distancing, business closures, curfews and lockdowns do absolutely nothing to the virus and its spread. No scientific evidence ever was presented that they do. It was just assumed that they do. Because Dr. Fauci said so. After saying the opposite, then changing his mind twice more. He can, because he is an expert.
  • Just as I predicted over a year ago, the lockdowns did far more harm than the virus itself. Big spikes in suicide, drug overdose, alcoholism and domestic abuse. People were dying from the greatly reduced access to regular medical services.
  • The politicians, the doctors, the media are shamelessly lying about the numbers.
    The illiterate, innumerate, brainwashed masses believe them without making any effort to understand what those numbers mean
  • The vaccines……… well, they are not even vaccines in the traditional sense.
    Vaccination at the end of a seasonal epidemic makes no sense.
    The vaccines don’t work, and their efficacy does not compare well to natural immunity.
  • The mRNA vaccines are killing and maiming people at a rate unprecedented in the history of vaccination and the industry is trying to burry the news.
  • Let me rephrase that: Covid vaccines killed more people in six months than ALL vaccines put together in the history of vaccination and many virologists argue that we may see the most harm in the next flu season.

What I think

Just like all the hustlers in Tom Wolf’s Bonfire of the Vanities, everybody is trying to profit from this phony crisis.

  • The worst, by far, is big Pharma. By now they own medical education, they are in full control of all the regulatory agencies, research institution, medical journals and the peer review process. They control doctors and medical associations.
    What drives that industry is patent rights, the search for captive customers with life-long dependence on their products and people who can be compelled to use their products. This is the point of this pandemic. Guaranteed recurring income from everybody on the planet.
    They tolerate no competition, not even from their own products if it makes them less money than the ones they are pushing at the moment. They are now trying to ban some dietary supplements because they may help to cure Covid-19!
    The health and safety of people is not the least of their concerns. It is not even on the list.
    Big pharma is ready to kill and maim millions to make billions.
    This drive is very important to the industry to establish a precedence for the ‘need’ of yearly vaccination of everybody on the planet under the industry’s benevolent guidance.
  • Politicians and the bureaucrat class is getting an incredible level of new powers out of the pandemic. The new emergency measures that are unlikely to go away. Vast new identification and population control programs that they would have never been able to implement under normal circumstances. The culling of the elderly herd that is a threat to the social security Ponzi scheme. This pandemic already gave a few more years of life to that scam in the developed world.
  • The main-stream media is in a slow decline as it is unable to compete with the nimbleness, flexibility and variety of the alternatives. The ‘pandemic’ gave them an opportunity to suppress dissenting voices in the alternative media with the active help of social media censorship.

How I feel

I am outraged and disheartened at the same time.

  • I am outraged by the genocidal greed of big pharma and the cancerous corruption they created touching every aspect of our lives.
  • I am worried about the unchecked new powers of politicians that they are not likely to ever give up.
  • I am disgusted by the manipulative lies of the media and the level of censorship they manage to get away with.
  • I am worried about the neo-communist, globalist agenda that is advanced as the solution to this artificial virus and the manufactured crisis. A crisis that will, supposedly, be solved by the same people who created it.
  • I am depressed by the response of people around the world; by the innumeracy, the uncritical acceptance of the most ridiculously obvious nonsense; the sheepish, cowardly submission to even the most oppressive dictates of officialdom.
  • I am irritated by the stupid rules, the petty bossiness of their enforcers, and the primitive virtue signaling of their compliant victims.

In the end, I completely agree with Julius Ruechel calling for Nuremberg style trials for the planners, perpetrators and facilitators of this calamity. Many calls it the crime of the century. I think they are charitable.

Of course, I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

I promised to limit the links, mostly so that I can ask you to take the ones I leave you with seriously.

Here is the link to the excellent investigative report of Julius Ruechel:
The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection, & Institutional Deaths.
It is long and full of references. If you follow the links, as you should, you may end up spending a couple of days on it; but it will be worth every minute of your time.
This conversation, less than an hour, is about Ivermectin.

Follow the links and form your own opinion.  Let me know where your path led you. Share this post, subscribe for more.

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