The glorious victory of Islam

The sublime wisdom of Islam

2015-12-28 - bacon gun

Whether we like it or not, acknowledge it or not, Islam is at war with us and it is winning. Even in places where they represent only a tiny minority of the population, they are succeeding in beating us into submission, into accepting their intolerant and primitive ideology on equal terms. Muslims everywhere drive the agenda. They use any and every tool at their disposal.

It is a war we cannot fight without acknowledging it. As I pointed out in The Failure of Imagination, the war we refuse to fight cannot be won. For Muslims, the world is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War, the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb. Not only Muslim radicals, but the majority of Muslims see the world this way. Muslims know and loudly declare that they are at war with us. The evidence shows that they are at war with us. Most people understand that they are at war with us. Only our politicians, the media and the lunatic left are in denial which begs for the question why? Why are they not ready to acknowledge it? Why are they not ready to deal with it? Why are they not ready to discuss it honestly? Where is the problem?
It may start with the definition.

Who (or what) are we at war with? When I told our 17-year-old friend that we ARE at war with Islam, he asked me: “Are you at war with the Muslim girls you are working with?” No, I answered, I am at war with the stupid ideas in their heads.
His question illustrates the most important obstacle in the way of a rational debate and a rational policy, our apparent inability to separate the elements of the problem: Muslims, Islam and terrorism.

Muslims are people. Islam is an ideology. Muslim terrorism is the physical expression of the ideology. Muslim terrorists are people acting according to their ideology. However closely related these elements may be, there is a clear distinction between them. Yet wherever I look, I see them used as if they were inseparable. Politicians, the media and other simple minded people cannot bring themselves to condemn Islam because in their mind that means the condemnation of Muslims. The condemnation of EVERY Muslim. The result is paralyzing, making it nearly impossible to determine what exactly are we fighting against.

Islam, above all else, is an ideology. It is rooted in religion and reflected in many different cultural practices, but it is mainly a political ideology. Just like fascism and communism.
Like any ideology, Islam is a choice. Muslims don’t make it easy to walk away from it, but that does not negate the fact that ultimately, being a Muslim is an individual responsibility. The moment you declare yourself to be an adherent of an ideology, you are, to some extent, responsible for what it stands for.
Just imagine if we replaced the words Muslims and Islam with the words Nazis and fascism.
We do not seem to have ANY problem holding self declared Nazis responsible for the bad ideas of fascism and there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER why we couldn’t or shouldn’t do the same to Muslims.
We should all be responsible for our believes, their implications and consequences.
Expecting Muslims to take responsibility for the tenets of their faith is not racism. The condescension in holding them to lower standards is.

Showing reverence to an evil ideology is not decent or tolerant, it isn’t even just stupid, it is evil. Reverence towards Islam is reverence to pedophilia, slavery, the subjugation of women, the oppression of religious minorities, the intolerance towards personal choices and a host of other very bad ideas.
The denial of reality is stupid only if it is harmless. The denial of a dangerous reality is irresponsible. Pretending that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is sharing responsibility for its actions.
ISIS declares itself Islamic. They follow the commandments of their faith to the letter. Islamic scholars agree that that is what it means to be a good Muslim.

How NOT to win a war

When Obama ordered the assassination of Osama bin Laden I was disgusted. I found his sleazy cowardliness appalling. I even wrote about it. Obama, along with other Western leaders are quick to pronounce that despite all evidence to the contrary, we are not at war with Islam.

It seems that we are at war with what we shouldn’t be at war with – people – while we are not at war with the only thing that we should be at war with: the ideology motivating the people we are fighting. Not only are we not fighting it, we don’t even dare to take a stand against it in any way.

Islam declared war on us and we are fighting Muslims instead. It is ISLAM, the intolerant, barbaric, bloodthirsty, oppressive and murderous ideology that we should be fighting.


As long as we refuse to acknowledge this fact, we will be condemned to live with the conflicts, the wars, the terrorism, the riots, rape epidemics, FGMs, beheadings, stoning of women and intifadas.
If we refuse to fight the war of ideas, we will be condemned to fight the real wars with real victims.
I suspect that politicians, the media and the lunatic left actually like it this way. They all thrive on conflict and wish to keep the problems alive, but that should be the subject of another discussion.

We do not have too many Nazis around. It is not cool the be a fascist. We do not have many fascist terrorist incidents. We condemn it, we ridicule it, we censor it, we oppose it in any possible way.
The mere accusation of Nazi war crimes is enough to get Canadian citizenships revoked.
Maybe, our attitude toward fascism should be used as a recipe. If one tenth of the moral outrage we direct against Fascism would be directed against Islam, it would already be in decline.

Islam, the religious ideology, should be constantly exposed, challenged, criticised, mocked, ridiculed and treated in general with the contempt it so richly deserves. People holding onto primitive customs should be confronted. Gently, but firmly. Women in burkas should be explained that in a civilized country, they should dress civilized.
Muslims should be made ashamed of being Muslims just as we expect Germans to be ashamed of their Nazi past. It should be made clear to every Muslim that the law of the land is the law and if they want Sharia, then liberal democracies are not the places for them.

At the same time, Muslims should be assured that if they choose to renounce their faith, they will have our full protection. We should celebrate the courage of Muslims who walk away from Islam.
Yes, we absolutely should help refuges (people fleeing the horrors of Islamic rule), but we should say no to the invaders (people bringing their vile ideology and primitive customs with them).
Muslim leaders understand how dangerous apostasy is. Mohamed understood it, that is why he received instructions form ‘God’ to make it punishable with death. Muslim leaders understand that the threat of extreme violence is the only thing that holds Islam together.
As Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars pointed out:
“If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam wouldn’t exist today; Islam would have ended since the death of the prophet; peace be upon him. So opposing apostasy is what kept Islam to this day.” Catering to the demands of Islam and Muslim organizations in the West is the betrayal of all Muslims who would be ready to renounce them. The decent, the moral path would be to help Muslims to free themselves from Islam and we cannot achieve that with appeasement. It did not work for Chamberlain and it will not work now.

Unless we pick up the bacon gun, Islam will be victorious again.2015-12-28 - bacon gun

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