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Ideology and pragmatism #3 – Socialism

2013-09-12 keep calm

“….the barrier to radical reform of social policy is not the pain it would cause the intended beneficiaries of the present system, but the pain it would cause the donors. The real contest about the direction of social policy is not between the people who want to cut budgets and people who want to help. When reforms finally do occur, they will happen not because stingy people have won, but because generous people have stopped kidding themselves. “

The above quote is the closing sentence of Charles Murray’s “Losing Ground” the book that led me to libertarianism. It is a perfect encapsulation of the content of the book describing the abysmal failure of socialist policies.

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The 21st question

2013-08-28 21st question

I thought I was a little harsh with the opening of my post of the 20 questions so I wrote a follow up trying to be warm and fuzzy. Not because I hope to score points with the left-wingers, not because I want to make my posts more acceptable but because my feelings toward them constantly move between anger and pity, contempt and indignation, frustration and desperation.
I KNOW, we all know that they are just stupid but at some point we must ask: when does the refusal to take responsibility for the harm they do become morally condemnable?

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Not even a fart in my face

2013-07-23 goal of socialism

The environmentalist left wingers gave us a perfect demonstration of the depth of their intellectual gravity and their communication skills when one of the Line 9 protesters awaiting a hearing in a Hamilton courthouse eloquently farted into the face of a Sun news reporter.
Not surprising. When confronted about the ill-informed stupidity, the hypocrisy or the harmful and immoral nature of their ideas, the leftists have only a few strategies: ignore, shout down or insult and offend; if the cause is juicy, riot and use violence. The only thing they never have is a cogent and coherent argument.

My questions were designed to expose the stupidity and hypocrisy of socialist ideas; I did not really expect any answers. I do not think that socialists can give answers to my questions. At the end of my post, I promised that I will eventually answer them myself. I got no reaction from the left wingers. Not a peep. Not even a fart in my face. Faith Goldie is way ahead of me. Maybe she is just more difficult to ignore…….

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20 questions for socialists

2013-07-09 20 answers-2

To quote Barack Obama:
“Let me be clear”:

I do not like socialists. I have a hard time trying to keep myself from using stronger language to describe my dislike. I feel nothing but contempt for socialist ideas. I consider them dishonest, stupid and immoral. My dislike of actual socialists is in direct proportion with their level of embrace of the socialist ideals; with the degree of their willingness to advocate coercion implementing them.

Now, this may be clear, but it isn’t exactly true. Unfortunately, the majority of my friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances are some sort of socialists. My relationships with them is far from being as simple as I wish it was, but trying to make sense of that should be a different topic.
You can read it here.

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Wealth Inequality in America

2013-04-28 inequality

I came across this video about Wealth Inequality in America. At this point, it had 5,687,605 views, 55,594 likes and 2,787 dislikes.

There are several responses to it. The way I got to the original was from this Learnliberty.org debate that was sparked by it. The 2 minutes intro to it was watched 54,754 times but the debate itself was only watched ~11,000 times. That is 0.2 % of the viewers of the propaganda video.
The debate was tellingly titled:  “What Wasn’t Said in “Wealth Inequality in America”
The point of this post should be to actually answer this question because the debate definitely did not.

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A cause to believe in?

2013-03-12 a cause to believe in

If you are one of the people who keep sending me mail to sign petitions and join causes, please keep sending them. Chances that I will sign any are very low but I like to know what concerns the people I know. Why I am so reluctant to sign up to causes should be the subject of another discussion, now I want to write about a recent one I received.

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A socialist class theory

2013-03-05 social-class-lecture

When I was sixteen years old, I set out, with a friend who was a full year wiser than I, to resolve the problems with Historical Materialism, the second branch in the holy trinity of Marxist ideology (dialectic materialism and scientific socialism being the other two).
The way it was taught to us in school was a fairly faithful representation of Marx’s ideas. Before the formation of class societies, we had primitive communism, then we had the class societies, you know, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles….” and after a brief interlude of socialism, we will arrive to a higher order classless society. (well summed up here). We found it unacceptable. It’s not that we were that smart, it is the Marxist concept of class that was so stupid that even a couple of brainwashed 16-17 year olds could not live with it. The point of our ‘effort’ was to remove the inevitability aspect from the Marxist historical determinism. We wanted to believe that the reality we were living was not the end of history.

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