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Healthcare Blitzkrieg

2013-05-28 health care

Yesterday I came across a YouTube video where John King is asking the progressive gotcha question from Ron Paul in the First GOP debate in 2012. That reminded me of another debate from before the primaries where Wolf Blitzer asked the same sleazy question from the same candidate.
Although it may seem not particularly timely to post something about a debate of the Republican primaries that happened over a year ago, I think both the question and the answer are timeless. Democrats, socialists, leftists constantly throw this question at people who are opposed to the notion of government run health care.

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Rights? What rights?

2013-05-07 natural rights

When I finished my second post about abortion, I promised two more on the subject.

Libertarians won’t like this, but I must declare that I do not believe in natural rights. There is absolutely nothing “natural” about rights. What we get from nature is an imperative, a drive to survive. Since we are both social and thinking animals, over a very, very long time of social and intellectual evolution we rose above the biological imperative and came to a general agreement on some basic rules to help the survival of our species.

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Why Marxism?

2013-03-19 why marxism

I watched an excellent lecture of Bradley Thompson on Marxism
The lecture provides a clear introduction into the stupid & twisted mind of Karl Marx.
Definitely worth watching.
Since the title is open, it ended up with a surprising number of left leaning viewers. I could not resist commenting on one which got a response from the most prolific commenter on the subject.
Following is the exchange, my response to it and in the end, my thoughts about the lecture itself.

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A socialist class theory

2013-03-05 social-class-lecture

When I was sixteen years old, I set out, with a friend who was a full year wiser than I, to resolve the problems with Historical Materialism, the second branch in the holy trinity of Marxist ideology (dialectic materialism and scientific socialism being the other two).
The way it was taught to us in school was a fairly faithful representation of Marx’s ideas. Before the formation of class societies, we had primitive communism, then we had the class societies, you know, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles….” and after a brief interlude of socialism, we will arrive to a higher order classless society. (well summed up here). We found it unacceptable. It’s not that we were that smart, it is the Marxist concept of class that was so stupid that even a couple of brainwashed 16-17 year olds could not live with it. The point of our ‘effort’ was to remove the inevitability aspect from the Marxist historical determinism. We wanted to believe that the reality we were living was not the end of history.

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The square root of intelligence

2012-12-02-square root

The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to
obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with
the smallest possible amount of hissing
Jean Baptiste Colbert

I did not plan it this way, but this post will be a continuation of the previous one in some respects.
I tortured myself yesterday for nearly two hours listening to this debate.

The motion was as follows: “The Rich is taxed enough

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The Ryan miss, the Biden sleaze and the hypocrite’s dilemma

2012-10-14 Ryan Biden

I watched the vice presidential debates.

I have to admit to my ignorance, I have no idea what is going on in a presidential or vice-presidential debate preparation. I assume they get prepared for the arguments and also the expected low blows, yet when a standard liberal cliché low-blow came from Biden, Ryan was not prepared to handle it. (look for it at around 30:00 minutes into the debate)

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On the crossroads of pathologies

2012-10-05 crossroads 2

I saw a documentary the other day “My brother, the islamist” raising questions without offering answers.
It is not a remarkable documentary, but it is worth watching. It starts as a puzzle and ends as one. We can see what is happening, but we are not given much help to understand why.

I saw several short Youtube videos about Sweden, also recalling a Pat Condell commentary on it. I will not pick any video; just search Youtube for Islam in Sweden to get an idea what Muslims are doing to it.
Then I watched parts of Barack Hussein Obama’s and Mohamed Morsi’s UN speeches.

All of this (especially the documentary) left me with a number of questions:

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The crossroads of tolerance

2012-09-27 Sauble falls

I spent the Canada day long weekend on the Bruce peninsula. Some friends have a trailer there in a park next to a nice inner lake. It advertises itself as a ‘family’ camp, a place where you can go with small children. It is indeed a very quiet, very friendly place. Since we were around, we stopped there to see them.

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The harm government services cause

2012-09-15 the harm government cause

The following is a reply to this comment that just grew too long. (Chris is a Canadian ex-pat living in the US)


I love this conversation. We very quickly got to the heart of the big libertarian question. I do not think that I will be able to answer it for you in this comment, but I hope I will get there at some point.
All I can do here and now is answering the easy questions and asking some difficult ones.

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