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Political Circus Minimus

A Toronto Police ceremonial guard outside the Toronto Congress Centre carry the casket of Toronto Police Constable John Zivcic,, who died in the line of duty while responding to an impaired driver call.

Whatever you think of Mandela, whatever his role in history is, his death was a story that made the media circus around it at least understandable. Yes, we are rewriting history just like we did with the other terrorist, Yasser Arafat, who also mellowed down in his old age; yes, the coverage, the scene was way out of proportion, yes, the lineup of the political leaders was pathetic, yes, the media was biased, but at least it was a real event that deserved to be covered.

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Healthcare Blitzkrieg

2013-05-28 health care

Yesterday I came across a YouTube video where John King is asking the progressive gotcha question from Ron Paul in the First GOP debate in 2012. That reminded me of another debate from before the primaries where Wolf Blitzer asked the same sleazy question from the same candidate.
Although it may seem not particularly timely to post something about a debate of the Republican primaries that happened over a year ago, I think both the question and the answer are timeless. Democrats, socialists, leftists constantly throw this question at people who are opposed to the notion of government run health care.

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