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A cause to believe in?

2013-03-12 a cause to believe in

If you are one of the people who keep sending me mail to sign petitions and join causes, please keep sending them. Chances that I will sign any are very low but I like to know what concerns the people I know. Why I am so reluctant to sign up to causes should be the subject of another discussion, now I want to write about a recent one I received.

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Celebrating un-civility

2012-06-17 uncivility

After the shootings happened in the Eaton centre two weeks ago, I was wondering how long will it take for someone to come up with yet another bright idea to control guns, while I was still fuming over the Bernie Farber civility argument. I could ignore the bad writing, the self-contradictions, the shallow, mushy touchy-feely banalities, but I cannot get over the fundamental stupidity of the suggestion that all people and all ideas and opinions should be treated as equal, regardless of the merits of the person or the opinion.

I was ready to talk about the stupidity of gun control and to explain what I mean saying that I want to be a gun parasite. I was also genuinely surprised to see that it took more than a week before the shtuff, in the person of Adam Vaughan in this case, hit the fan. Continue reading →