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Marx or Hayek?

2016-01-24 Guatemala

We went to visit our rich friends. Another typical libertarian ground-hog-day experience. You must know the kind. You are asked to offer a libertarian solution to a particular socialist concern. You give an answer, they listen to it nodding their heads then the next time you meet them, they ask the same question and offer the same arguments with the same objections as if the previous conversation had never taken place. Continue reading →

Wealth Inequality in America

2013-04-28 inequality

I came across this video about Wealth Inequality in America. At this point, it had 5,687,605 views, 55,594 likes and 2,787 dislikes.

There are several responses to it. The way I got to the original was from this Learnliberty.org debate that was sparked by it. The 2 minutes intro to it was watched 54,754 times but the debate itself was only watched ~11,000 times. That is 0.2 % of the viewers of the propaganda video.
The debate was tellingly titled:  “What Wasn’t Said in “Wealth Inequality in America”
The point of this post should be to actually answer this question because the debate definitely did not.

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