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The enemy of the good

2013-12-22 enemy of the good

My former TL at Microsoft, a very personable guy from New Delhi, while we were already working for another company changed his tag line on his IM account to read: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

It described his attitude perfectly. Solving problems by working around or ignoring them, declaring them ‘out of scope’ when it was possible to get away with it. I did not like it. Neither the statement, nor the attitude behind it.
Mine would be: if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
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India: the good, the bad and the puzzling

2013-12-15 cultural comfort zone

After our first trip to India I wrote down my questions and thoughts in a post I titled “Liberty for all?” A friend with a more positive view of the place thought that my criticism was a little too harsh.
My views about India did not change fundamentally, I still think that they are not ready for ideologies requiring a high degree of individualism (such as libertarianism) but I am not as sure as I was after our first visit. India tends to bring out strong reactions from people. I know some who hated it, many who would never return. We’ve been there three times.
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Liberty for all?

Liberty for all?

I decided to take this post down. I wrote it just after my first trip to India. I’ve been back there since and I think that although there is a libertarian lesson to be learnt there, it is a little more complex than the way I described it after my first impression.

I have to thank my friend for setting me straight.

I will definitely revisit the subject