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How many wrongs make a right?

2013-06-10 rights and wrongs

While I am sorting out my thoughts on religions, let me give you a quick one on one of my recent subjects: rights.

I came across this video on Learnliberty.org. Watch it, it’s only four minutes. I highly recommend the site, this is the first video I am having issues with.  (…..and if you do not want to watch it, you can find the transcript at the end of this post.)

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‘Till rights do us part

2013-05-10 gay rights-2

My point about abortion is made, but I would like to use another subject I seem to have difficulties to walk away from to illustrate the point I made about laws in my last post.

I don’t exactly know what homophobia is, but I do not think that I am suffering from that curious mental illness. I don’t fear them, I don’t hate them, I can’t even say that I disapprove. I simply don’t care. Whatever makes them happy. What I do care about, is the politics. That, I have problems with and I would finally like to explain to you why.

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Hate speech

2013-03-08 hate speech


Marshall Rothstein wrote the majority opinion of the SCC in the William Whatcott case. Read the opinion here or about it herehere and here.
I say:

!@# ahdkry %$!$!* @#$ :;”’#  Marshall Rothstein !#%& bdfg &^ 18$% E8di.

Is this hate speech? How do you know?

I got censored. When my personal editor saw what I wrote, she flipped. She does not like me being offensive which I clearly was as I wanted to make a point. What you see is the coded version.

I have to ask for your indulgence. Think of the most offensive way to address a supreme court judge including his ethnic background possibly his political orientation, his mental capacity and since this case was about protecting the feelings of homosexuals; a suggestion for him to perform a particular homosexual act. Think rude and insulting.

And now, let’s talk about it!
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The crossroads of tolerance

2012-09-27 Sauble falls

I spent the Canada day long weekend on the Bruce peninsula. Some friends have a trailer there in a park next to a nice inner lake. It advertises itself as a ‘family’ camp, a place where you can go with small children. It is indeed a very quiet, very friendly place. Since we were around, we stopped there to see them.

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