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The Tao of Recessions

2014-04-14 recessions

One of the many features of our great free market capitalist world that we started to build with the advent of the industrial revolution is the unbreakable faith in progress.
The belief that our lives will get better, our economies bigger, our knowledge greater, we will just keep having more and more of everything. Anything that challenges this view, even if only temporarily, is seen as something unnatural.

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The harm government services cause

2012-09-15 the harm government cause

The following is a reply to this comment that just grew too long. (Chris is a Canadian ex-pat living in the US)


I love this conversation. We very quickly got to the heart of the big libertarian question. I do not think that I will be able to answer it for you in this comment, but I hope I will get there at some point.
All I can do here and now is answering the easy questions and asking some difficult ones.

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