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Emily and the House of Terror

I am coming from an illustrious line of amnestied criminals. My grandfather, a respected notary public was declared a class enemy by the communists and completely dispossessed in 1946. My father was jailed for his 100% non-violent participation in the 1956 Hungarian revolution and I was jailed for participating in a peaceful demonstration in 1972. The lives of all three of us were – in a way – destroyed by it. My grandfather was never able to practice law again; my father was not able to finish university and I was forbidden to even apply to one. (You can read more about my case here.) All three of us got rehabilitated around the same time in the early 90s.

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A question of morality – references

The following is a long list of references.  related to my last post: A question of morality
The number of references are so overwhelming that they deserve their own post.
If you have questions about anything I said in the post itself, the answer to your question can most likely be found somewhere in the links below. Since the war is still going on and  new information is still coming in, I will keep adding links to this page.                                    Continue reading →

Keynesian dysfunction

I chanced upon an interesting TED talk about porn addiction.  The points made there are that internet porn watching is an addiction, working just like any other, exploiting our biology and eventually becoming seriously harmful. What I did not know, even though it makes perfect sense, is that excessive stimulation creates insensitivity that will lead to dysfunction.  What I did not know is that there is a widespread erectile dysfunction problem among men in their twenties. Continue reading →

Minimum Wage, Maximum Sleaze

Any time I come across the issue of the minimum wage, I think that there is absolutely nothing more to say about it. It has all been said. The data is all there. Then I get struck again by the incredible degree of the political opportunism, cynicism and sleaze. Yes, I am talking about Kathleen Wynne.
No self-respecting economist would argue for the ‘benefits’ of the minimum wage. The idea has ZERO economic value, it is purely political. If you want to see just one set of arguments, you can read my posts on it (Minimum wageMaximum confusionA perfect stormMaximum defense).

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Why we could hate you

…and why we still do not…

Issue # 15 of Dabiq magazine printed in 1437 Shawwal (that’s July 2016 for you dumb kuffars) has an article titled: “Why We Hate You & Why We Fight You” written “to clarify to the West in unequivocal terms – yet again – why we hate you and why we fight you.”
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Lies, Damned lies and The Economist


It very well may be that the quest to explore the nature of truth should start with an examination of the nature of lies. In this electoral season, lies are at the center stage of the debates.

The Sept 10th,2016 issue of the Economist has two articles on the subject under the headings “Post-truth politics” and “The post-truth world,” both very directly targeting Donald Trump.
While I do not particularly like Mr. Trump’s politics and mannerism, I can’t help feeling indignant about the sleazy attacks he is subjected to. Continue reading →

Meet the new blog

2016-08-15 bloggkeyboard

Welcome to the new blog, same as the old blog. I changed provider and format with the hope that I can make it a little friendlier, to make it easy to find and access posts and pages I wrote previously.
The new format is still a work in progress, I am working on updating the history pages.

I wish to automate notifications, eventually I want to stop using FB posts to groups to promote my posts.

The notifications are going out with MailChimp, with an easy way to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to read the blog.
If you have any suggestion about the way the new site looks and works, please let me know.

Optimism is the opium of the people

2016-06-24 optimism

A friend sent me the following snarky question:

What is your “self” judged ratio of writing about negative versus positive things? I mean on the latter, when you were truly celebrating something amazingly wonderful and happy happening in our life.
I am sure that you have lot of blogs of this kind and I just did not see them. Send me some links. I would like to see your bright side too.

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The future of the past

2016-06-12 The future of the past

I was walking around in the picturesque town of Lysa nad Labem, my companion reminiscing about the way it was when she went to elementary school there under the communists. The stores that are still the same, the things that are new and the bus-stop that moved. In a small side street, we passed a building with an open window. There were school children inside rehearsing some cheerful musical. Continue reading →