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Intelligence and decency


The following is an open letter to a truly respected friend:

My dear friend,

Let me start by formally congratulating you on your recent induction into the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. I’m sure it was well deserved.

Having that said, I must admit that I found our recent meeting rather disappointing. I would not necessarily share my disappointment with the world if it was not so very typical of conversations that I, and people like me, DO NOT have with you, and people like you. My problem is not the condescending arrogance of your attitude, so very typical of left-liberals, but how that prevents intelligent and decent discussions of any subject.

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Lies, Damned lies and The Economist


It very well may be that the quest to explore the nature of truth should start with an examination of the nature of lies. In this electoral season, lies are at the center stage of the debates.

The Sept 10th,2016 issue of the Economist has two articles on the subject under the headings “Post-truth politics” and “The post-truth world,” both very directly targeting Donald Trump.
While I do not particularly like Mr. Trump’s politics and mannerism, I can’t help feeling indignant about the sleazy attacks he is subjected to. Continue reading →