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The prostitution principle

I was reminding a friend of a classic joke:

A guy walks up to a gorgeous woman and says: “Would you sleep with me for a million bucks?”
The woman looks at him and says “Well, OK……”
Then the man says: “how about for $50?”
The woman gets indignant: “What kind of woman do you think I am?”
The man answers: “We already established that, now we are just negotiating the price.”

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Good Cop – Bad Cop

2016-01-14 good-cop-bad-cop

I will use this opportunity to respond to this blog post which is commenting on a FB discussion of this meme:

  1. Every cop has agreed, as part of his job, to enforce laws; all of them.
  2. Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, or even cruel and wicked.
  3. Therefore, every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer of laws that are manifestly unjust, or even cruel and wicked.
    There are no good cops.

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How many wrongs make a right?

2013-06-10 rights and wrongs

While I am sorting out my thoughts on religions, let me give you a quick one on one of my recent subjects: rights.

I came across this video on Watch it, it’s only four minutes. I highly recommend the site, this is the first video I am having issues with.  (…..and if you do not want to watch it, you can find the transcript at the end of this post.)

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Rights? What rights?

2013-05-07 natural rights

When I finished my second post about abortion, I promised two more on the subject.

Libertarians won’t like this, but I must declare that I do not believe in natural rights. There is absolutely nothing “natural” about rights. What we get from nature is an imperative, a drive to survive. Since we are both social and thinking animals, over a very, very long time of social and intellectual evolution we rose above the biological imperative and came to a general agreement on some basic rules to help the survival of our species.

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Hate speech

2013-03-08 hate speech


Marshall Rothstein wrote the majority opinion of the SCC in the William Whatcott case. Read the opinion here or about it herehere and here.
I say:

!@# ahdkry %$!$!* @#$ :;”’#  Marshall Rothstein !#%& bdfg &^ 18$% E8di.

Is this hate speech? How do you know?

I got censored. When my personal editor saw what I wrote, she flipped. She does not like me being offensive which I clearly was as I wanted to make a point. What you see is the coded version.

I have to ask for your indulgence. Think of the most offensive way to address a supreme court judge including his ethnic background possibly his political orientation, his mental capacity and since this case was about protecting the feelings of homosexuals; a suggestion for him to perform a particular homosexual act. Think rude and insulting.

And now, let’s talk about it!
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A problem identification strategy

2013-02-24 problem identification

It is only the middle of February, but we already have the third teenage murder victim in the Toronto ghettos.
I am always amazed and puzzled when listening to the ‘nice’ people of the media talking about such subjects.
Like Matt Galloway, the host of CBC’s ‘Metro Morning.” He is the embodiment of the honest to goodness good intentions and its associated utter cluelessness when looking at the dismal results of the policies inspired by those good intentions.
Considering how much he is trying to understand, it is quite amazing how little he actually does.

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Whose numbers?

2013-01-07 gun control-2

A friend sent us this article (The Gun Challenge) with the following comment: “some stats, maybe it is not so difficult”
I fell off the chair laughing as I was reading the article:

“Australia is an excellent example. ……….
….The laws have worked. The American Journal of Law and Economics reported in 2010 that firearm homicides in Australia dropped 59 percent between 1995 and 2006.”

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When “The Source” had a segment about gypsy refugee claimants in Toronto, I decided to write about it.
When the changes in the Canadian refugee claim process were announced a week later, I sat down to do it. Not many people here can understand the problem, not many people know enough about the gypsies or their problems. I know more than most, but after writing about 3,000 words, I just gave up. There is no way that I can paint a picture, give an answer, provide an explanation. I got lost in the stories and the references, read several studies, watched hours of interviews and documentaries until I realized that I cannot do it in a format suitable for this blog.

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Justice health

2012-09-14 justice health

I was asked to edit this post on this day of 2012-09-28.  I will comment on the request and its implications later, once I finished my series of posts on Islam. [xxxx] denotes the change


I am not an anarcho-capitalist libertarian.  I would define myself as a culturalist social-libertarian.

I will explain at some point what I mean by that and I would love to debate the nuances with a true anarcho-capitalist libertarian such as Stefan Molyneux but the point that matters here is the answer to the question: where do you draw the line? What are the legitimate functions of the state?

For a true anarcho-capitalist the answer is none. The state is by definition a monopolistic and therefore coercive entity and has no legitimate function in a free society. Next step from that view is the one saying that the three legitimate function of the state are the military, the justice system and the police, basically protecting society from violence from the outside, from the inside and arbitration of conflicts.

I more or less subscribe to this view, but today I have to argue against it.

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