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The triage of money – the cost of free

 2012-12-26 intensive-care

American Democrats, Canadian liberals and socialists all over the world like to get righteously indignant when conservatives of any stripe use the expression “Death panels.”  Yet, in Canada today there is a case in front of the Supreme Court about just that. They will decide who can decide over matters of life and death. Relatives, doctors or ‘independent’ (i.e.: government) organizations such as the “Consent and Capacity Board” of Ontario. All you leftists please note, that this is NOT a death panel. This is absolutely clear from the fact that it is not called that way.
What the Supreme Court will have to make a decision about is whether the doctors or the CCB can have the power to overrule the wishes of the patient or their representatives.

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The harm government services cause

2012-09-15 the harm government cause

The following is a reply to this comment that just grew too long. (Chris is a Canadian ex-pat living in the US)


I love this conversation. We very quickly got to the heart of the big libertarian question. I do not think that I will be able to answer it for you in this comment, but I hope I will get there at some point.
All I can do here and now is answering the easy questions and asking some difficult ones.

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Dealing with the free – Missing the freedom

2012-04-16 collar-bone-xray medium

I had my vacation planned perfectly. Family day long weekend skiing in Quebec, hanging around with friends for another day in Montreal, a leisurely drive home, a day of doing nothing, then off to Lake Rousseau to meet the like-minded. Except on the third day of skiing I went stupid thinking that my mediocre skills will be suitable for the super icy double diamond run at the end of the day. After a flying flip I landed on my shoulder, heard the crack, felt the pain then tried to figure out how to stop myself from sliding down head first.

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