A question of morality – references

A question of morality
A question of Sanity

The following is a long list of references.  related to my last post: A question of morality
The number of references are so overwhelming that they deserve their own post.
If you have questions about anything I said in the post itself, the answer to your question can most likely be found somewhere in the links below. Since the war is still going on and  new information is still coming in, I will keep adding links to this page.                                   

But you should feel free to ask anyway
For the age restricted videos, just click through the acknowledgements

References and background

This one has excellent (animated) maps giving a good introduction to the roots of the conflict
How Putin’s Invasion is Changing Our World Forever

History of Crimea – Wikipedia

List of presidents of Ukraine – Wikipedia

Ukraine, Budapest memorandum:
34-35_4108.pdf (larouchepub.com)

List of presidents of Ukraine – Wikipedia

Then I looked up the history of the Crimea to confirm some details:
History of Crimea – Wikipedia

The association agreement that was pushed on Yanukovych who refused to sign it leading to his fall.
071215_eu-ukraine_association_agreement.pdf (europa.eu)
It was eventually signed by Poroshenko.
Youtube video worth watching:
EU-Ukraine Association Agreement sealed


Some more Russian history:
How Crimea’s Complex History With Russia Dates Back to the 19th Century
There are extensive history discussions in the documentaries and lectures as well.

Recent history

The Real Viktor Yushchenko – The American Conservative

Viktor Yushchenko | Biography & Facts | Britannica

State Of The Nation article from 2012 with a set of excellent further references:
Kiev Protests: Another CIA-Coordinated Color Revolution-In-Progress

“That CIA-sponsored coup d’etat was so successful that it has since been used as a model for every other CIA-manufactured scheme that has toppled governments and reversed fair election outcomes the world over. In fact, the Ukraine is where the various social network utilities were used so effectively that the new MO has become known as the digital blitzkrieg. Never in human history have so many citizens been stampeded in the direction of overthrowing their government while being completely ignorant of the real forces manipulating the cattle prods.” (emphasis mine)

A short article making the point that Crimea was never Ukrainian
Why the US Government Is Enforcing the Dead Hand of the Soviet Presidium in Crimea

Timeline: Events in Ukraine’s political history since 1991 | Reuters


This is an overall excellent documentary introducing you to the main problems and players
Ukraine on Fire: The Real Story – Igor Lopatonok Oliver Stone 2016

A history documentary from 2021
Ukraine: The Everlasting Present Documentary dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence

Ukraine: The Seeds of War | Al Jazeera Documentary


This lecture from 2015 is a perfect backgrounder
Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

Another lecture from 2017

John Mearsheimer: Great power politics on Ukraine

Stephen F. Cohen: The Ukrainian Crisis – It’s not All Putin’s Fault (Recorded in 2015)  with some very interesting points about the untrustworthiness of the USA

Well, this is Peter Zeihan being Peter Zeihan, talking to soldiers about demographic, global resource allocations with the politics they engender and many other fascinating facts.
Peter Zeihan | The Changing Character of War

Interviews & commentary

An excellent interview touching on all the main points of the conflict, most vividly on the prospect of a nuclear war (with a full transcript)
Video: Col. Richard Black — U.S. Leading World to Nuclear War | The Schiller Institute

Another two excellent interviews with eminently reasonable and credible subjects with the same reasonable conclusion:
Washington’s “rules based” disorder w/UN expert Alfred de Zayas

Oliver Stone: Vladimir Putin and War in Ukraine | Lex Fridman Podcast #286

When even Noam Chomsky agrees with me, then we both must be onto something
Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Scahill on the Russia-Ukraine War (2022-04-25)

An interesting conversation with Stephen Cohen about the implication of ‘Ukraingate’ and the threat of war. (From 2019 – 26 minutes)
Ukrainegate impeachment saga worsens US-Russia Cold War (from 2019)

An interview about American imperialism.
What is most interesting about it is that it comes from the left.

Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling & Regime Change, from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba (a show from 2018, from Democracy Now of all places)

Another excellent interview from The Greyzone with Richard Sakwa
with many details on the international background, Ukrainian internal politics and even ideas of a possible pancontinental union as a solution.
US weapons, European supplicants block peace in Ukraine Another great interview from The GrayZone

John Mearsheimer On Who Gains The Most From The Ukraine-Russia War & What Could End Putin’s Assault

Judge Napolitano interviewing Scott Ritter who is making the point that any further “lethal aid” is simply murder. The Ukrainians have no chance to win. (2022-04-26)
Scott Ritter – Putin Ukraine Biden Update

A long interview with the foreign minister of Russia. Seems to be the only adult when compared with the warmongers.
Zelenskyy Wanted Nuclear Weapons, India Old Friend & Strategic Partner | Sergey Lavrov EXCLUSIVE

Western Hypocrisy Over The Ukraine-Russia War

Andrew Cockburn, Washington editor of Harper’s Magazine and author of “The Spoils of War: Power, Profit and the American War Machine,” discusses the US arms industry’s role in promoting and profiting from today’s global conflicts, from Ukraine to Yemen to Syria.

From Ukraine to Yemen, US arms industry reaps the spoils of war

Tucker: There is something really wrong
The US is spending an insane amount of money on arming Ukraine.
Just for reference: Biden gave altogether $54B to Ukraine. That is $162 for each American and  $377 for each American tax payer. The money was not taken from them, just borrowed on their behalf. There will be interest payable on it.

Long interview with Olga Baysha, the author of a book on Zelensky and the recent history of Ukraine:
UKRAINE: The Real Zelensky – Consortium News

Some thoughts on the propaganda war:
Western Hypocrisy Over The Ukraine-Russia War (thelastamericanvagabond.com)

In their own words

2022-02-25 Short analysis of Putin speech
“They Didn’t Hear What We Told Them. They Had Better Hear This Time.” — Vladimir Putin

This one is a short explanation of the start of the war with some quotes ofrom the speech of Putin on May 9th 2022:
Ukraine – Putin On Why the War Started, Failed Attempts on Snake Island, Other Issues It has great map illustrating the actual start of the war

This is a speech of Zelensky (I wonder who writes them for him…) delivered on the 58th Munich Security Conference on Feb. 19 2022
It would deserve an analysis on its own, but with a little critical thinking everybody should be able to see through it:
Zelensky’s full speech at Munich Security Conference (kyivindependent.com)

The mainstream news

Ex-top investor in Russia explains what’s really driving Putin

‘This is as bad as it gets’: Russia escalates attacks in Ukraine amid humanitarian crisis

Russia says it will scale up attacks on Kyiv in response to cross-border strikes | DW News

Why Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Has Sent Automakers Scrambling

What you would expect from the official paper of globalism:
War in Ukraine: is a peace deal possible? | The Economist

News segments and commentaries

A review of the Jacques Baud article in The Postil Magazine
Kim Iversen: Former NATO Analyst & Top UN Official Says THIS Is The REAL Reason For War In Ukraine

Great commentary from Tucker comparing the Mexican and the Ukrainian border:
Tucker: They suddenly care about borders

Tucker: We’re moving closer to war  – just a couple of days before the Russian invasion:

Kim Iversen: Russia-Ukraine Used As Political THEATER For Russiagaters And Warmongers In Washington

Tucker: This is why Democrats are taking us to war with Russia

An insider’s view
Ex-Marine exposes U.S. govt’s secret political interference in Asia

Alternative media analysis

LIVE: The War in Ukraine
Glenn Greenwald at the start of the war (Feb. 24)

A French site of investigative journalism: ukrainegate.info
with a nice summary of Bidens’ corrupt rule in Ukraine — a well-researched and an outstanding in-depth analysis of US corruption in Ukraine

This is an interesting article putting the war in the Ukraine into a new perspective. What is happening there is part of a greater plan of population reduction:
Biden Cynically Uses Ukraine to Cover Food Sabotage (williamengdahl.com)

An article making the same moral argument I do, only without the history and background. It is a must-read:
Why Funding Ukraine Is Just Dead Wrong – Revolver

“If the Biden Administration cared about protecting America’s well-being, then instead of financing Ukraine’s war effort, it would be working for a negotiated end to the war by the quickest means possible.”

This is from the same source, just to show you that some people clearly saw the problem way before the conflict turned into a war:
The Globalist American Empire Would Rather Risk Nuclear War Than Admit Its Own Arrogance – Revolver
Both of these articles above are essential to read and I completely agree with them, but they leave out a few essential elements of the conflict that I may address in an upcoming post

On the neonazi problem

Right Sector – Wikipedia

Azov Battalion – Wikipedia

Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem | Reuters

Ukraine’s dalliance with neo-Nazi forces: What the US and NATO do not want to talk about (opindia.com)

This is a take on the controversy around the existence of those militias:
The truth about Ukraine’s far-Right militias – UnHerd

This BBC documentary from 2018 gives a glimpse into the problems with the far-right militias
Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia – BBC Newsnight

Fast Forward to Fascism. Ukrainian nationalism in the making
“The nationalist movement in Ukraine didn’t just happen; it took years to build. It’s been growing for years, nurtured by western curators and supported by western funds” RT documentary

Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem | Reuters (from 2018)
with embedded video of nazi youth camps

Disturbing account of the Odessa massacre:
The Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014.

This is an interesting article about fascist atrocities from the World Socialist Web Site:
Ukrainian President Zelensky deepens alliance with far right
The only problem with the Wikipedia articles on Ukraine is that they ignore or downplay the role of the far right in the present conflict
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Wikipedia

On the WAR

French Reporter In Ukraine Says Pentagon Secretly ‘In Control On The Ground’ – News Punch

An article pointing out that a major weapons transfer was in the works before the war started
US Weapons Supply to Ukraine Prepped in January
How much foreign aid does the US give to Ukraine? – USAFacts

Whom Ukrainians blame for Holodomor (khpg.org)

Exposing Some Myths About the Ukraine War
with many excellent links to evidence about the Bucha massacre

A decent summary of the salient points of the conflict
Will We Die for the New World Order? – LewRockwell

A Scott Ritter article about the military situation:
Ukraine is winning the battle on Twitter, but in the real world Kiev is losing the fight for the Donbass

An excellent article about diplomacy, the status and the prospects of the peace talks:
Why the outcome of Russia-Ukraine talks will change Europe’s security landscape

U.S. Director, Oliver Stone, warns of possible False Flag Nuke in Ukraine
His (scary) thoughts on potential Neocon objectives

U.S. Director, Oliver Stone, warns of possible False Flag Nuke in Ukraine

An interview with Jacques Baud
US, EU sacrificing Ukraine to ‘weaken Russia’: fmr. NATO adviser

On George Soros

Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros : Palumbo, Matt: Books (amazon.ca)

An excellent exposé of the Soros modus operandi in the countries he is so selflessly helping:
Leaked: George Soros ‘Puppet Master’ Behind Ukrainian Regime, Trails Of Corruption Revealed

…with links to other one pagers about all of the post soviet era presidents:
A brief history of corruption in Ukraine: the Yushchenko era

9 Things You Need To Know About George Soros | The Daily Wire

A little background on George Soros and his ‘philanthropic’ work
Top 5 Revolutions Backed by George Soros (gulagbound.com)

Ukraine is Soros country:
George Soros Speaks Out on Ukraine – But Here’s the Real Reason Why – Dan Bongino

Straight from the horse’s mouth:
The Open Society Foundations in Ukraine – Open Society Foundations

Soros’s terrible plan to throw money at Ukraine

Gravitas Plus: Does George Soros manipulate the Global Order?

On US meddling

How US-backed Maidan coup, Russiagate led to war in Ukraine – YouTube

Briefing on the results of the analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine (April 14, 2022) – Telegraph

Another excellent exposé of the ‘hands-on’ role of the State Department in the Maidan revolution
The Ukraine Mess That Nuland Made

Interview with Yurii Lutsenko – Ukraine Prosecutor General
Top Ukrainian justice official says US ambassador gave him a do not prosecute list

On the legality of the war

Why Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine Is Legal Under International Law

On Propaganda, censorship & fake news

Heavy handed attacks on opponents of the proxy wars of West
Kim Iversen: PayPal BANS Independent Anti-War Journalists

Ingraham: They are masters at propaganda

This Is Only The Start  – Russel Brand commenting on propaganda

A passionate article with detailed proof of deliberate Western media lies
No, it’s NOT “fake news.” It’s Nazi propaganda. quote:

“It has been correctly said that a respect for the truth is the basis for all morality, so a war against the truth is a war against morality, against all that is good and decent. Without an ability to see reality and detect lies, without a moral compass, people are literally no more than dumb beasts, mules to be worked and exploited by their owners, or sheep to be led to the slaughter. “Fake news” is a term a bit too cute and cozy for the black art of intentionally erasing the very intellect and morality that makes us human. It seeks to dumb down and degrade Humanity to the point to where people are no longer human. And that point is fast approaching, and for many, is already here.”

If It Feels Like You’re Being Manipulated, It’s Because You Are

On the war and war crimes

In Russian with Slovak subtitles, making it quite credibly clear that the atrocities were committed by the Ukrainians. Pravda o incidente v meste Buča
… and of course, it has been censored by Youtube:
“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.”
Luckily, there is another one with English subtitles:

Empire of Bioweapon Lies  …and outright crimes

Exposing Some Myths About the Ukraine War
with many excellent links to evidence about the Bucha massacre

A short article from Ron Paul exposing the financial interest behind the war:
The Ukraine War Is a Racket

Straight from the horse’s mouth, from the web-site of the US Department of Defense:
5 Things to Know About the U.S.-Ukraine Defense Relationship > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

This one is an explosive article about US/EU/NATO funded bioweapon research in Ukraine that are not only illegal and unethical, but possibly bordering on war crimes:
Documents Reveal How US Biolabs In Ukraine Attempted To Create Controlled Epidemics – GreatGameIndia
…on another note, this also crosses

US has 336 Biolabs in 30 countries including 26 in Ukraine: Alleges China

On the sanctions

The list of global sanctions on Russia for the war in Ukraine – CNN

The non-specificity of this is frightening.
Special Economic Measures (Russia) Regulations (justice.gc.ca)

The Sanction-Fueled Destruction of the Russian Aviation Industry

The Price of War – Can Russia afford a long conflict?

On the military industrial complex

The amount of weaponry left behind for the Taliban:
Here’s the List of Billions in Military Equipment the US Left Behind for the Taliban

And more:
Staggering Costs – U.S. Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan

List of current equipment of the Iraqi Ground Forces – Wikipedia

Scrap Heap of War: Billions in equipment being left behind in Afghanistan

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