The Great Reset

Faith and falsifiability
A question of morality

What on earth are they thinking???

The great reset is a dream for some, a globalist conspiracy to others.
For its promoters and the globalist left it is a great promise, for everybody else, it is a great threat.
For its proponents, it is a great plan of enlightened visionaries, for its opponents, it is a globalist conspiracy for our enslavement and exploitation.
Questioning the benevolence of its promoters or expressing any kind of concern about it is labeled a conspiracy theory.
If you agree with the agenda, then it is a wonderful plan, if you don’t, you will be told that it does not even exist. The only conspiracy around is your attempt to besmirch the benevolent efforts of well-meaning philanthropists who have nothing but your happiness on their mind. They want to take everything away from you, so that you won’t have to worry. “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”

No sane person can sort this out, so I should stop trying. But the great reset is very real, it cannot and should not be ignored. For now, let me start with a little detour.

The dilettantes

Many years ago, in the 90s, I read an article written by George Soros, published in the Atlantic Monthly. What amazed me the most was the dilettantism displayed in the article. I was astonished seeing how a self-respecting magazine can print such a messy, confused, poorly written garbage, but apparently, if you have enough money, you can get anything printed just about anywhere you choose.

Soros, as a thinker, is less than mediocre. But so is Klaus Schwab. His book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution is even messier than the Soros articles. For his follow-up books COVID-19: The Great Reset and The Great Narrative, he found a ‘co-author’ which makes those books a little more readable, but it still cannot hide the shortcomings of the ideas expressed in them.
The best way to describe these books is calling them intellectual vomit.

To understand what I mean, just take a look at the chart above. Open it in a picture editor so that you can zoom in on it.
What does it say? What did you learn from it? The answer is probably nothing. It is just a pile of buzzwords thrown …… sorry, ‘neatly organized’ in a circle…. on a page. The point of organizing them is supposed to create some sort of meaning by suggesting complex interconnectivity. But nothing is defined, nothing is explained. It is just thrown out there to overwhelm you, to soften you up for the acceptance of the underlying message: This is too complex for you, little people, what we need is wise and benevolent experts to solve the worlds problems. We cannot leave it in the invisible hands of the free market or the greedy hands and unsophisticated minds of selfish individuals.
This chart is like the emperor’s new clothes. You are supposed to admire it, not to ask questions about it.
Not appreciating its splendor only proves that you are stupid.
But the chart is naked. It is meaningless and going to the books supposedly laying its foundation will not help you either. They are just more elaborate examples of the word salad on the charts.
The point of the great reset is the concentration of all power in the hands of a self-selected global elite with total control over your life, your activities, your body and even the individual genes in it.
But you don’t need to worry: you will be happy.

The great reset is the rebirth of the Comintern in everything but the name. The last communist international was the third. To match Mr. Schwab’s ideas about the fourth failure of capitalism, we should rename the “Great Reset” to the “Fourth International”. If its champions prevail, totalitarianism will be global. I don’t think that they will succeed, but let’s get back to that a little later.
The fourth international is already better organized than any of the previous ones. Let’s look at its main players:

The players

George Soros, a narcistic sociopath with a God complex, is on a mission to destroy Western civilization.
Only to build it back better, of course. He is greedy, scheming and manipulative. He is a currency manipulator responsible for ruining countries through currency and stock market manipulation. He is a wanted man in several countries and unwelcome in many others. In the US, he is financing hundreds of fake ‘grass-root’ organizations, all working on the destruction of American Democracy. He is the most corrupting person in American politics. Americans can thank him for Obama, Hilary and Biden. We can also thank him for the crime waves in the US, as he spent millions on getting the kind of District Attorneys elected who will either release, or outright refuse to prosecute violent criminals.
Soros is the most dangerous dude of the globalist bunch.

Klaus Schwab is a vain pompous ass, clearly a narcissist as well. He may even truly believe that he could be the greatest benefactor of mankind ever, if ONLY he could get just a little more power. He is so drunk on self-importance, that he looks like a cartoon caricature of himself. He is not the smartest of the bunch, but probably the most deluded. He is the geek who spent his whole life building the most exclusive club just so that he can be surrounded by the coolest guys and gals in the world.
Just look at this glowing bromance! We are just a few inches away from the Brezhnev style lip-kiss greeting!

Bill Gates is the progressive de-populationist who is not only saying that the proper carrying capacity of the planet for humanity is only about 500 million, but he is actively working on getting us there.

Most of his efforts in Africa are failures and he is in a stiff competition with Soros for the greatest number of places where he is considered a villain. Bill Gates is a vain psychopath. His dream is to get the Nobel prize. That is the ONLY reason why he was talking to Jeffrey Epstein, NOT the Lolita express.

Then there are the lesser players like the crown prince of mediocrity: Prince Charles; The Soros henchman Jeffrey Sachs and the propaganda chief of the Ecommunist, Zany Minton Beddoes.

His Royal highness is just a dumb buffoon trading the respectability of his status for the vain hope of becoming relevant.
Sachs is the Igor to the Soros Frankenstein, although lately he is trying to distance himself from his past with Soros and his involvement in a number of projects that did not go too well.
Zanny Minton Beddoes is the propagandist of the team. Her Husband is a senior fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations. A family of clearly committed globalists. For the past two years, Zanny was a major force behind the global scamdemic narrative with her weekly editorial in the Ecommunist.

We could go on to talk about the other layers of the players in the globalist project such as

….. but you get the idea. They are seriously flawed on every level.

The top layer is a bunch of delusional sociopaths,
the second is a group of compromised acolytes;
the third belongs to the ruthless and corrupt careerists best exemplified by Fauci and Ghebreyesus;
the fourth is that of the easily bought spineless politicians like Macron and Trudeau;
The last is the brainwashed crowd of fanatic opportunists

 What we need to clearly understand are the following points:

  • Just like the communists of yore, they are extremely well organized
  • Just like the communists of yore, they are completely clueless
  • Just like the communists of yore, all they are interested in is totalitarian power; and they are willing to do anything to get it and even more to keep it.

The main players behind this Great Reset are mostly intellectual midgets with oversized egos, but that is not the problem.
Their greed, their hunger for power, their fanaticism and corruption are not the most important either.
The biggest of the problems is their incompetence.

Their ideas

Karl Marx, their prophet, was not any different. He knew and understood NOTHING about economics. He does not have a single defendable economic idea. His ideas about communism were also no-existent. Just think about this revealing passage from him:

“In communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic.”

…completely discounting the need for experience, capital accumulation, competence hierarchies etc. Marx was so incompetent, that he was not able to balance even his own family’s budget on an income that was never less than four times the average income of the times. He was a prophet of political power and revolutionary violence.

You should also revisit the chart on the top of this page. Absorb the cluelessness of it. The total confusion and lack of coherence behind the woke techno-babble. For every single item on it, I could ask: what does it mean? What are the policy implications? Why exactly this particular item needs to be reset? How will the reset improve our world?
We could ask the guy who will own nothing and be happy: who owns what you need and use? Who will make decisions about our lives? How will they decide what decisions are needed in our lives? What will be the mechanism to decide? Who will be the decision makers?
The questions are endless and our wannabe overlords cannot answer any of them.

EVERY single communist and socialist experiment fail for the very same reason: Centralized decision making does NOT work in an infinitely complex world. NO MATTER how smart the decision makers are. NO MATTER how much information they can collect and rely on.

Their goals

The goal of the globalists is simple: POWER. Power in the hands of a small elite on the top of a pyramid of a global bureaucratic power-structure and full control of every single individual living on the planet. I know how ridiculous the idea is, but they seem to believe that they can pull it off.
Just like the communists before them, they believe that given enough power and determination they can do anything.
Just like the communists, they believe that their good intentions justify any means. Not only to get into power but any action wielding it.
Just like the communists and the fascists, they believe that ‘the greater good’ justifies population control by any means (even genocide).

What they do not understand is that they represent a death cult. They did not learn anything from history.

The world we are living in have very serious and very real problems. I sketched them out in my post,
The foundation of theories.” The source of most of those problems is the move from distributed to centralized decision making.

A Real Reset to individual freedom and a truly free market is badly needed.
The Great Reset is just doubling down in a colossal way on the policies that created the mess we are in.
If we allow it to happen, we are doomed.

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