Dear friend,

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Dear friend,

After a month, I still cannot get over that short exchange we had at the door of your cottage when you said that you heard about that horse medicine the uneducated are poisoning themselves with. It left me speechless. Then a little later you asked a poetic question: Isn’t it interesting – you said – to see the correlation between vaccine acceptance and level of education. I still cannot get over the revolting, paternalistic condescension of what you said. Then you told me about your doctor friend, who wishes that she could smash the face of the unvaccinated with a coal-shovel to shock some sense into them. As a doctor, she has an alarming level of animosity toward her potential patients. The ones she would NOT treat with bleach or some horse-paste.
Then a day later, your husband, another brilliant intellectual, was trying to explain to me why the Israeli statistics mean exactly the opposite of what they actually mean. In his opinion, if 85% of the hospital admissions involve the vaccinated in a country where 80% of the population is vaccinated, that does not mean that the vaccines don’t work, it means that the unvaccinated are responsible.
I remember you informing me last year that Trump told his followers to drink bleach. You actually believed that. It may be that you still do.  At some point I had to just drop the subject.

Since you know what I think about this pandemic and the vaccines, I could be offended by your insinuation that I am an idiot, but you shouldn’t worry about that. I have no self-esteem issues. I know what I know and I also know what you don’t. You live in Europe. You speak only Hungarian. You have absolutely no view beyond mainstream propaganda, which you seem to consume without ANY critical thinking. It never occurred to you that since you were infected and recovered, you may not need the vaccine. Or the muzzle on your face. You follow every order, no matter how stupid they are. We grew up in the communist world together, but you still don’t seem to see through even the most obvious propaganda. You believe what you are told by the authorities and the experts. You trust them more than your own lying eyes.

I am not surprised. It’s education. Jacques Elul pointed out in his seminal work, “Propaganda,” that the educated is far more susceptible to it than those who need to rely on their own critical thinking. Worse than that, the more educated you are, the less likely you will be to think critically, the more credulous you will become.

Ellul was not the only one who came to this conclusion. Hayek called the arrogance of the educated “the fatal conceit”

I don’t know what to tell you, I don’t know how to argue with your faith and emotions. I don’t know how to argue with your trust in things that I see as painfully obvious propaganda.

You say that you trust the experts. But who are they and what exactly are they saying? I KNOW that you are not reading scientific literature, you are not looking at real statistics and you are definitely not asking questions about them. I can name a dozen highly credentialed scientists who are strongly opposed to pretty much all of the existing public policy measures, the mass vaccination, the suppression of all information about treatment options.

Did you read the Great Barrington declaration? Of course not, even though it is available in Hungarian.
Are you familiar with any of the existing treatment protocols? Of course not.
Just about everything you think you know about this pandemic is wrong. You think that Ivermectin is horse medicine. A drug that saved millions of HUMAN lives, have been safely administered billions of times, earned a Nobel prize for its inventor, and it is on the WHO’s “100 essential medicines” list. One of the safest drugs ever invented. It is so amazing that it can save animals too. Just like penicillin. After all, we are not that different from animals, but you need some common sense to understand that.
Did you see the Nobel acceptance speech of the inventor of Ivermectin? Of course not. You much rather believe the veterinarian CEO of Pfiezer who wants you to believe that the only thing that can save you is the vaccine that made 35 billion dollars for his company just this year.
I could give you several books about the deep corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. Heard about any of them? Of course not.

You chose to believe the propaganda you are fed because it feels better than questioning and doubting.
You chose to believe, because it is easier to comply than to think.
You chose to believe, because you are one of the sheep and want to be part of the herd
But most of all, you chose to believe, because it makes you feel smart and virtuous.

You believe, because your education managed to make you dumber than all those deplorables you so arrogantly look down upon.

Your friend, still and always

2 replies on “Dear friend,”

  1. OZ says:
    I’ve been wondering -watching this info war unfold -, which side of yours prevails, the libertarian or the Microsoft employee.
    I’m so proud that you see through the propaganda and manage to find real information in the chaos.
  2. zgh says:

    I got a long and emotional (hurt feelings) response to my post. I see no need to translate it.
    Then she sent me a link explaining to me the Dunning-Kruger effect:
    (4) Facebook
    Then I got this from another friend:


    with the following points

    There has been a universal assumption among many that education level negatively correlated with vaccine hesitancy – more educated people are more likely to receive the vaccine.

    But researchers also found that within the first five months of 2021 the largest decrease in skepticism about getting the vaccine was among the least educated – those with a high school education or less.

    By May, reluctance to get vaccinated held constant in the most educated group – those with PhDs.

    Those with PhDs were the only education group without a decrease in hesitancy,’ the paper read.

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