The Book of Judas

The foundation of theories
Dear friend,

In the infant days of the internet, in the early 90s, when Bill Gates declared it to be of no interest to Microsoft, I got an idea for a book of a sort. It had two inspirations: Orson Welles’ radio play adaptation of H.G. Wells’  “The War of the Worlds”  and Nikos Kazantzakis’  “The Last Temptation of Christ”. I was very young when I read the Last temptation. The conversation where Jesus asks Judas to sacrifice his integrity and reputation so that he, Jesus, can fulfill his destiny made a lasting impression on me. Until about the mid eighties I also had some concerns about overpopulation and running out of planetary resources but I grew out of it by the nineties. I just had to properly digest the zeitgeist of the time.

The essence of my story was to be a colossal scale eco-terrorism. My protagonists trying to kill half of humanity ‘to save the rest’. The Thanos idea on a human scale. Through large scale poisoning, pathogen, virus, whatever. I did not mean it to be an action story like Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” but a story of moralizing self doubt, a platform to discuss the darkest questions of population control and the future of civilizations. The questions of the Judas-like martyrdom. Doing something bad for a higher purpose. A cruelly honest discussion of the subject with the ultimate goal of exposing its deep, pathological inhumanity.

The plan was extremely ambitious. I imagined it as an internet project where the discussions are taking place in newsgroups, in encrypted e-mail exchanges and posts on obscure sites. Readers would be led through a labyrinth of references following the story.
It was a great idea, but it did not take long for me to realize that I do not have the resources to pull it off.
I also had to understand that if I do it right and somebody takes it seriously, I can get into some serious trouble with a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

I already dropped the idea by the time I read “State of Fear” and way before Thanos hit the silver screen, but I was clearly not alone with the idea.

What I could NOT have imagined even in my wildest dreams is that something like this can happen to us in real life. And not just ‘something like that’ but something as dirty, greedy, corrupt and disgusting as this phony Scamdemic is.
I disagree with most of the other attempts driving the push for globalization, but they at least had some ‘ideological decency’. A healthy environment, social cooperation, increased equity, etc. had at least the veneer of good intentions.
All we see now is naked corruption, fraud, greed, oppression and economic ruin. Without much of an effort to even cover it up.

Kazantzakis may have been right portraying Judas as a tormented, reluctant ‘hero’, but how can we describe Fauci, Gates, Schwab or Soros? Their greed, their lies, their megalomania and vanity? How can we describe the genocidal greed of Big Pharma? The ruinous indifference of politicians to the harm their policies cause? Their opportunistic jockeying for political advantage?

There is no trace of decency in any of the instigators of this calamity.
Maybe I should start contemplating the idea of “The Book of Satan”. The cast is ready.

Saul Alinsky may have been onto something…..

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