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Change is frightening. Especially to those in power.

(Isaac Asimov)

Just as I was about to give a new title to this post, I watched the trailer of “Foundation” in which the quote above is spoken. While I am not a Psychohistorian, it is clear to me, that Western civilization is dying.

Western civilization is in a crisis and there seems to be no way out. We are witnessing the real “End of History”. Francis Fukuyama declared the fall of communism as the victory of the liberal democratic idea, while, in fact, it was the beginning of its end. The Communist block of the cold war was a counterbalance that kept Western democracies in check and the commitment to individual rights alive.
As the Eastern-European joke went after the fall of the wall, “It was better under the communism: we had somewhere to go.”
Without the most glaring examples of the failures of communism, there is nothing in the way of the neo-communist march toward the precipice.

The new stage is early 21st century civilization, approaching the terminal phase of the collapse of the modern welfare states. It is getting obvious in most of them that they will not be able to keep the irresponsible promises they made to their citizens.

  • Sovereign debt is getting out of hand in most OECD countries.
  • The unfunded liabilities of the G20 countries stand at 78 TRILLION dollars.
    • The USA is quickly approaching the debt levels of Japan and Greece.
    • There is not one EU country within the deficit limits defined by the EU charter (<3%/year).
    • In the US, the raising of the debt ceiling is becoming an election cycle ritual.
  • Pension systems and health care systems are unsustainable.
  • The welfare state is unsustainable and nobody has any idea how to fix it.
    Overgrown bureaucracies are beholden by labour unions through their incestuous relationship with political parties. They are corrupt, unaccountable and therefore unchangeable.
  • There is a tendency in large hierarchies for power to concentrate in them on the top.
    We can see this in the European union, in the United States, in Canada and probably any other federalized democracies.
  • Demographic changes are not helping. Life expectancy is still rising while the citizens of the developed world are not particularly eager to procreate. A decreasing number of taxpayers is supposed to pay the benefits of an increasing number of beneficiaries without any hope of ever receiving those benefits themselves.
  • In a world where some corporations have more money and power than most countries, nation states are becoming irrelevant.
    These same corporations (and a few prominent megalomaniacs) already have the power to manipulate politics in even the most powerful countries.
  • The military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical-healthcare-welfare monstrosity, the central bank-stock market-money manipulating cabal can see the problems, but can offer no solutions. They are trapped by the logic of their narrowly perceived self interest.
  • The ‘banksters’ (as Gerrard Celente likes to call them) have hijacked the monetary system and are exploiting it shamelessly.
  • Under the guise of education, the postmodernist indoctrination industry has laid the ‘intellectual’ foundation of the next communist revolution by inventing a whole slew of new victim groups to replace the disappearing proletariat. The idea of communism never died. In a way, today it is stronger than ever.
  • The globalist financed radicals have successfully created the impression of a ‘grass-root’ demand for ‘social change.’
  • The ‘presstitutes’ (another pearl from Gerrard Celente) are in full support of the radicals and their ideas. As we are forced to question what authoritative news is, the only mainstream answers is to turn authoritative into authoritarian through unprecedented levels of censorship.

On the top of all these problems created by the quickening march on The Road to Serfdom, there are new technologies that are challenging the status quo by creating liberating possibilities. Blockchain and fintech innovation, various AI and robotics projects, the sharing economy and remote work may make existing institutions and power structures irrelevant. Within a few years (decades at most) it will be entirely possible to live of the grid, harness your own energy, grow your own food, educate your children and provide your services from your phone to just about anybody around the world. This is NOT all good news as it will mean major disruption, eliminating millions of jobs and bankrupting whole industries.

These changes would present a challenge even to healthy economies, but may completely destroy the ones that are already on the brink of collapse thanks to their fiscal irresponsibility and social decadence. We are facing impending disruptions from both politics and the economy.

The political and bureaucratic classes apparently believe that they can solve their problems by the further concentration of their power, by simply passing the buck to a higher level. The institutions of this drive toward global centralization are already there. The UN and its hundreds of agencies, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and so on. All led by people eager to get more power and to be used by the elite to do their biding.
I could name some of the organizations, but I will stick with the one that is the most open and outspoken about its goals: The World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab. He articulates best the aspirations of the movement seeking to fundamentally change the world which he calls The Great Reset, while others may refer to it as the New World Order.

While disruptive technologies are shattering existing hierarchies, the global elite wants to preserve, strengthen and formalize them in the hands of a few global institutions.
We live in a world that is changing faster than we can adapt to it, in a system that is on a collision course with its own internal logic and a power structure that is desperately trying to steer it toward a new arrangement that allows it to have absolute control over it. The present course is unsustainable within the present power arrangements. The ‘New World Order’ is the concentration and formalization of power in the hands of the elites who already have most of it. The acceleration of the drive toward it is motivated by the fear of losing control.

The Great Reset is just another attempt to change everything
in order to preserve the status quo of power.

The Covid scamdemic is just a tool, the latest attempt to scare us into submission and obedience; to soften us up for the totalitarian future.
Shaming us into submission with accusations of projected failings such as intolerance, denial, phobias, racism, sexism, fascism and other woke crimes did not work well enough. The global warming/climate change crisis looked scary for a while, but it is getting so tired that not even its believers take it seriously enough any more. Riling up the mob on any of these issues is costly and difficult to maintain on the long run. Compared to these, the pandemic is BY FAR the best idea for the unscrupulous elites to achieve their goals. The pandemic is scary. The responses are divisive. It can be manipulated, it can be dragged out, dropped temporarily then picked up again as needed to tighten control. It helps to legitimize oppression in the name of the common good.
…… and on the top of all that, it can make a sh*tload of money for all the right people.

What I described here is not a theory, not an explanation, just a little sketch of the multitude of problems we need to deal with.

  • The liberal democratic welfare state is unsustainable. It cannot escape its self-destructive logic and it has been captured by a slew of self-serving special interest groups
  • Disruptive technologies will only exaggerate its problems and quite possibly destroy its foundations

There are only two possible ways out of this mess:

We either start dismantling the corrupt institutions of the near bankrupt welfare state
go all in with a neo-communist revolution to a New World Order through The Great Reset by Building it Back Better.

In other words, the future is either libertarian or totalitarian.

The scamdemic is a step toward the later.  I doubt that it will work, but not that it will be pushed.

I still cannot understand the people involved. That’s what I will address next.

2 replies on “The foundation of theories”

  1. Wayne McLaren says:

    I liked your second to last line, “I still cannot understand the people involved.” Me neither. Who would want to live in a dystopia, even if you were the ruler of the dystopia? Why are “they” doing this? I have cognitive dissonance. Every day I have to keep telling myself this is actually, really happening! I think that partially explains why it seems to be working. Shock and awe. Unless we can get over that shock, we can’t really fight back.

  2. zgh says:

    I will make the answer into a whole post about Gates and Schwab and his book, but the short answer is: because they are that stupid and delusional.

    As for the dissonance, I understand it perfectly. This is exactly how I felt when I was locked up at the age of 19. It took me two months to accept the fact that I am in jail and I will stay there. It does not matter that I didn’t do anything.

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