My body. Who’s choice?

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Communist boots, bread and health care

I am desperate. I don’t know what to do. Seriously. My personal world is colliding with my public one.
Here is my problem:

Anybody, who cares to know what I think, knows that I am highly critical of the handling of the Covid ‘pandemic’. I wrote eleven posts on the subject so far.
We created a problem, had an out-of-proportion response to it, creating in the process even bigger problems than what we started with. If you wish to know more, read my posts.
The problem with these very public ideas is that they may taint my very personal concerns.
Although I am not opposed to vaccines and vaccination in general, I have serious problems with these new ones, especially the mRNA types.
Not just because they are not even approved; not just because nobody is willing to take responsibility for the harm they may cause; not just because they are not vaccines, but highly experimental genetic engineering; not just because they are ineffective at best and deadly at worst; not just because it already has proven to be more dangerous than all vaccines put together in the history of vaccination; but because I have personal health considerations as well.

When I was 17 years old, I spent eight months in bed with myocarditis. One in a hospital, seven at home. It was a life changing event. I do not wish to repeat it. The first few months, even going to the bathroom was a struggle. It took me more than two years to fully recuperate. It was the end of my athletic career.
A few years ago I had angina, induced by atherosclerosis.
Now I learned, that blood clothing and myocarditis are the most typical side effects of the mRNA vaccines. The FDA and the CDC put out an advisory about these potential side effects.
Considering my personal medical history, I have far more reasons to fear the vaccines than I have to fear the virus itself. I do not wish to take unnecessary risks with my health.

Covid-19 is curable and I may even have natural immunity to it. I don’t know, because in our fantastic Canadian single payer health care system there is no approved test to check for T and B cell immunity for Covid-19.

None of this would be a problem if the powers that be would just let me be.
But they don’t. There is a steady push for mandatory vaccination, constantly testing the political waters to see how far the idea can be pushed. There are carrots and sticks, bribes, threats and manipulations.

My practical concern at this point is that I need to see my family. I have a ticket to Europe for the 5th of September.
I know I will be harassed about my vaccine status in Europe and at this point it seems that on my return I will be condemned to covid jail EVEN IF I have a negative test.

I approached my family doctor to ask her whether my medical history could be used to get medical exemption from vaccination requirements. She did not say no, she said “I don’t think so.” I can’t blame her. I cannot expect her to be my crusader, even if she may sympathize with my plight and concerns. She is too careful to let me know what she really thinks.

In a way I am lucky. I don’t have to go to work or to school where stupid rules can be forced on me, but the push for mandatory vaccination is getting stronger and louder. What can I do?
What can I do against the oppressive state that can put my health and even my life in jeopardy at its discretion? What can I do with the serious limitations that can be put on my life if I am not willing to sacrifice my sovereign right over my own body on the altar of state power?

When I come back from Europe, I could be put into Covid jail. It is arbitrary and unconstitutional, but it is being done as we speak.
I cannot count on my doctors, I cannot count on my politicians, I cannot trust the media and way too many businesses are all too ready to enforce the oppressive edicts of the state. I also don’t know whether I should stand up for my principles or weasel around my problems by groveling for an exemption.

I did not feel this helpless and hopeless since I left my communist birthplace.

PLEASE, let me know what can I do! What should I do? Who can I turn to?

I would be happy to hear from anybody who can give me some practical ideas. Doctors, lawyers, anybody who can help me to protect myself from substances I don’t believe I need and do not trust; along with my fundamental rights to make decisions about my own body.

Feel free to share  this post widely and comment below. It would be comforting to know that I am – at least – not alone.

6 replies on “My body. Who’s choice?”

  1. Will Johnston says:

    You should  get the antibody test to see if you have been exposed already, and have a sympathetic doctor write a note for you in regard to your history of myocarditis. Then,  be Covid antigen tested before you leave so that you can reassure the airline. Confirm with the customs and immigration department of ? Hungary that you will be welcome with these precautions.
    Myocarditis is quite rare and there will not be a large number of people explaining their avoidance of immunization in this way.

  2. terry lewis says:

    Your expressed position is all about “I” me, me.

    In life we often need to make a sacifice for others. You must know by now that the current serious concern is people who only think of themselves and being unvaccinated — is the spreading catalyst of the virus, that may kill others.

  3. zgh says:

    I did an antibody test about a month ago, it was negative.  As I understand, there is a T-cell immunity test available in the US, but not yet in Canada.
    I am flying to Austria. Even a PCR test is enough for both Austria and Hungary, but only for 72 hours and for now policies are changing by the day.
    So far it looks good, but my return on October is a bit more serious concern as I may get fined if I refuse to go to a Covid hotel.
    I just hope that the policy may change in my favour by that time.

  4. zgh says:

    I wish it was that simple, Terry.
    The real pandemic here is the one of mass manipulation, lies and corruption. The expectation that we should believe insane ideas out of fear.

    Let this sink in

    The vaccinated should have no reason to fear the healthy.
    The unvaccinated can only harm themselves.
    The Covid vaccines already killed more people in less than six months than all vaccines put together in the history of vaccination.

  5. dav says:

    please go to

    Whats up


    They have a lot of information what will help you.Educate yourself.

    Remember. There is a way.ALWAYS!!!

    You can also reach out to them, they are very helpful lovely people.



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