My Covid nightmare

Penance and redemption

I woke up from a nightmare this morning. It was an end of the world scenario, where evil was coming for us. A benevolent looking big man trying to calm and console the petrified meek leading them away to – what was clear to be – their demise. Watching their fearful submission made me think that they knew it too. Then I woke up to our covid Reality. A perfect reflection of my nightmare.

We have a virus going around. It may or may not have jumped species from a bat or a pangolin. It may or may not escaped from a lab conducting gain-of-function research of the virus partly financed by the American taxpayer through grants provided by Dr. Fauci, who’s lab was cooperating with the Wuhan lab.
It may, or may not be the worst crisis of our lifetime, it may or may not be the greatest opportunity to redesign our societies, our economics and the world itself. It may turn out to be the worst disaster, or the greatest of all resets. A dystopian societal and economic break-down, or the dawn of global cooperation, peace and harmony.

In its effects, it is shaping up to be one of, if not THE biggest event of our lifetime. It is changing politics, the economy and society. It affects the way we relate to each other and the world around us.
We may escape the virus itself, but not its consequences. So, let’s look at them.

What we learned and know about the virus

  • It is about as infectious as the seasonal flu, killing more or less the same demographic.
    It kills mostly the immunocompromised, which means mostly the elderly and people with pre-existing comorbidity conditions (which usually means a compromised immune system).
    The average age of people dying from Covid-19 is 82. That is higher than the average life expectancy.
  • It has a mind of its own, it does whatever it wants. None of the ‘Non-medical interventions’ make any difference to its spread. It does not care about lock-downs, curfews, muzzles and social distancing. There is no evidence to show that any of these measures make any difference. Any claim to the contrary is pure propaganda.
  • In the Summer it takes a vacation and does its work around the same time as the flu. Symptom-wise they are indistinguishable. They are good buddies, helping each other. In 2020, Covid was working overtime to give a break to the flu.
  • We learned that healthy children have practically zero risk of being seriously harmed or killed by it. We know that there is absolutely no medical reason for them to be locked up at home and to have them muzzled when they get outside.
  • We learned that the best defense against the virus is being healthy; having adequate levels of vitamin D and zinc in our bodies and a healthy lifestyle with low levels of stress and enough sleep.
  • We know that covid infection rates aren’t any worse than that of the seasonal flu and we know that in most cases, the symptoms aren’t any more severe.
  • What we do not know is the actual number of the infected and the dead.
    The tests are unreliable on purpose and the diagnostic requirement are so vague, that they are meaningless. The death statistics are even worse than the diagnostics, about as reliable as Biden’s election results. The CDC even today encourages doctors to report everything they possibly can as a Covid death. We have no idea how many people died because of, not just with Covid.
  • We learned that there are existing drugs that can be used both as treatment and prophylaxis in the season to prevent it or lessen its severity. They work, they are safe and they are cheap.
  • The vaccines, on the other hand, are exactly the opposite: they don’t work, they are not safe, and they are very expensive. It should also be considered, that the virus may leave us alone, but the vaccines will not. Whether we need it or want it, we will be manipulated, bribed, cajoled, bullied, blackmailed and eventually (and possibly) even forced to take it. Every year.
  • There are some good vaccines on the horizon, but I’m afraid that they will be vilified just like the cheap, effective and readily available treatment options are.
  • The more we keep learning about the virus, the more obvious it is that the way we responded to it so far is NOT the wright way.
  • We learned that there is no end to what extent the people with vested interest in money and power are willing to go to exploit the situation for their own benefit. They lie, cheat, manipulate and bully. We learned that we cannot trust anybody. Not the scientific establishment, not the politicians, not the bureaucrats, not the so-called experts, not the medical establishment and definitely not the media. Neither mainstream, nor social.
  • Politicians of all colors, in all countries and of all global institutions see it as a golden opportunity to grab more power. They will never let a good crisis go to waste.
  • This “pandemic” was used as an excuse to grab and concentrate political power, to institute and legitimize massive systems of control, surveillance and censorship.
  • It could easily be argued that the economic and social devastation caused by the lock-downs was visited on the world on purpose, to bring the booming economy down in a controlled manner.
  • The media is treating us with utter contempt. Numbers without any meaning are brandished about. Condescending language of ‘concern’ is used ad nauseum to whip up fear and to promote compliance with the unprecedented loss of personal liberties. Vitriolic language is used to attack any deviation from the official narrative.
  • Big pharma has infused so much money into medical education and the ‘scientific’ literature, that by now it has complete control over them. Big pharma defines the official narrative. The medical establishment is readily serving the interest of their masters, the politicians and the drug makers. Dissenting voices are purged without mercy.
  • The media is the whore of the politicians, the medical establishment is the bitch of big pharma.
  • Social media seems to be enjoying flexing its censorious muscles in service of a certain type of political interest.

What we did, could and should have learned about ourselves

  • The scariest lesson for me was the realization of how stupid, naïve and gullible we, collectively, can be.
  • How ready we are to submit, how ready we are to believe obvious lies, how ready we are to get petrified when someone says “Be afraid!”
  • Very often I have the impression that people are genuinely afraid. The media is so successful with their brainwashing campaigns, that people now hold outlandish believes about the state of the pandemic.
  • We are ready to bully others to feel better about our own sheepish compliance.
    We are ready to do anything to lessen our fear.

The questions

There are a few ways to deal with a covid style problem:

  • Ignore it. Let nature take its course, allow for herd immunity to develop naturally.
  • Get people prepared for it. Urge the public to be cautious, to stay away from mass gatherings, to minimize their exposure to situations where they can get infected.
  • Make proven prophylaxis medications such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin readily available; encourage the public to take their vitamins and mineral supplements (especially zinc) while also urging the infected to self-isolate and to avoid social gatherings.
  • Focus all attention on identifying, isolating and treating the sick, with readily available medications and treatment regimens. Adapt new treatment discoveries as we learn more about the nature of the illness.
    Be ready to drop any practice that proves to be counterproductive (ex.: intubation, the Astro-Zeneca vaccine)
  • Urge people to stay calm and reasonable, be transparent and share all available information that we learn about the virus and the options to deal with them.
  • Use heavy-handed non-medical interventions such as states of emergencies, lockdowns, social distancing regulation, compulsory mask rules, curfews and controls of any social gathering.
  • Scare people witless. Demand obedience. Atomize and divide people. Tell them that their insufficiently obedient neighbours are their enemies, while the government, obedience and self-sacrifice are their saviours. Encourage snitching and virtue signaling.
  • Use propaganda to drive home the official narrative. It does not have to be true, it does not have to make sense, it only has to be consistent and relentless.
  • Attack, censor, suppress and silence any questioning, criticism or opposition to the official narrative. Frame any questioning and the opposition to the official narrative as irresponsibility and moral failing. Blame opposition to your policies for their failuress.

I don’t think I need to spell out where my sympathies lie. The first approach would be desirable, the second is what we have. The first makes perfect sense, the second only does if we are willing to entertain the possibility of ulterior motives with nefarious intent behind them. Let me illustrate them with some of the questions I am trying to make sense of.

  • I described above a few possible approaches to the pandemic. What I cannot understand, is the reasoning behind choosing one over the other. Why should the preference for one exclude the others? What makes the natural, humane approach so contemptible? What makes coercion preferable to voluntary cooperation?
    Why can’t we even talk about the options without being ostracized for it?
  • Why should we trust one scientist over another? Or, to be more precise, why should we trust the official ones with an agenda and vested interest over those who are risking everything standing up for their beliefs?
  • In my very first post on the subject almost a year ago I pointed out that every choice has a cost. By now it has been proven over and over that the cost of the lockdowns is far greater than the cost of the pandemic itself. Why do we still insist on more of the same harmful policies?

I have a whole lot of annoying practical questions as well. I am trying to understand the logic behind the policies.

  • If you are wearing a mask, why should I? If the mask is not protecting you, then why are you wearing it? If it is useless, then what is the point of me wearing it? What makes useless squared useful?
  • Why would anyone wear a mask at home or sitting in their car alone? What are the benefits of doing so?
  • How does it make sense to wear a mask in a restaurant, except while eating?
  • I know several people (many relatives) who have been vaccinated and still walk around muzzled.
    Why would anyone do that? If the vaccine is as effective as they say it is, then what is the mask for? If it is not, then what was the point taking it?
  • Every airplane is equipped with HEPA filters and every airline assures us that they do a perfect job. They also tell us that, just to be safe, we should also be muzzled. Except when we are eating. The virus respects that. Does this make any sense to anybody?

These questions above are just about the irritating stupidity of the rules we have to comply with. I have some more serious ones indicating significant moral failures.

  • The US spent over two trillion dollars on the Afghan-Iraq wars, for the killing of slightly less than 3,000 American civilians. The incompetence of Andrew Cuomo cost more civilian deaths than that. He got an award for his performance. How is it possible that he is still not in jail? The only thing that may get him out of office is sexual misconduct allegations. Am I alone, wondering?
  • Talking about criminal liability…..
    After President Trump touted the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine, in a WHO sponsored trial the researchers overdosed seriously ill patients by giving them 10 times the recommended dosage.
    How is it possible that the people responsible are not investigated? How is it possible that it is not widely reported? How is it possible that hydroxychloroquine is still shunned and its advocates are censored and silenced? Ditto for ivermectin.


As I said earlier, I am just trying to resolve the contradictions, understand the hypocrisy and trying to make sense of the insanity I see. The only way to explain the illogic, the partisan positions, the propaganda and the shameful performance of the medias is to assume a shared will and agenda behind it.
…. and yes, I know that ‘medias’ is double plural; I used it to indicate different types of media: mainstream media, social media and even scientific literature.

What is happening does not have to be a conspiracy, but there is clearly a convergence of vested interest with political and financial opportunism.

  • Big pharma wants to make MONEY. They want captive customers forever. Yearly vaccinations, preferably compulsory. They have patent protection, no liability for any harm caused by the vaccines and no price control. It’s better than winning the lottery. How much money can they reasonably spend from that to pay off researcher, journalists and politicians? To discredit alternatives, suppress information and destroy their competition? It won’t be their first time of doing such thing. They just went all out on Covid.
  • Authoritarians, left and right, want more power, especially the kind that enables them to stay in power forever. Politicians all over the world were quick to grab some emergency powers that will very likely become permanent. The democrats in the US used the pandemic as an excuse to change electoral laws to be easily corruptible. Covid was the perfect excuse.
  • Big companies are making big money in the crisis. Amazon is happy to see small businesses closed.
  • Social media also benefits from the lock-downs. People have more time use their products.
  • Covid is the perfect excuse for out-of-control money printing and for abandoning all fiscal prudence.
  • The globalists are looking at Covid as their last best chance to advance their goals. They are not even making them a secret. The World Economic Forum proudly touting it on its web site. “You will own nothing and you will be happy” A not particularly subtle rephrasing of Marx’s “The enemy of being is having”. Just as the Great Reset is a reformulation of the goals of communist international. Covid is the best excuse for it.

It does not have to be a conspiracy, just opportunistic collusion. If it ever turns out that it was (is), that would explain everything. The lies, the manipulation, the corruption.

Back to my nightmare

The scariest part of my nightmare was the meek, sheepish acceptance on the faces of the victims. Their apparent need for the comfort as they were taken to the slaughterhouse. The realization that I am alone in the fight and all the sheep around me would happily destroy me for a few more minutes of living in petrified slavery. My dream was a clear reference to The Twilight Zone episode: “How to Serve Men”, the benevolent herding of people into the cargo ships.

The scariest in my reality is not the threat from the powerful, but seeing the fear, the compliance, the submission of the powerless. What is your nightmare?

As I was proof reading this before posting it, I kept asking myself what is the point in writing it? Will I change anyone’s mind? Anybody I talk to, is firmly locked in with their views, either agreeing or disagreeing with mine. So I am asking you: did I change your mind about anything?
Is this an echo chamber for you or a successful challenge to your views? If you disagree, can you try to show me where I am wrong?

7 replies on “My Covid nightmare”

  1. Harry H Marsh says:
    You documented what I have seen since Jan 2020. Frankly, it is amazing how Marxist thinking has infiltrated all medias (good use of word), businesses (including their reaction to BLM demands), education (likely where the Marxist infection started) and government. Until ALL of those are subject to and follow The Constitution and rule-of-law America is lost.  🙁
  2. David B Strutt says:
    An excellent sermon to the choir, Zork (not a criticism). The vast swath of Western society is starved of education, easily hoodwinked, and more easily frightened into total obedience. It’s like going back to the 10th Century. The globalist-eugenicists of the World Economic Forum and the UN have won the day. Fauci, Gates, & Schwab will replace Marx, Engels, & Lenin in the 2022 poster version. Those who survive will be no more than thralls under the Great Reset—the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s the ultimate, Progressive wet dream come true. You could not have done a better job of providing resources for the thoughtful.
  3. zgh says:

    email comment from a friend:

    Excellent essay Zork! I agree with all of it as you predicted. It seems that you and I are reading much of the same alternative media sources and listening to similar podcasters such as Tom Woods.

    I bet you are experiencing the same treatment for your views as I have been when you openly express your opinions and the information to support them. Most consider me an extremist, conspiracy theorist or simply uninformed (especially since I refuse to consume anything from the mainstream media). I have come to accept these reactions because I understand that their Life Lens has been so polluted by the lies and misinformation that the medias (I like your pluralizing the term) feed their consciousness that it is a sad reflection on the media choices they have made.

    You and I both identify as Libertarians. We oppose excessive growth of the state at all levels. For everyone who votes Liberal, NDP, Green, BQ and even Conservative, continued growth of the state appears to be of little or no concern. They are the unwitting (purposeful?) co-conspirators for the transitions to which we are all being subjected as the result of the alleged climate change and pandemic crises. I wish there was a way to get off this train-wreck-in-the-making but my fellow citizens have voted to shut all of the exists to any hope of safety. “We are all in this together” is their smug claim.

    In my view, I see the 3 forms of cronyism at work to change our lives. Crony-Socialism, Crony-capitalism and Crony-Statism are the levers of enormous power controlled by global elites who are orchestrating this global shift to “stakeholder capitalism” under the central planning by a “one world order” (aka international communism mirrored after China’s CCP).  Xi Jinping’s opening address at the 2021 Davos Forum made this very clear as he spoke via Zoom to the heads of state of the wealthiest nations on earth. These world leaders all appear to be marching in goose-step formation carrying their national political agendas and dutifully following the roadmap set by The Great Reset.

    In my Libertarian community, I hear people claim that this is the ideal time for our Less Government advocacy to resonate with the broader public. I am less optimistic or enthusiastic. I have found that all avenues to reach the public with that message have been throttled to the point that even the slightest trickle of progress evaporates too quickly to make a difference.

    I sometimes feel that I have been buried alive and that all of my efforts to get help – my shouting from inside my closed coffin – will never save me or the people I care most about.

    I sometimes think that “I know too much” because of the many hours spent on investing my non-mainstream sources after being constantly subjected to the pandemic and climate change fear-stoking claims made by politicians, journalists, and more. Of course others think that I know too little and that my opinion is unworthy to be considered, or even heard.

    In November, I had a briefs exchange with a fellow hockey player about climate change. When her learned that I am a “Climate Change denier”, he shut down the conversation as he walked away stating that “you must be a Trump supporter”. We haven’t spoken since.

    I have a friend who is a retired MD. The CDC is the only site that she trusts for pandemic information and she treated any information that I have presented to her last year as being conspiracy theory content. I no longer speak with her about the pandemic or climate change because it was like talking to a brick wall and I became tired of her condescending attitude towards my views.

    Zork. Keep speaking up. You do it very well. I am listening and applauding from the sidelines

  4. zgh says:

    Another email comment:

    Hi Zork!

    The article is very well written. I would like to add to the conclusion of your article:

    History is full of attempts by “leaders” to rule the world – from Genghis Khan to Hitler.
    These days we are fighting Third world war.
    It is not a war to kill the enemy, it is the war to enslave people.
    “Leaders” in this war are hidden – they are an invisible enemy.

    Their arms are new – it is propaganda and virus.
    The goal is to make people scared and obedient.
    Their strategy will work temporary.

    It will take time till people will realize what is going on.
    I hope it will not be long and their plan will collapse.

    Not much new under the sun.
    It is still better that bombs falling on your head.


  5. zgh says:

    Yet another email exchange:

    Nicely written, Zork.  Your assumption is correct – it did not change my thinking on the nature of the covid-19 pandemic.

    I do agree with a number of your points, but there is a big picture thing I do not understand:  Why is the narrative that you are promoting here, which I would characterize as the “official” alternative view on covid, inherently more trustworthy than the mainstream one?  My own view is that the mainstream viewpoint is highly biased, and should not be taken at anywhere near face value.  But this alternative narrative seems to me even more biased and counter-factual.  I’m sure that our different views on this are due to our personal biases, but there must be some elements that are purely factual and subject to objective validation.

    And, on the topic of life expectancy, often used as a compare against the average age of covid victim:  It’s one of those measures that gets tossed around a lot, without a clear view on exactly what it means.  In 1954, when I was borne in Toronto, LE in Canada was 69.5.   In 2019 it is 82.4.  Do either of those numbers indicate how long I should expect to live?  My understanding is that 82.4 number for 2019 is that average age of those who died in 2019.  But how long should a Canadian who is 65 in 2019 expect to live?  We won’t know with 100% certainty until they all die, but I strongly suspect that it will be materially higher than 82.4 (covid impact aside).  It’s not a moral comment on the compare of LE with the average age of covid victim, just a technical nit that should inform the compare.

  6. zgh says:

    And my answer to Steve


    I absolutely agree with you that some elements are purely factual and can be subjected to objective validations Even the ones that cannot be easily validated can be subjected to various falsifiability criteria.

    We can create a little inventory consisting of the most important elements of our knowledge/beliefs on the subject.

    We can start, for example with the nature of the pandemic. What is the nature of the pandemic?

    What is the definition that you base your usage of the expression?

  7. zgh says:

    From Steve again:

    I was thinking that aspects of the pandemic that could be objectively discussed would be the more granular details, not the broader nature of the whole thing.  I’m pretty sure that we will not get very close on the big picture, and unless we could agree on what we could accept as validation, we would just be reiterating our respective positions.

    Having said that, there are still many things in your post that I do agree with.  Lots of things about the mandated covid response make zero sense to me as well.  I tend to attribute this to stupidity as opposed to nefarious intent, but that speaks more to our biases.

    In particular, your closing paragraph is something I strongly agree with.  This is an debate where the sides are firmly dug in.

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