Penance and redemption

The sins of Donald Trump
My Covid nightmare

Dear Mr.  President,

After pouring my frustration out on you in my last letter, I am writing this to say what, in my humble opinion, you could and should do to minimize the damage your loss of the presidency is doing to your supporters, to the America you love and to the rest of us who looked at the USA as a beacon of free market economies, Western civilization and the rule of law.

Communists, socialists and leftists of all stripes understand quite well how bad and unworkable their ideas are; that is why they put so much effort into organizing, clandestine operations and corruption. They cannot win on ideas, so they attack people. A well meaning, honest good guy is no match to the unscrupulous viciousness of dedicated leftists. The left is never interested in discussing ideas, they are only interested in obtaining power. If they don’t like the idea, they attack the person.
You cannot win against them on the merits of your achievements. The greater those are, the more vicious the attacks will be on the most irrelevant things such as the way you express yourself, your complexion or your hairdo.

Standing up to them  does not mean that you have to fight the way the left does, only that you have to understand how leftists function and to be ready to respond appropriately. You should confront, challenge and retaliate. Not to be vindictive, but to right the wrongs of the left and to save sanity and decency for us all doing so. Show strength and be resolute applying it. The attacks on you are personal, so get personal yourself.
Sue them all, dox them all, fact-check them all, bankrupt them all, out-organize them all. Just do it right, for the right reasons. While some of it will inevitably be about you, you should aim to do it for the benefit of all. The net gain from successful law suits should go to charities, such as:

  • a newly created foundation advocating for media integrity, (and to be a possible competition to the Pulitzer prize)
  • a new fact-check the fact checkers and media bias watchdog,
  • a pollster bias review group,
  • anything you can find or think of that can credibly stand up to the leftist propaganda juggernauts.

The left infiltrated and overtook most formerly independent media and civic organizations. You need to help and encourage the creation of alternatives. Use the money you can make on bankrupting the corruptors.

Expose them all

Build a database of the offenders. A database of every lie, every misrepresentation and misinterpretation, every false allegation, every slanderous statement, every piece of fake news that was printed, broadcast or otherwise spread about you. With each of those items, identify the author, the source, then DOX them all. Not the way the left does it, not going after their personal lives and families, but identifying them, exposing their background, affiliation and the financing of their activities.

It is a gargantuan task, but you could easily crowdsource it to your supporters. They will love to do it.  I know, because I would. I’m sure you can easily find someone like Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter (whose research teams did quite a bit of this work already) to spearhead such effort.

The left is already doing this (doxing) to your supporters who did not do anything wrong. The left is ready to destroy the lives of your supporters for the ‘crime’ of supporting you. A bad turn deserves another. Show them what it feels like.
Exposing the wrong-doings of the left may also gain you support among independents and people who have yet to discover a world outside the fake reality created for them by the mainstream media.

Once you have your database, you can start to:

Sue them all

Use the law! Trust the law! Start tort law cases against all of your detractors.  Every person, every organization that slandered you, lied about you berated and insulted you in public.

Sue the media

Their slanders and lies are out in the open. Make the media pay for them! Bankrupt them with lawsuits!
Sue the organizations AND the personalities. Sue anybody who called you a fascist in public. See whether they can ‘prove’ that in a court of law.

Sue the media for election interference. Sue them for their role in influencing the election by burying some stories; for persisting on fake stories that were known to be fake. For helping the spread of false claims while suppressing real ones.

Sue Soros

If I was a believer who has to name the antichrist, my finger would be pointing at George Soros (a fellow Hungarian, I’m sorry to say). I consider him responsible for the undermining of your presidency, ultimately responsible for the riots, looting and destruction perpetrated with the help of all the leftist organizations he is financing. He should be made financially responsible for all the damage he caused. You should lead the charge, but build on the support of the insurance industry, and every single business that was harmed. You could easily make it a class action law suit. The damage caused by Soros financed organizations is in the billions. Sue him for that and some punitive damages for the harm they caused to you personally, to the American people and the US economy.

Sue Hillary

For her lies about you. For the Russia conspiracy she started to besmirch you with.
The process may even open the door to talk about her other lies and corruption. If she ever attacked you for talking about them, they are in.
You should bankrupt her, and nudge her case a little closer to criminal investigation.

Sue Biden

Personally, for the election ‘irregularities.’ As a citizen, for his corruption and for calling you a liar for pointing them out. Get him on the stand to defend his lies. To talk about the unseemly fortune of his family. Every public denial of the charges against him is a door that can be opened to expose him.

Sue the states

… and its officials responsible for the ‘election irregularities’. Your positions should be that their actions harmed you personally. Find the politicians and bureaucrats responsible, down to the poll workers actually doing it.’ Fraud does not happen in a vacuum. It is perpetrated by people. Sue them for specific harm they caused to you.

Sue Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and Apple

But also sue the head of each company personally, for the harm they did to you.
This is the case with the biggest possible prize and the greatest impact. It is the case that could and should go all the way to the supreme court. It is the case that may break the legs of these clay giants.

Naturally, all of your detractors will say that you are doing this because you are mean, petty, vindictive and a sore loser. I don’t think you’ll have a problem ignoring those claims.
This is not an easy task, but it absolutely must be done; to expose the rot, to shine the disinfectant light of truth on corruption and the fundamental disrespect of the US constitution. You have more standing in these cases than anybody else, apart of the American people.

You have to expose the problems, you have to hurt them financially as much as possible.
They say that you are fighter, so fight. The whole world would want to see it.
It will also be a great show, entertaining and reinvigorating your supporters and possibly gaining more. It could be the greatest reality show ever.

Be the source

As I am writing this, I saw the news that you are already thinking of – working on Trump TV and social media alternatives. Fantastic ideas. In this world of parallel realities, we need alternatives. We need unbiased social media platforms, search engines and information sharing forums. You have the power to shape that space, so do it!


The things the left has over the rest of us is organization. In politics, organization can easily beat great ideas, good policies and popular support. So organize.
Forge alliances! There are thousands of actual grassroot organizations which could mobilize people to support you. Seek them out and get their support. Build coalitions. Figure out how to create a conservative counter part to the leftist community organizations.
Your forte is making deals, so make deals. You know the art. You wrote the book.

In the end, it does not matter HOW you lost the election. Whether Bidens’s victory was legitimate or not, you lost; but the real problem is that when you lost to cheating, lying, corrupt scumbags, the real loser is the law-abiding, honest half of America. Decency, faith in democracy and the faith in America lost.

What honest voters feel is not disenfranchisement, but betrayal. With Biden’s victory, corruption, lies, fraud and cheating won. The criminals won. As I said earlier, you have to right these wrongs. You owe it to yourself, to your supporters and to the America you so clearly love.

You owe nothing to me, but I wish that you could show to the world that you can do it.
Please, Make America Great Again.

======= ========= =======

No matter how much I wish that he would read it, I have no way to contact Donald Trump directly.
I have to rely on you. If you agree with my points, pleased help me to get it into his hands. Share this widely, let’s make it go viral. And please comment on it here, not on social media. You may also want to subscribe to this blog.

4 replies on “Penance and redemption”

  1. ian gentles says:
    Yes Zork, this is very good. Let’s hope Trump reads it. I only would add that he should continually document his many achievements: stimulating the economy, cutting unemployment, everything he has done for blacks & hispanics, the Abraham Accords and other foreign policy achievements naming China as the great enemy and taking steps to reduce their power, the Lighter Sentencing Act, all the conservative pro-life justices he appointed, etc.

    Ian Gentles

  2. Walter Stone says:
    Another idea that should be of value to Mr. Trump –

    ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’

    His manner needs refinement/polishing.

  3. zgh says:

    A valid point that I tried to address in “You don’t have to like the Donald” but I think most of his supporters know it already.
    Now I am just thinking whether I should write another post with suggestions on what to do if he runs and wins in 2024

  4. zgh says:

    On the one hand, I very much agree, as I agree very much people who are clear, direct and articulate. People like Victor David Hanson comes to mind.
    On the other hand, I think his style has a great appeal to his supporters, and I can understand why. It makes him appear very approachable. You cannot expect him to become Mitt Romney. It’s just no in him.

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