The sins of Donald Trump

You don’t have to like the Donald
Penance and redemption

Dear Mr. President,

As a Canadian, I have no standing in the case between you and your people. Still, I believe I have a stake in the fate of the United States which is inextricably linked to the fate of Western civilization. I am part of that civilization which was put into mortal danger by the mistakes that led to the loss of your office.

I think you are without a doubt the most accomplished President since Reagan, and the most honest since Eisenhower. I think you could also seek a spot in the Guinness book of records as the most attacked, insulted, besmirched, slandered and lied about president in history. What was most admirable about your presidency is the patience you handled all the filth with. Few would be as patient with his detractors and enemies as you were. Many could see this as a virtue, but I, in the end, see it as a sin. You put your vanity and pride above the interest of American democracy. You considered it beneath you to deal with the scum the way scum should be dealt with. You thought that your accomplishments will speak for themselves and all attempts to tarnish your reputation will be in vain. You didn’t take your enemies, the enemies of the United States seriously. Now we all have to live with the consequences of your pride and vanity.

I blame YOU for the horrendous predicament you left your country in. The most corrupt president in American history has just been sworn into office, and you made that possible. Within a year, the neo-communists will run the show, and they will make American democracy unrecognizable.
You could have stopped them many times.

The crime families

When your supporters were shouting “lock her up!” referring to Hillary Clinton, you should have listened.
The Clintons are just as corrupt as the Bidens. Hilary lied, cheated, and stole. She spied on you, she slandered you and she was the source of the whole Russia hoax that cast a shadow over three years of your presidency. Hilary’s crimes didn’t start and end there. She is implicated in the suspicious deaths of over a hundred people. She should have been put on trial for her role in the Benghazi fiasco. The Clinton foundation and its donors should have been investigated for all sort of corruption. Hilary should have been investigated, tried and sentenced by her peers in a court of law. You should have pushed for that, NOT for yourself, but for the real victims of her crimes: the American people and their democracy.

When Barack Obama was spying on your campaign, you knew, yet Obama never came under investigation for crimes far worse than Watergate. He should have been prosecuted.
Again, NOT for yourself, but for the integrity of American democracy. Crimes should be punished. Criminals should be prosecuted.

When evidence of the crimes of the Bidens came to light, a criminal investigation against them should have started immediately. Everybody knows that they are guilty, even the democrats who deny it. There is no clearer quid pro quo than what Biden was bragging about on camera blackmailing the president of Ukraine with the money of American taxpayers.

Antifa, BLM

Just after your inaugurations, there were riots all around the country. There were riots all throughout your presidency. In 2020 alone, the cost of the riots was over 2 billion dollars. You could have stopped those riots by simply withholding federal funds from all possible recipients at different levels of governments who supported or simply allowed it to happen. The individuals responsible for preventing the police to stop the riots should have been held criminally responsible. Rioters were bused across state lines making them subject to federal law. Somebody organized them, somebody had to pay for the busses, somebody had to arrange the delivery of the rocks that were thrown. These clearly federal crimes have never been investigated. Material support given to rioters should have been investigated, all the way to their ultimate source.

Soros and his minions

George Soros, the currency speculator, country destroyer, Nazi collaborator, Machiavellian ‘philanthropist’ has his corrupt and corrupting filthy hands all over the attacks on you and American democracy. He had a back-door pass to the white house during both the Clinton and the Obama administrations and was understandably frustrated losing such access to political power. He spent 70 million dollars on the 2020 election alone to regain some of that influence. He is financing over 200 ‘community’, ‘grassroots’ organizations to the tune of billions of dollars. It would not require too much digging to find the connections between Soros and the brick throwing ‘peaceful’ protesters burning and looting businesses across America. All you would have needed is taking the threat seriously and a little determination to act on it. Soros should be made financially responsible for the harm perpetrated by his minions.

The globalists

Soros is not the only one. There are all the other “philanthropists” like the de-populationist Bill Gates, the “you won’t own anything” Charles Schwab, the environmentalist Bloomberg, and the ‘resilient cities’ Rockefellers, all supporting some aspects of a globalist agenda. Just like Soros, they see the future of mankind under the beneficial governance of a global elite and its powerful institutions. They all support the UN and its agencies, they all have their international charities, forums and societies working hand in hand with UN agencies for the beneficial enslavement of us all. Your America first, energy independence, Fair trade deals, peace making, Make America Great Again policies were a direct afront to their plains.
You should have had a better understanding of what that affront meant to you and your presidency.
They had the means, the motives, and the opportunity to help the election to turn out in their favour.
Buying Biden and his administration is pocket change for them. You should have exposed and defanged them.

The mainstream Media

When you had your little confrontation with the obnoxious bully Jim Acosta, the mainstream media turned it into a free-speech issue and you backed down. It may seem like a small matter, but it had a symbolic significance. By giving in, you legitimized their disgusting, abusive behaviour. You created a precedent.
Not calling out the most egregious lies and slanders against your person was a disservice to your office.
You should have called out the media on every single lie about you. You should have firmly stood up against every attack on you. You kept trying to appease them, to make them like you, not understanding that it is NOT possible, because your very existence is an existential threat to them.

Social media and the technoligarchs

It would be difficult to properly assess the effect of social media on the 2020 election, but it was huge.
Our reliance on the internet is increasing exponentially and so does the power of the very few controlling it. They are manipulating search results, suppressing important news, censoring and suppressing voices (shadow-banning, demonetizing, restricting posts, suspending and deleting accounts).
They use phony pretexts and vague rules, applied in a biased and politically partisan manner. All of that without facing ANY liability for their actions.
Your attempt to repeal section 230 was lame, and insufficient. The interpretation of the rights and responsibilities of these de facto censors should go all the way to the Supreme Court. Your actions against them were inexcusably weak.

The swamp

You said you will clean the swamp, but you did not. Why? You did so many great things, why could you not fit in a little bit of electoral reform, a bit of campaign financing reform to at least slow down the ever-increasing power of lobbyists?

You were unprepared for the election. The law-suits against administrative changes to election laws should have been filed when the changes were made, not after they were exploited to change the election results.
You should have been far better prepared for the quite predictable electoral fraud in all of the swing states. You knew it will happen and you still hoped that your margin will be enough. You did not take the threat seriously.

I could go on and into more detail, but my point is not recrimination. I just want you to understand that despite all the respect I have for your achievements, I still blame you for your loss.

Your mistake, your fault, your ‘sin’ was not to take the left seriously. Your political enemies are unscrupulous, corrupt, cheating, lying criminals, AS THE LEFT ALWAYS IS. They know no limits, accept no compromise. They want power and they are willing to use any means to get it.

Now, along many of your supporters I fear that this may be a point of no return. That the direction is irreversible. They will most definitely try to make it so.

Still, there is a ray of hope. In my next letter, I will tell you what you may still do to redeem yourself, save Western civilization and make the land of the free the home of the brave again.

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No matter how much I wish that he would read it, I have no way to contact Donald Trump directly.
I have to rely on you. If you agree with my points, please help me to get it into his hands. Share this widely, let’s make it go viral. And please comment on it here, not on social media. You may also want to subscribe to this blog. My ‘conversation’ with Mr. Trump is not over yet.

7 replies on “The sins of Donald Trump”

  1. Lorand says:
    Good , concise summary of facts that I agree with. Unfortunately, what is so easily understandable for people like you and me, with the Eastern European experience of “socialism”,  it is much more difficult for other people to comprehend  what is at stake.( See Anne Applebaum: Iron Curtain)
    • zgh says:

      Thank you Lóri, your opinion is always much appreciated. The question is: how many people can you share it with?
      This is not a practical, but an existential question.
      How many other East-European friends do you have who can understand it as easily as we can?

  2. Melinda Makkay says:
    I wish that he could read your letter. Biden has no brain for himself and he will act as he is told, mainly how to destroy everything that Trump tried to change. I think 4 yrs of presidency is not sufficient to make all the changes that were necessary to ensure his reelection.  In addition, did not help all the daily criticisms of his actions in a middle of pandemic for the last 10 months of his presidency. It is very sad and unfortunate that the American people could not see beyond the one sided presentation of the media.


  3. Andras says:
    Government employment, in all societies, has always been a magnet for parasites, cheats and power seekers. Today, the US federal government employs 9 million of such swamp creatures.

    Trump, had a hard time filling the few hundred top level positions with trustworthy and competent people. He never had a chance against 9 million Obama worshiping liars, saboteurs and scumbags.

    When Orban took over, he fired everybody from every ministry down to the janitors just to be on the safe side. You can’t do that in a Western democracy.

    Unless there is a dramatic shift in the culture toward greater rationality, self-responsibility and respect for private property rights, civilization is doomed.

  4. Axeff says:
    Hi Zork,

    I could not believe how closely and accurately you got the nail on the head.

    I just have one basic question: who was (were) holding the gun to Trump’s head (or as a matter of fact to all president’s head)?

    Trump did not have to serve the lobbyists who “invested” money in him, but I have the gut feeling, that there is some serious power controlling things from the background. I cannot have any other reasonable answers for the many puzzles and mysteries surrounding this and many other similar issues.

    As far as getting your letters to Trump, I would try to approach Fox News (Tucker), or someone at Newsmax. See if it would work.

    I am enjoying your articles, as they are reflecting on these unbelievably surrealistic and absurd times, also on the worrisome and irritating directions (free???-lol) societies, like the USA and most Wester European countries are choosing to take.

    Best regards,


  5. zgh says:

    It is an interesting question (whether somebody has something over the head of Trump) but in situations like that I like to take the simplest answer.


    I believe that Trump just tried to be magnanimous thinking that his achievements will be enough to get him a second term.  I believe that he just did not assess the dangers the left represents properly.

    You can help by simply sharing the post 🙂

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