Saint Donald and the Demoncrats
You don’t have to like the Donald

I was asked in a conversation what is my take on the events of 2021/01/6
“Still on the Trump Train? Not concerned about the integrity of democratic system at all?”

I answered: I don’t know what it means to be “on the Trump train.”
I also don’t know what do you mean when you say “not being concerned about the integrity of the democratic system at all”
This whole past month was about the integrity of the democratic system which rests upon the integrity of elections. I am more concerned about it than ever. I did not know that I was on the Trump Train. I don’t even know what that means.

I didn’t get an answer yet, but they are interesting questions. The assumptions, the insinuations in them. Let me try to translate:

“I know that you wished for a Trump victory. You must be a fan; you must be a supporter; someone ‘on his train’. But now that he finally lost, isn’t it time to get off that train? To abandon supporting him? Can’t you finally understand that it is over and we should move on? Aren’t you concerned about the harm standing by him does to the ‘integrity of democracy’? That standing by Trump is harming the democratic system at all?”

I believe this to be a fair interpretation of the question, as every single element of it was stated explicitly by the mainstream media. That is the official position of the left. Trump is lost, there is nothing to see here, no corruption, no fraud, just accept your new overlords and move on.

I wanted to call a friend, the one I was witnessing election night with to tell him that now is the time to get depressed. Way too many people are moving on, including some of Trump’s most ardent supporters.

But in my mind, this wasn’t about Trump at all. Trump is just a person, but just as the meme I shared in my last post said, they are not after him, they are after me. He was just standing in the way. Not a knight in shining armor or superman defending truth, justice and the American way, but the best I have seen in a very long time. I blame him for this defeat, but that is a subject for another post. What matters now is that the ‘integrity of democratic system at all’ has been irreparably harmed and this will have dire consequences. What matters is what DID happen.

What happened is the biggest, most pervasive electoral fraud in American history. A fraud whose perpetrators got away with it. The evidence is everywhere. Every honest person knows that the election was stolen, but some say it is for the best, some say there is nothing we can do about it. What few seem to understand is that this may very well be the end of American democracy. A fraud on this scale makes the US into a run-of-the-mill banana republic. It is no accident that the roots of the Dominion voting machines are in Venezuela. The perpetrators of the fraud are now in power and will have the ability to destroy all evidence of their wrong-doing. They will also have the power to ensure that come next election, they will be in full control of the systems and they will never lose again.

What matters is what WILL happen, what this fraud made possible.
Joe Biden, just like the Clintons, is a corrupt crook. The evidence, again, is overwhelming. He sold his country out to the Chinese, the Ukrainians and just about anybody willing to pay for some American political protection.

No low is too low for Biden, and he is not even the biggest problem. I seriously doubt that he will be in office for more than a year. He will either get ‘sick’ and have to step down, or it will be discovered that he can be impeached for his above noted corruptions and be forced to step down to make room for Kamala Harris. At that point, the radical wing of the party will be in full power. They will destroy the supreme court, the Senate and the electoral college system. They will make sure that they will never lose an election again. They will create new states, pack the supreme court and do electoral reform. How do I know that? They said so.
They will double down on the globalization agenda giving up national sovereignty to supranational organizations. Climate change, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, global migration, global currencies and whatever else may come up. How do I know? They said so.

They will not let the scamdemic go away. Why would they? It is just too good a tool for population control.
They will never restrain social media companies. Why would they? The technoligarchs  serve their interest every step of the way. These companies do the left’s bidding under the mantle of their independence; using the government’s legal protection.
They will squeeze the middle class, create greater inequality and sell themselves out to anybody willing to bribe them. How do I know? Because that is what they always do. And why wouldn’t they? This time around, there will be nothing to stop them.

This is not a promising future. Not only for the US, but for the whole Western civilization.
I believe that we are at a pivotal point in history, a point of no return. America will go down and drag Western civilization with it. All thanks to this fraudulent, corrupt election that was not contested by enough decent people. That the legal system treated as a hot potato. Where the evidence never found a proper legal forum to present itself.
My concern is with myself and my loved ones. My concerns were, for a while, aligned with those of Donald Trump. If that means that I am on the Trump Train, then I am doomed. I don’t think I will ever have the chance to get off. You may not see it, but it is also my train and I am seriously worried that Biden and Kamala will wreck it.

3 replies on “Screwed”

  1. ATTILA HRICH says:
    I agree with you 100% Zork.

    It’s bloody scarry!!

  2. zgh says:

    I am glad that you do, sad that you have to.

  3. jan srnec says:
    100% right . Here we go again communism . This time it is going to be worse then the one we experienced . They have more weapons and new leader China .

    But this stupid people deserve it .


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