What matters?

MLK's dream, LBJ's goal, Biden's proclamation
Saint Donald and the Demoncrats

They clearly don’t.

  • Not to the BLM organization’s ‘trained Marxist’ leaders, who just want a revolution…
  • Not to George Soros and his fellow rich donors to the movement, who just want to help the revolution to ‘move on’….
  • Not to Democrats in the US who are committed to L.B. Johnson’s goal of keeping blacks in perpetual vote slavery…
  • Not to the DNC, which is just collecting the donations for BLM to be redirected to the financing of democrat candidates’ campaigns…
  • Not to the local politicians, who created the problems of the black communities whose welfare they are responsible for…
  • Not to the white liberal college students who are just using this opportunity for virtue signaling…
  • Not to Antifa, which is using any excuse to further their own anarchist agenda…
  • Not to the universities with their affirmative actions achieving exactly the opposite of their stated goals….

Black lives only matter to the extent that it can be exploited. None of their proponents are proposing any meaningful change. Barak Obama got elected on the promise of fundamentally changing America.
After his fundamental change, blacks are even worse off, so now Biden can run on the same promise. I hope he will not get the chance, but if he does, the result will be the same nothing.

The problem is that black lives don’t seem to matter much to black people either.

  • 95% of black murder victims are killed by other black men.
  • Black women abort their pregnancies at more than twice the rate of whites…
  • 73% of black children are born out of wedlock. When born, black children don’t seem to matter enough to their fathers to hang around to raise them. …
  • Lifestyle influenced chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension are far higher for blacks than for whites.
    “Overall, based on the self reported data survey, non-Hispanic blacks experienced obesity at 37.6 percent, followed by Hispanics at 30.6 percent, and non-Hispanic whites at 26.6 percent.”

One would suspect, that blacks, on average do not care as much for their health and life as members of other ‘races’ do. Why should anybody care more for their lives than they do themselves?
But they do. I mean others, i.e. whites do. As I was looking for the numbers above, I quickly found out that racism is responsible for all of the above. The crime rates, the addiction rates, the abortion rates, the school drop-out rates, the fatherless families can all be blamed on racism. The higher rate of Covid-19 mortality is also caused by racism.

In a fascinating article, “How can the National Park Services work to be anti-racist”…… well, fascinating for its existence, not its content… the National Geographic engages in a mental contortion exercise trying to figure out how to get more black people into the parks.

In the neo-communist, zero-sum game worldview, any difference in outcomes must be the fault of those who are in a better position. The gains of the winners MUST, by definition, come at the expense of the losers. Everything must be blamed on the dominant culture. Especially the things that made it dominant.
The following poster was posted on the web-site of The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture:

The patronizing, condescending racism in it is so disgusting, that it was removed from the site.
But it isn’t any different from the rest of the anti-racist virtue signaling.

In the mind of the enlightened, blacks are like children. They cannot be trusted with their own life, they cannot be held responsible for the consequences of their choices, they cannot be blamed for their actions, they cannot be expected to compete with the grown-ups because they are so woefully inadequate. They can’t even get a picture ID for voting! We just have to take responsibility for them, for their conditions, for their choices. We should be responsible for what they eat, their health and wellness, their life choices.
Allowing them to have agency over their own lives is just racist. But uninformed, patronizing condescension is apparently not.

Just consider again the deep-seated racism of the National Geographic trying to solve the racism of low interest from blacks in visiting national parks. It holds up the love and reverence of nature as a universal value that everybody MUST have. It cannot be, that people of other races/cultures/ethnicities are simply not interested; it cannot be that their love of nature ends with the barbecue or the picnic in the park. If their interest in outdoor activities is lower than ours, it must be our fault. Saying that it is theirs is racist. Allowing them agency over their preferences is racist. Whites have to take the blame.
But isn’t this positing of our cultural values as universal the very essence of racism?

Anti racism is the new racism.

The communist concept of equality defined as equal outcome is in a serious conflict with the idea of tolerating differences. We have to close every gap, no matter the cost. If we destroy Western civilization in the process, it’s all for the better.  The problem of racism is a white problem. Expression of black racism is just fine. Nick Cannon is just the tip of the iceberg. “Four legs good, two legs bad!”

Which brings us back to our original question: What matters?

  • What matters to BLM is the revolution. The issue, (black lives matter) is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. The riots, the looting, the crime waves are the fertile ground of revolutionary change.
    Language matters. When the leaders of BLM call themselves trained Marxists and talk about their obligation to the democratic party, you should note the words. ‘Trained’ is not educated, devoted or committed. The difference between training and education is action. In this context, ‘trained’ means brainwashed into action. The ‘obligation’ is to their masters and their overseers.
  • What matters to Soros is his globalist agenda and the destruction of Western civilization while also making money on the chaos created.
  • What matters to democrats is winning the election. Energizing the black base just enough to go to vote for a racist, senile, white demagogue. Nothing else.
  • BLM and Antifa are the de facto military arms of the DNC. Chaos and conflict is an essential part of the Democrats. They have nothing else. No charisma, no policy, no record of performance.
  • What matters for local politicians is deflecting blame from the disastrous policies afflicting their black communities.
  • What matters to the self flagellating white liberals is the virtue signaling opportunity.
    Trying to convince themselves that they are moral actors when conforming with the attitude of the crowd.

Black lives are the pawns of the political chess-board. In the end, black lives do not matter to anybody. No one’s life matters to anybody beyond their immediate family and friends.

This will only end when the #walkaway movement succeeds.
This will only end when black people stand up to their slave-masters and to their dependency agenda and their system of incentives for failure.
This will only end when we all embrace Martin Luther King’s dream and judge everybody by the content of their character, not by the colour of their skin.
Isn’t that what should matter to all of us?


Some of the points here may seem to contradict my views expressed elsewhere and may require further clarification that I will have to do in another post.
I have a problem with the concept of ‘race’. I don’t know what it is.
I should also address the questions of the two concepts of racism, personal and systemic.

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  1. Jim McIntosh says:
    Up until the mid-1960s blacks were making progress. More blacks were graduating high school and going to college. Fewer were being arrested and convicted. More were finding employment, getting married and putting off having children until they could afford to raise them, Most wanted their kids to do better than they did.  In other words, they were adopting western values. Aside from limited opportunities available in Africa 200 years ago, I suspect similar values existed among black tribes.

    Then in the mid-1960s, LB Johnson began the “War on Poverty.” It has been a total failure, like the “War on Drugs.” We now have over two generations of poor people who have become dependent on the government. Rules which make a mother better off if her husband abandons his children. Children who grow up with a mother who believes they can do no wrong and without a father to make sure they do no wrong. Girls who learn they can live as well as their mother without getting an education. Boys who learn that they can do better than their mother by breaking the law.

    I’m not surprised they blame the white elites. Unfortunately I don’t think they understand what the solution is. It’s pretty easy to end the War on Drugs, except for the political objections. It might put a lot of people in the DEA and on police forces out of a job, but most of them should be able to find more productive work. I don’t think we can end the War on Poverty cold turkey without doing a lot more damage. And any effort to wean families from the government teat will be met with loud objections from blacks and well off whites. Maybe BLM could take on the mission of improving the lot of blacks without asking for help from taxpayers. I suspect there are already organizations doing just that, one life at a time.  One example is Harlem School of the Arts. Herb Alpert, acclaimed trumpeter, donated $6,000,000 to the school. (He said his life changed the day his elementary school teacher put a trumpet in his hands.) The school is now able to offer financial aid to 100% of their eligible families who need it most.

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