MLK’s dream, LBJ’s goal, Biden’s proclamation

The baby steps of the big boot
What matters?

How did we get from MLK to Biden? From the dream of equality to the proclamation that unless you submit yourself to the ideological masters of the vote-plantation, your identity is irrelevant? How did the democrats pull it off?
Like they do with everything else. Lies and manipulation, threats and bribery, scaring voters with boogeymen and offering socialism as the solution.

The democrats have always been the slaveholder party. They have always been the segregationist, racist party. LBJ, in his youth, was a member of the KKK. Every oppressive law and policy affecting black Americans was introduced and implemented by democrats, invariably against Republican opposition.
Just watch this short video of Carol Swain listing the most obvious facts.
His goal was clear: reinventing slavery for the 20th century. After slavery failed and Wilson’s segregation failed, democrats had to find another way. The communist model of total dependence on the state seemed like a good idea. Calling it “The Great Society” made it sellable.  Johnson’s Great Society was the biggest con in American history. Projecting their own sins to their enemies and offering ‘solutions’ that made everything worse than the original problem.

In his 1984 book, Losing ground Charles Murray said the following:

“If an impartial observer from another country were shown the data on the black lower class from 1950 to 1980 but given no information about contemporaneous changes in society or public policy, that observer would infer that racial discrimination against the black poor increased drastically during the late 1960s and 1970s. No explanation except a surge in outright, virulent discrimination would as easily explain to a “blind” observer why things went so wrong.”

The “contemporaneous change” was Johnson’s great society.
Johnson formulated his goal with outmost clarity. Whatever he did worked. Over 90% of the descendants of slaves are voting for their former slave-masters. They are voting against those who freed them from slavery and gave them equal rights. They are voting for the party that keeps them in perpetual misery.
Democrat run states and cities have the highest rates of poverty, drug addiction, crime and homelessness. They have the worst schools. Still, the democrats can count on the black vote. What Johnson figured out is that a whole group of people can be bribed and seduced into dependence. The price of the handouts is their vote. It is not picking cotton any more. It is picking the welfare cheques  and the food-stamps on the vote-plantation.

MLK dreamed of equal treatment, the democrats created a system that is designed to create failure. Affirmative action creates drop-outs. The glorification and financial support of single motherhood create broken families. Trapping people in perpetual welfare creates poverty, crime and addiction. This was Johnson’s goal. Dependence on the state creates voters for more of the same.

The policies of the left are irredeemably racist. Their only success is the message. While they create misery, they managed to convince most people that the solution to the problems is more of what created the problems in the first place. More condescending paternalism. More free stuff. The left has a narrative. An explanation. A solid Marxist explanation.
Life is a zero-sum game. Any gain must, by definition, come at someone else’s expense. This philosophy is not accidental. Socialism is dependent on misery, division and conflict. Failure in socialism is not a bug, but a feature. Socialists sell themselves as the answer to the problems they create. Their message is that the cause is not their policies but the racism of their political opponents. Over 90% of the black community in North America seems to be dumb enough to buy it.

As far as personal (or individual) racism is concerned, Larry Elder presents some quite convincing statistics here to show that this is not the case. On a personal level, the US is the least racist country in the world.

But the answer to the important question is yes. There is systemic racism in America.

  • The system that incentivizes single parent black families is racist.
  • The system that denies educational choice to low income black families is racist.
  • The system that sets up black students for failure by putting them into environments that are beyond their abilities to compete in (affirmative action) is racist.
  • Promoting abortion in racist. (25% of all abortions are performed on Black women)

All of these policies are policies of the left, the policies of the democrats in the US.
Biden’s proclamation says that you are not black if you don’t vote for him.

Based on all the available evidence, I’d say that supporting and voting for Biden, or any other democrat is what makes you a racist.


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