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Someone sent me a joke:

Wife: Did I get fat during quarantine?
Husband: You were never really skinny!
Time of death: 11:47 pm, 4/25/20
Cause of death: Coronavirus

It is a good one. A perfect communist joke. Making fun of something that cannot be said. Naming what cannot be named.
My main problem with the Western perception of communism has always been its monochromatic simplicity. Defenders of the free world see and point to the gulags, the famines, the mass murders and the suppression of the freedoms they all cherish. While communism can, for sure, be sinister, on an every-day level, it is far more likely to be absurd, oppressive, drab, frustrating and just plain stupid. This joke is a perfect example of the absurdity of the covid-19 statistics. Its existence exposes the path we are on. The baby steps of the oppressive boot. It starts with the absurd.
The absurd is an ominous sign of the sinister’s coming.

We are moving closer to a communist reality and I fully understand how crazy that sounds.
When I say that this joke is a sign of communism, most people would react saying that I am crazy, I am exaggerating, besides, if that is communism, then communism is not so bad. We can all sacrifice a little for the common good. You say the media is lying? May be so, but they mean well.

People don’t seem to understand how dangerous these small steps are because they think of communism only in terms of its most extreme expressions. I do not wish to minimize the horrors of communism, only to express my concern about its slow creep. By focusing on its horrors, people tend to dismiss the signs of its coming.
But there is a continuity between the ‘little bit of communism’ and the most oppressive and murderous kind.
I am seriously alarmed by the little bits that we can already see around us.
I am even more alarmed by the giant exercise of the full-fledged version that we are muddling through.

Every good joke has a serious foundation, revealing something not very obvious, but very relatable.
Just about everybody knows that the Covid-19 statistics are manipulated. We also see, that it is not acceptable to say it publicly. The video of the press conference of  Dr Erickson & Dr Massihi has been censored by Youtube. (this is the third time I link to different postings of it, by the time you see the link, it will probably be deleted again)
Their crime was to deviate from official party line. The party line that changes day to today but still has to be followed blindly. This is big time communism. Look at this chart:

The April 16 spike in the US numbers and the April 30th spike in the UK numbers are just impossible.

Let me rephrase: highly unlikely to be true. They are statistical manipulations. (or too many wives objecting to their husband’s insensitivity.)
You do not have to be a statistician to see how fishy this is. The typical communist reaction: if there is nothing you can do about it, you can at least turn it into a joke.

Laura Ingraham is exposing some strange numbers and asking some hard questions on her show on the 28th of April. You would be well advised to consider them. She points out the strange coincidence of the spikes in the Covid-19 cases with the drops in the numbers of the seasonal flu victims.

We are told to trust the science, but all we can see is one sided ideology driven politics, distortion of facts, obvious lies, censorship and bullying. When will the crisis be over? If the democrats can help it, only after Trump is out of office.

Shouldn’t these be more serious concerns to all of us? Isn’t this a sign of serious erosion of the public trust? Can’t you see the inherent corruption in them? The creeping communism?

Let’s consider two more examples:
Ami Horowitz asked some New Yorkers whether they would be willing to sacrifice some human lives in order to get rid of Donald Trump. Many said yes. Some would sacrifice a million lives to get rid of Trump, some says no price is too high. This should send chills down every decent person’s spine. The genocidal communist attitude is already on the streets of New York.

In the later stages of Soviet Communism it was a standard practice to lock up dissidents in mental hospitals.
Dinesh D’Souza produced a documentary about Barack Obama. Obama unleashed the Justice Department on him which eventually found a crime in his past, he donated more money to the campaign of a friend than what he was allowed. He spent a year in jail for it. That is just plain vanilla abuse of power. What should concern us about it is this:

“Here’s a tiny detail about my case that’s so revealing. This Clinton appointee judge who adjudicated the case, saying there’s no political targeting here, as part of my sentence he sentences me to mandatory psychiatric counseling. Let’s think about this for a minute.

What about my case? Here I’ve given too much money, my own money, to a candidate, a college friend of mine running for office. I am not Jeffrey Dahmer, I didn’t put bodies in the refrigerator. Why do I need psychiatric counseling, if not that it’s the progressive view that I’m not just wrong, but I’m somehow crazy? That people who disagree with them require not persuasion, but therapy.

We are sitting like frogs in the slowly boiling pot. How many signs do we need to see? How many do I need to show you? The little signs of communism must be called out for what they are. While they are still small.

3 replies on “The baby steps of the big boot”

  1. Jan Srnec says:
    1. Good job Zork.You are a smart kuki to bad there is not to many like you.We live inthe world of greed and there is point of no return. Now they take guns away from people so they can try somethink even more drastick.
  2. zgh says:

    Thank you, Janko, it is much appreciated.

    The situation is just getting worse. I could write another post with the new information coming at me daily. Justine’s gun grab is indeed spectacular.
    He would not have been able to get away with it if it was not for this ’emergency’

  3. Axeff says:
    Hi Zork,

    I hope that my note finds you and your loved ones in good health, spirit and that you all are safe and cooping well (I hope that I am not asking for too much!).

    Did you or anyone around you noticed that COVID-19 is “mysteriously” has diapered! No more social distancing kept are implemented, especially in the big cities, or required from the public, (or even demanded, as earlier), but some interesting and “heart warming” communication is taking place in the streets of the USA!

    Special attention to 5:30 in the YouTube video!

    I am a bit confused, puzzled, disappointed, alarmed, shocked, concerned, disturbed, upset, worried, annoyed, outraged, disgusted, angered, irritated, furious, revolted and offended (just to mention a few “privileged” words) by this guys CEO’s “request”.

    For me it is not entirely black and white what is happening right now in the USA or as a matter of fact in the entire globe, and what some people, groups and/or organizations want to accomplish or gain.

    Is it convincing that an angry person, with a threatening limb up in the air crying: “I am oppressed”, but has an Apple Watch (perhaps Series 5?), or demonstrates as a student at Yale University? I wonder…..

    I know that the “race” matters (but on some special circumstances it is really chaotic, mixed up and confusing how), but do we have any statistics just to look at the USA: how many African American individuals are in key positions?

    President (actually, I know the answer for that one: Obama, just had 2 terms – 2009 to 2017)

    In federal branches: legislative, executive, and judicial,

    United States Supreme Court

    United States Courts of Appeals

    United States District Courts

    Other federal courts

    Police Chiefs (out of 12 females, 7 are African American)

    Army officers (high ranking)

    Congress man and woman



    All other type of leaders, respected individuals, and so on……..

    I humbly state and I almost blush red as I mention this, but I am a white male, from a formally (really) oppressed East European country (actually I think this does not or might not matter or count any more), but the only privilege I can think of I have right now is that if I go to a park on a sunny day, to keep up with my healthy level of Vitamin D, I get a much more terrible and painful sunburn, than some other person, who is not as “privileged” as I am.

    Someone please enlighten me on the topic – Zork, you are a great educator, mentor, and analyst (I hope I do not “offend your feelings” or “threaten your existence” by calling you these names or titles!).

    Thanks, Axeff

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