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I few days ago I had another morning when nothing I saw made sense. To help you understand why, you should watch this Youtube video analyzing the Pipi Longstocking marketing idea. But that is old news. It has been analyzed to death. The whole circus is nothing but an elaborate publicity stunt created for the New York climate summit by Greta Thunberg’s father, a promoter/manager and climate change activist who is pimping out his daughter for the cause. Many call it a child abuse which it is not. She is not a child; she is just deliberately made to look like one. She is a teenager, sixteen going on seventeen with several identified mental conditions, conveniently feeding her delusions. The fact that she has mental problems is one of her greatest selling points. She is pictured as a hero who overcame the limitations of her psychological conditions to champion the cause of the planet. Her mental illnesses (note the plural) are the corner posts of the circus-tent of her crusade. Primitive cultures tend to treat the mentally ill with a certain reverence, as they are seen as conduits of mystic wisdom. Sarah Silverman compared her to Jesus.

I do not believe that this is accidental, I think this aspect is deliberately played on by her handlers. Because make no mistake about it, she is handled. Her speeches are written and rehearsed, all of her stunts and appearances are carefully planned.

Greta herself, is using her illness as a weapon. She is talking about it with pride in her TED talk.
In interviews she calls it her “superpower”.
I would not really care, except Fox News decided that they will never book again Michael Knowles as a guest for simply stating the fact that Greta Thunberg suffers from various mental illnesses and that he considers using her in this campaign child abuse.

He was clobbered for it on air and for days after by just about everybody in the mainstream media. (Watch the exchange here and the Hollywood Reporter commentary on it here, then tell me who was the despicable one.)

It is truly scary to see. The treatment of Michel Knowles by the rude, vulgar and obnoxious Christopher Hahn was straight out of a Stalinist playbook. The cowed reaction of Fox News to the manufactured outrage of the left was pitiful. The mainstream media already behaves like the official state organs used to in the communist countries. Knowles’ crime was the questioning of the saintly savant narrative.

THIS IS THE NEWS. The fact that stating facts can be used as a weapon against you. Even if those facts are well known, even if they are used by others, even if you expressed them with legitimate moral concerns. The point is the Bolshevik/Nazi strategy of one truth as it is defined by those in power at any one moment. Whatever is deemed to be the truth today may not be so tomorrow. Any lie can be declared to be the ‘official’ truth which nobody is allowed to question.

A few days later, on the Friday of worldwide ‘protests’ I was biking on the streets of Montreal passing the brainwashed sheeple on several occasions. Their numbers were staggering. Half of Montreal seemed to be on the streets. Greta was there too, with (supposedly) 500,000 people. She was, in fact, leading it!

She also met Justin who completely agreed with her. Later on she said that he, Trudeau, is just not doing enough.
But how does she know what he is doing? Did she research it? Was she briefed on it? What is it exactly that he is not doing enough of?

This ‘protest’ also reminded me of communism. Of the protests we were ordered to participate in. The same sheepish display of obedience and conformity. I kept wondering what are these people protesting against? What are they protesting for? What do they expect will come out of their protests? What are the demands?

I know, some action, but what action exactly? Was it against the government or for more power to be given to the government? This was a protest to tell “world leaders” that they have to do ‘more’. But more of what?

Greta Thunberg says: “My message to all the politicians around the world is the same. Just listen and act on the current best available science.”
That is all great, but how? Science does not provide recipes. For the past 30-40 years it was not even able to predict the present.

Luckily, I noticed a hand-made sign with a telling message. It said “in whose interest?” with a picture below the words: A scale pulled down by a dollar sign on one side and with a flower, a bee and a bird on the other, light, up, high. It also made me wonder. Does the woman carrying it understand it? The meaning of the dollar sign? The simple fact that no business can make any money without people buying their products? That Nike and Coca Cola would very quickly go bankrupt if people stopped buying their stuff?
How many of the 500,000 ever realized the irony that they are protesting against themselves?
How many can understand that they are worshipers of a death cult?
How many can see that what they are asking for is communism in disguise?
Some powerful, far away leaders telling them what they can have, do, say or even think.
With an army of policemen and informants policing everyone, punishing mercilessly anybody who steps out of line.
All in the name of the people, peace, love, harmony and the future of the planet, of course.

“Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it over and over and eventually they will believe it.” Said Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda chief of Hitler’s Germany. The Nazis were quite ready to push their children onto the stages of politics. The point of using these children, the point of parading them in front of the masses was to shore up support for the all-powerful state. Greta is not a brave rebel, but a virtue signaling conformist supporter of power, pushed on the stage by her radical parents.


In case you had any doubt, I am a proud ‘climate denier’, whatever that means.
Here are my thoughts explaining why:

What do I know
What will it take to convince me
The politics of Global warming

As for Greta, I think Michael Knowles was too kind. I have no sympathy for tools of manipulation which is all she is. I am not buying the saintly savant baloney either. She is no Jesus nor Joan of Ark. I find both her and the entire movement she represents reprehensible. I don’t think that she could handle a serious conversation about the subject with anybody. She is a propaganda puppet. I have zero respect and zero compassion for her.
I understand that she is a victim, but that does not absolve her from the tremendous responsibility for her actions.

As for the movement, it past its prime. The ridiculous and useless Paris agreement was already on the down slope of the movement. It was a joke in its goals as explained here by Bjorn Lomborg and a fraud as discussed here by John Stossel.
This latest circus is just another desperate attempt to revive a slowly dying globalist project. It has no substance and cannot hide the facts that people are losing interest. The voices of ‘skepticism’ are getting louder and more confident. The consensus is not as solid as it used to be.

Greta will get the Nobel prize and will be forgotten in a few years. Greta and the tweeter storm she created will pass. Fair weather is on the horizon. She will be able to get back to school. She clearly needs more education.

4 replies on “Weathering the Greta Storm”

  1. Jiri Novy says:
    Hi Zork,

    I absolutely agree with your statements and points discussing Greta Thunberg case. Human beings can’t affect any climate change, at least in my opinion. Yes, I am also a product of a communistic propaganda and I remember a song we were singing at school; “We will order the wind to blow and the rain to fall…” So far the wind blows from any direction it wants and the rain falls any times the clouds come.




  2. zgh says:

    Unfortunately,the winds of time are blowing us back toward a world where we will be forced to sing songs of delusions. In a way, we are doing it already. Hail saint Greta!

  3. Jim McIntosh says:
    Good blog Zork.

    However, I don’t understand why you are a “climate denier.”  I would accept “Global Warming Denier.”  I’m one of those. But “climate” exists, and climate change has been happening for eons. I seriously doubt humans can do anything to stop it. Who knows, if our efforts WERE successful, it could trigger a new Ice Age.

    One of my news letters talks about a book, “The Report From Iron Mountain,” considered by some to be a hoax.  “The task of the group was to figure out what would happen if the Cold War between Washington and Moscow ended, and the population no longer saw a need for a huge, powerful, tax hungry government to protect them.”  They figured a huge, long lasting environmental crisis would do the trick. AGW fills the bill, as they say.

  4. zgh says:

    I was trying to be sarcastic with that obviously nonsense formulation, but I should have tried to be more obvious than just “whatever that means”

    As you correctly point out, the expression is completely meaningless yet it is still used widely. Googling it will give you 2.34 million hits. With lists like this:

    Calling myself a climate denier simply means that I am standing with these folks.

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