Virtue signaling

This Facebook post asked me to “Stand against the barbary”
“Interesting choice of word” I said providing a link to the Barbary slave trade.
Then I looked into what happened. The more I did the more I found myself getting sad, depressed, indignant and angry. How can people, whom I consider both decent and intelligent lend their support to such a disgusting scam? How can they be so stupid and so nonchalantly immoral? Can they not see how appallingly political this manufactured crisis is?
I cannot even decide what is worse: if they can or if they cannot? The immorality or the stupidity?
Looking at the picture of Carola Rakete reminded me of the Swedish bimbo Elin Ersson, who heroically stopped the deportation of an Afghan wife-beater. The same teary eyes, the same elated, self-congratulatory smile. Elin is clearly just an idiot, but Carola’s expression also has a hint of the fully understood, mission accomplished satisfaction. But let me get back to this later.

The facts of the case

The people on the Sea-watch 3 were not refugees, and they were not rescued from any danger. This was a ferry service provided to economic migrants who wouldn’t bother with going through legal channels. They are doing it with the encouragement of globalist NGOs, the political left and the help of teary-eyed idiots with the self-congratulating smile on their faces pictured above.

As the Deutsche Welle pointed out:

“During the 16-day standoff between Sea-Watch 3 and the Italian authorities, many argued that Rackete should have taken the ship to another European country. After all, Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said on Friday that five EU countries had offered to take the 40 migrants: France, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, and Portugal.”

But she didn’t. She chose not to. We could ask why, as we could ask many other questions:
Where were these refugees ‘rescued’? Were they in the water? Were they on a sinking ship? Where did they get the boat? What happened to the boat? Who owned it? What happened to its captain and its helmsman? If they had to be rescued, their lives must have been in danger. Who exactly put them in danger?  Did the rescuers make any effort to identify the unconscionable criminals who are endangering the lives of these poor, unfortunate refugees?  I could ask many more questions, but let’s get back to them later.

The above are, of course, hypothetical questions. It is well known that the ‘NGOs’ are cooperating with the slave traders/people smugglers waiting for the boats just outside the national waters.
It’s just like old times. The Muslim traders are rounding up the black central Africans, the white Europeans are taking them off their hands to deliver the future tax and vote slaves to the European markets.

Minutia aside, the facts are clear and simple:
There was never a crisis, nobody was suffering, nobody was in danger, the only point of the forced entry into the harbour (raping it, so to speak) was to ram up the controversy into Salvini’s populist behind …….so to speak. It was never more than a political propaganda stunt. It had nothing to do with humanitarian concerns.
But the larger issue has an even more disturbing background.

The background is European politics, demography and economy. Europe is on the brink of collapse. Not only the political union, but also the economies of each of its individual members. The EU and every one of its members face a fiscal crisis. Declining birth rates, an aging population and no savings to cover the unfunded liabilities. (an in-debth analysis can be found here)

“ The average EU country would need to have more than four times (434 percent) its current annual GDP in the bank today, earning interest at the government’s borrowing rate, in order to fund current policies indefinitely.”

The EU does not have the political will to address the real crisis, so it has created a phony one: the refugee/migrant crisis. Because that is one that can easily be ‘solved’ by simple virtue signaling while it distracts attention from the real problem.

The average European birth rate is 1.6. The baby boomers started retiring and expect to enjoy their fat pensions for many years to come, but there is not enough money coming in to pay for it. They need constantly growing economies and a solid base of taxpayers to keep the pension ponzi scheme running. The solution: reinvent the slave trade. Europe decided to import the children the baby boomers did not bother to have.

The hope is that those vigorous young men will revitalize their economies, they will work their ass off to support the lavish life-style of their aging hosts; that they will happily pay their debt and liabilities and they will father many new taxpayers for generations to come. That they will be nice little kaffirs.

…and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell.

Stupidity, immorality and virtue signaling self interest

Again, I cannot decide what is worse, the stupidity or the immorality.
How can anybody think that this will work?
That a low IQ, hardly literate, mostly uneducated group of people will have no problem integrating into a post-industrial job market? Just check out the Sub-Saharan IQ and literacy rates.
That they will be smart enough to do the jobs, yet stupid enough to pay off other people’s debt?
That the gross gender imbalance of the migrants will not create serious social problems?

Thanks to recent immigration, the gender imbalance in Sweden today is greater than in China. But you have to hand it to the Swedes, they achieved in a few short years what took Mao several decades to accomplish. Just look at the pictures of this rescue! There was not a single woman there.

What will these unattached young men do with their frustration? And the question has nothing to do with race or culture. Dump a million single Swedish men between the ages 18-25 into a country of ten million and you will have the same problems.
The gender imbalance is a huge problem in China. What makes us think that it will not be a problem in Europe?

We are in the middle of the second industrial revolution with major disruptions on the horizon. Scores of job categories will disappear and what remains will require a highly educated, high intelligence work force. Adjusting to the coming changes will be a challenge even for the native Europeans. The average intelligence of the regions where the migrants are coming from is more than one standard deviation lower than the European average.  How can we expect them to compete with the highly educated locals without the intellectual tools needed?

We are setting them up for failure. Just like in Britain, a large proportion will be on welfare; their only function will be to vote for more government programs to take care of them. What will happen when the European states will no longer be able to do that?

Where is the morality? Where is the morality in the cynical, selfish delusions? Where is the morality in the creation of a miserable underclass that is unlikely to ever fully integrate? Where is the humanity in offering short term relief in exchange for long term hardship? But most of all, where is the media asking these hard questions?

Where is the media asking how is it possible that these central African young men in their twenties have 3-5 thousand euros to spend on the smugglers? Coming from countries with an average yearly income of less than €500? That would be the equivalent of a German 20 year old having 3-5 HUNDRED THOUSAND euros in cash on his hand. How can it be that no one is wondering how is this possible?

How is it possible that no one is questioning the dubious ‘morality’ of this tax slavery? Or the wisdom of it. Considering the potential problems.

Where is the media discussing the political aspects? The fact that this “migrant crisis” is used for further power concentration in Europe and the further empowering of international organizations. We do not have to go to full globalist conspiracy theory to ask some questions, but it is odd to see how even the most obvious ones are not asked. All we see in the media is endless virtue signaling and feeding the social media with heavily filtered, manipulated and targeted propaganda. No hard questions, no investigative journalism, no analytical commentary.
As a result, we end up with the useful idiots signing petitions and donating millions of Euros for non-causes on the one hand while stoking the fire of an increasingly determined identitarianism on the other.

It is difficult not to think that there MUST be a design behind this ‘crisis’ somewhere.
It is difficult to believe that my friends went insane.
It is difficult to watch 1984 happening in front of my eyes.
It is difficult to accept that we may be just on a winding path back to totalitarianism, most likely the communist kind.

Maybe that is behind the smirk on Carola’s face: the satisfaction of a battle won. For the barbarity of the totalitarian future.

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  1. Jan Srnec says:

    http://Good job Zork. You nailed it. We all think we can get cheap labour from this countries but it is exact oposite. But at least they will make some babies by virtue of rape

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