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I had my Sunday morning coffee with two videos. The first one was the latest from Black Pigeon Speaks about the vote in South Africa on a constitutional amendment that would allow the government to seize land from white people without compensation.

The second was a new Vertigo Politix video titled “The Alt-Right Reformation Against Liberal Theocracy”. It is outspoken, disturbing white supremacist propaganda. The worst I have seen so far on this channel. (And just to avoid misunderstandings, I plucked the above picture from the Vertigo Politix video. It is not a representation of my beliefs but an illustration of what’s to come: neo-fascist iconography and memes) 

In my last two posts here and here, I was talking about the vacuous human rights concerns of the liberal left and the need to talk honestly about sensitive subjects, mostly so that we can avoid extremism.

On the wake of the yellow jacket protests in France and on the eve of the signing of the UN Global compact for migration  (full text), both of these subjects seem to get increasingly timely to talk about.

What is happening in South Africa is scary. Watch Lauren Southern’s documentary “Farmland” or Stefan Molyneux’s interview with Simon Roche to better understand what is going on there.
In the early 90s, I was appalled by the Boycott of South Africa, which was motivated by the same ‘human rights concerns’ that animates the present day anti-Zionist left. The South Africa experiment, the rainbow coalition is already a disaster, and it will only get worse, yet nobody is standing up to take responsibility for it.

The mainstream media is ignoring it completely. The decision that was made by the South African parliament on December 6th to go ahead with the constitutional changes to allow the confiscation of land owned by white South Africans was not reported anywhere in the mainstream media. As if there was nothing to talk about. The vote was 183 to 77 = 70%. Between the ANC and the EFF there are enough votes to pass a constitutional amendment. The total dispossession of white farmers will happen. Whether a genocide will happen is still a question, but the fact that we are seeing a new Zimbabwe or Venezuela in the making is not.

But what am I talking about???  The left is still not willing to take responsibility for either of those other failures. The left is still not willing to take responsibility for the 100 million victims of communism. All the left is doing these days is trying to shut up anybody who is pointing to their failures, their hypocrisy, their irresponsible immorality.

The fight to shut up opposition (Objective 17) is a central point of the migration pact. It all sounds innocuous, but the whole document is just a big power grab. As a commenter to an article pointed out, if it is non-binding, then what’s the point in signing it?

Our (self-declared feminist) prime-pussy is enthusiastic about signing it. He is “showing leadership” by falling in line with the globalist demand for giving up Canadian Sovereignty.
All the while rejecting refugee claims of Afrikaners; accusing them of racism for making the claim that their lives are in danger. It seems that Canada is ready to take any migrant and refugee as long as they are NOT white.

Leftists refuse to take responsibility for the deadly results of their past and refusing to even discuss the predictably deadly prospects of the policies they advocate now.
…and then we can start wondering about the resurgence of white supremacists.

The left is in a very dangerous place. Their attitude is pushing an increasing number of people to the right, and further and further to the right. They do not seem to understand, that the right is much better at fighting. Whichever way we look at this, it will not end well.

I found the Vertigo Politix post appalling. I am militantly anti-racist. I refuse to see the world through a racist lens. If anything, I am a culturalist, but as a libertarian, I am, above anything else, an individualist.
That is the position that the herd mentality of the leftist sheeple have the most problems with.

The French working class is revolting. The South African blacks are preparing for genocide, the western liberals for cultural suicide. The globalists are pushing for more power, the extreme right is radicalizing the political middle that was abandoned by respectable politics, media and the institutions of higher education.

It is all coming together in a colossal fuckup that may bring down civilization as we know it.

Gosh, we really need some general human rights considerations!

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  1. ATTILA HRICH says:
    I could not have said it better Zork.

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