Donald Trump and his coat stealing business

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Why we could hate you

Let me share a joke with you.

News from the society pages of the Pleasantville Courier:

In the beautiful spring weekend we just had, the Corso was filled with the cream of Pleasantville society. The only unpleasant moment of the day was the discovery that Mr. Stein’s beautiful new coat was stolen while he was having dinner with his family. The police are investigating the unseemly crime.

A week later:

Still no development in the investigation of last week’s coat stealing incident in a Corso restaurant, but gang activity is suspected. The case is casting a shadow on the society life of Pleasantville.

Yet another week later, as the cream of society is walking up and down the Corso, a woman turns to her husband pointing at a man asking: “Honey, do you know who that guy is?” The husband answers: “Oh, that’s Mr. Stein. You know, the one who got mixed up in that coat stealing business.”

I seem to hear the echo of this joke listening to American News.
Donald Trump seems to get mixed up in a new coat stealing business every day.
Not a single one of the ‘scandals’ he has been accused of is real. They are all just political witch hunts.
Like Mr. Stein, he is guilty of implied and insinuated wrongdoings.

He is attacked with underhanded, sleazy insinuations without ANY merit, without any proof, any actual meaning. Most of the time it takes a mental effort to understand what exactly he is accused of.
Then the mainstream media and the political left works itself up into a mouth-foaming rabid frenzy over its own insane allegations which only a day later are already talked about as established facts that this sneaky bastard of a president and his mindless corrupt cohorts refuse to take seriously.

The ‘Russia stole the elections’ narrative was cooked up the day after Hillary lost. Nobody claims that anything Russia, Trump or any of his associates ever did actually changed the outcome of the election. But they do not have to. Even insinuations can become ‘established facts’ if you keep repeating them long enough. And could be even worse:
There are many ways to lie. It is quite possible to lie telling the truth. Or asking questions.

For example:
“We can confirm that Mr. Stein was NOT stealing coats between 3-5pm in the afternoon.”
“Mr. Stein categorically denies any involvement in coat stealing activities”
“Sources close to Mr. Stein confirm the possibility that he may be considering shopping for a new coat.”
“Can the coat stealing controversy negatively affect the bottom line of Mr. Stein’s business?

But truth is stranger than fiction. It would be difficult for me to match the level and intensity of the anti-Trump hysteria. I tend to agree with Paul Joseph Watson’s analysis of the situation in “The Impeachment of Donald Trump
But I would add some ideas to what Trump administration could and should do.

It is said that conservatives are too polite and respect the rules too much, which puts them at a disadvantage when confronting the sleazy unscrupulousness of the liberals.
If the left fights dirty, the conservative response should be using the law and the enforcement of the rules.

  • This latest Trump controversy (as Lisa Haven pointed out) surfaced less then a day after new information about the murder of Seth Green hit the news. The left wants to talk about obstruction of justice? How about seriously investigating that very real murder case? Putting the careers of some involved on the line. Like the people who ordered the police investigation to “stand down.”
    All that is needed is a little picking at it to have the whole edifice to crumble.
  • How about seriously investigating the Clinton body count? The 114 highly suspicious murder/suicide/accidental death cases of people associated with the Clintons?
  • Or the shady dealings of the Clinton foundation, including the Clinton/Putin/Kazakhstan nuclear deal. It’s not that Trump does not know about it! The Clintons should be in jail.
  • Better yet, go straight after the deep state:
    Investigate Soros and all of his front organizations. They are all deeply corrupt and mired in illegal activities. The riots would not be happening if it was not for the financial support and organizational assistance of the Soros organizations.
    AUDIT THEM, and deregister any for any wrongdoing.
  • Better yet, make them, or even Soros directly, responsible for the damage the riots they incited caused.
  • Deal with the riots by dealing with the police forces that allow them to happen.
    No federal funding for any city that cannot control its rioters.
    Rioters should be rounded up, unmasked, prosecuted and made financially responsible for all the damage they caused. It does not matter how the police is dealing with the problem. All that should matter is that not doing their job will cost them.
  • For that matter, federal funding should be taken away from any university that cannot maintain civility. Let them find a way to control their unruly students and professors.
    No University with a speech code, no university without respect for and protection of the first amendment should get federal funding.
  • Maggots such as Judge Derrick Watson should be shown the power of the law. Allowing such frivolous actions to sabotage legitimate executive power will only open the door to anarchy.
    It is not enough to simply win such case, the person who started it should be punished.
    It is not enough to ‘drain the swamp’, it is the power of the bureaucracy that needs to be curtailed the most.
  • Stop showing respect for the media that clearly DO NOT deserve it. Stop dignifying sleazy allegations by addressing them. Stop taking questions from the enemy. Take away the press credentials of the most obnoxious ones. A much-reduced press core will be much-easier to handle.

And I could go on, but the point is this: do not allow the left to pick the battle ground.
To win a war you have to be willing to fight, but that does not mean that you have to accept the terms of your enemy. Pick your own fights, chose your own battles and use the powers you have. In politics, it is define, or be defined. Do not allow the left to define you, do not fight on their turf with their weapons.

The left is far more corrupt, unscrupulous, dishonest and violent than the right is, or ever can be. It should be handled with calm, dispassionate, but overwhelming strength.

Why? Because it is the right way to do it, and because it will piss them off to no end.

If you get ‘mixed up’ in a coat stealing business, engaging in the conversation about it will just make you sink into its muddy mess.

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