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Where did it go wrong?
Where did it go wrong #2

I recently realized that I am afflicted by several serious mental conditions. I suffer from fascistophobia and communistophobia. At times, I’m worried that these may be signs of an even more serious, overarching condition: leftistophobia.

The symptoms are serious and they are becoming chronic. I cannot, for example, look at the smug, idiotic face of our prime minister for more than a few seconds. If he opens his mouth, I get nauseated and have to switch the channel. It is very similar to how I reacted to the utterances of Barak Obama or of the mayor of the city where I live. I get strangely irritated by the shrieks of social justice warriors and anti-free-speech protesters. I cannot even look at pretty celebrities without the fear that they may say something that will ruin my day. And forget about the ugly ones! I don’t even know what triggers me more about Michael Moore: his looks or his ideas? These phobias are very physical and they are very directly affecting my life. I may need help.

I am also not alone. It seems that an ever-increasing number of people are afflicted by these conditions.
I don’t know whether I should be comforted or alarmed by this knowledge. Unlike other psychological conditions, these phobias appear to be contagious as well. People can easily contact them by watching certain Youtube channels or reading blogs of people who are suffering from a more advanced stage of these conditions.

I am trying to control it, I honestly do. I keep telling to myself that I cannot paint with a broad brush. Not every fascist is a fascist, really. There are some moderate fascists who just want to get on with their lives. Just like the ISIS soldiers returning to Europe. They are not like the fascistist fascists. There is nothing wrong with a little goose step or a black uniform. These are just fashion statements and cultural preferences. Just like the hijab and sharia. Besides, they don’t want to kill everybody, just the evil Jews, the disgusting faggots and the good-for-nothing gypsies. And look at the lives of their leaders. Hitler was outright saintly. He was painting pretty pictures, gave inspiring speeches and he was filled with deep love for his country and its people. Or Goebbels. He was a wonderful family man. He loved his children so much that he saved them from the humiliation of surviving a lost war. We clearly cannot hold all fascists responsible! But no matter how hard I try, my phobia somehow still persists.

I am also troubled by my communistophobia. I knew many very decent communists. At some point, I was one of them. Communists were not evil and most of them were moderate communists, people who just wanted to get on with their lives. Your chances of dying from natural causes in a communist country were much greater than being killed by the communists. My grandparents were enemies of the people and they were completely dispossessed by the communists, but they didn’t kill them! They could have, but they didn’t. They could have killed me too for opening my big mouth but they didn’t. They only sentenced me to a year in jail. The world is accusing the communists of killing over 100 million people. As if that was a significant number! It happened over 70 years and all over the world! It never exceeded 10% of the population! OK, in Cambodia it was 20%, but we shouldn’t paint with a broad brush! The overall average is much better. Besides, if someone died of a heart attack when they came for him at 2am in the morning, it was the heart attack that killed them, not the communists. The Ukrainian kulaks died of hunger and the 25,000 prisoners who died digging the North Sea canal died of poor weather conditions. If you look at the big picture, communism wasn’t that bad. I keep telling myself that they wanted peace. They just needed to conquer the whole world to get it. They only had to get rid of the enemies.
I am also trying to convince myself that the neo-communists are correct in saying that communism never failed because it has never been really tried; that all the failures happened only because they were not done the right way by the right people. If ONLY they had a chance to do it, they would do it the right way. I want to believe that this time they would kill, starve, dispossess and falsely imprison only the people who really deserve it. I want to believe that the Nth time will succeed and communism will work.
I am trying to convince myself, but no matter how hard I try, my phobia somehow still persists.

My phobia of the liberals, the democrats of the USA and the new democrats of Canada, the progressives, the socialists, the watermelon environmentalists (green outside, red inside) and any other shade of socialists concerns me a great deal as well.
I am trying to tell myself that they all mean well, and the road paved with their good intentions will not lead to hell. That taking away all of our freedoms one by one will lead to our liberation, not to serfdom.
I want to believe that contrary to all evidence, multiculturalism works, and diversity is our strength.
I don’t know how and their advocates don’t either, but they believe it so sincerely that their faith alone should put my worries to rest. What’s the big deal about reality? Or reason. Or evidence.
The left is getting progressively more aggressive, violent and demanding. They are also getting more sleazy and underhanded. But that shouldn’t mean that they are wrong or that I would have any valid reason to fear them.

I am clearly suffering from a delusion thinking that the people of the political left are all delusional. It simply cannot be that they are all insane! It cannot be that they are all blind to reality, logic and evidence! It cannot be that they have no arguments! It cannot be that they are all like the communists and the fascist with a single goal in mind: the power to control and to oppress anybody disagreeing with them.
I am trying to convince myself that I have nothing to be afraid of, but no matter how hard I try, my phobia somehow still persists.

But I am a little confused. What is a phobia? A hate crime or a mental illness? Anybody would recognise arachnophobia or agoraphobia as a debilitating mental illness. A disability, if you will. If a phobia is a mental condition, shouldn’t it be treated as an illness and its sufferers afforded the protection we provide to the disabled? Shouldn’t I be allowed to collect disability benefits for my incurable phobias?
I am seriously afflicted, I have several of them.

And if phobias are crimes, shouldn’t the criminals of other phobias be silenced, fined and possibly even jailed if they are unwilling to give up their irrational fears? How inconsiderate it is to spiders and venomous snakes to be afraid of them! The vast majority of them are moderates who just want to get on with their lives. Why are these other phobias not subject to legal consideration?

My greatest fear is uncertainty. Am I sick or am I a criminal? In either case, how do I deal with the problem?

The lunatics have taken over the asylum

These phobias are growing into epidemic proportions and we need to do everything in our power to stop it. Share this information with everybody who might have been exposed. We have to alert the world to the dangers.

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  1. Jiri Novy says:
    Bravo Zork. I couldn’t say it better myself! I’ve survived same system as you came from so I guess I suffer from the same phobia.

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