Political Pimpology

The prostitution principle
The long view

Analogies abound comparing the state to the mob; the welfare state to drug pushers; taxation to highway robbery. Writing my post about the prostitution principle I realized that the best analogy to illustrate the nature of the relationship between the political class and favoured identity groups is that of the relationship between prostitutes and their pimps.

What do pimps do? They represent, protect and exploit. They recruit and groom the girls, make sure that they are available and presentable and they do a bit of the selling too. They protect the turf and the working conditions of their girls. For all that, they demand a lot. Money, power and control.

What politicians do is quite similar. They appoint themselves to represent identity groups; they help to formulate their ‘demands’ and champion their cause. They protect the turf by fighting off any political opposition, silencing opponents and securing the continued political existence of the groups in question. For all that, they demand votes and active political support.

Revolutionary Marxists had only two groups to represent: the proletariat and the peasantry. They used raw power to gain control and mercilessly oppressed both once they got it.

The left of today, the neo-communist, the cultural Marxists, the social justice warriors have to use a more gradual approach. A version of the salami-slice strategy, gaining more power with each little victory on the road to redefine culture, society, biology, economy, science, language, and just about everything else they can politicize. Each step gives them more power over more things in more ways.

The left does not give a damn about gays, blacks, natives, women, the poor, the homeless, the immigrants and refugees, the environmentalists, the transgender or any other group you can think of. If they did, they would not advocate policies that make their conditions invariably worse.
What they care about is the power they can gain from advocating their cause. Just like the pimps and the pushers, they want to create dependence on their power that they wouldn’t even have without that dependence. What they give back is scraps, just enough to keep the racket going.

Just consider The Sweet Cakes by Melissa case again. If you read the articles (linked in the previous post) you will see that both parties are unhappy.
Who gains the most from such cases? Lawyers and politicians. Conflicts like this give power to the kangaroo courts of human rights and administrative courts of “Bureaus of Labour and Industries.”

The main commodity of political pimping is the power to define, control and regulate.
Just like the pimps define, control and regulate the lives of their working girls. The motivations of political pimps aren’t any better.

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