Getting it wrong #2

How to get it so wrong
How can smart people be so stupid?


I had a bet with a friend about the outcome of the presidential election. She made several bets to say that Hillary Clinton will win. Her betting was a sort of hedging. She wished for a Trump victory, but she also believed the predictions and considered the socialist juggernaut unstoppable. Winning the bets would have been a consolation prize for the loss of her preferred choice.

After reading my last post, she said that she started changing her mind about the possible outcome just a day before the election. Some news shows did last minutes polling and were baffled by the large number of undecided voters. This was an important hint to my friend who, just like me, is from a communist country where we had to learn to keep our unsanctioned opinions to ourselves.

In this election, the Trump supporters, just like the Brexiters of the British referendum, were constantly bullied, insulted, ridiculed and denigrated. Their concerns were dismissed or shouted down. They were regularly subjected to various forms of aggression and even physical violence. Is it wonder then that after a while they stopped openly voicing their opinions? If voting was not anonymous, Hillary might have won.
In other words, another reason for the left’s inability to foresee the outcome is that they underestimated the effects of their own ‘violent rhetoric’.

Liberals live in a bubble that they can NOT leave.
Since they cannot rely on logic, evidence or actual morality to support their causes, they are left with the highly emotional, touchy-feely mutual reinforcement and easy to memorize propaganda slogans.
They have to shout down their opponents because they have no arguments.
They have to live in a bubble because their ideas cannot survive outside of it.
They cannot listen to rational arguments because that would threaten the foundation of their beliefs.
Liberals failed to predict the outcome because they put too much faith in the power of their own propaganda. They believed their own hype, their own BS.
Liberals failed because they overestimated the power of their own rhetoric.

While I believe that everything I said in this post and the previous one is part of the answer, in the end, the answer to Peter Mansbridge’s question should be very simple:

You missed it because you are just a bunch of biased, prejudiced, stuck up – but most importantly – INCOMPETENT liberals (but with this last word I’m just repeating myself).

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