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  1. It’s the saddest thing ever imaginable that we, who have lived through communism, get to see how the “free west”, that we have idealized for so many years and to which we have escaped or still look to escape, is only now discovering communist ideas and deems them worthy of applying…
    • zorkthehun says:

      I started my second post on this blog saying:
      “Someone sent a Czech cartoon to my wife the other day. A man saying to another: “It was better under the communists. We had a place we could escape to.”
      http://zorkhun.com/wp/2012/04/26/clueless-in-eastern-europe/ .

      As I am warning people about the dangers of communism, as I am pointing out the signs are all around us, I feel like Cassandra; cursed to see the future that no one will believe.

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