Taxes are symptoms

Taxation is NOT theft!
Taxes are worse than theft

Taxes are not the problem
Taxes are the symptom of problems


Taxation is just the icing on the rotting cake of statism baked by politicians to be served to the morons and zombies who elected them.

Taxes are not the problem, spending is the problem. The demand for spending is the problem. Believing that the government is capable of doing things for us is the problem. Class envy is the problem. Short-sighted stupidity is the problem. The system of redistribution is the problem. Welfare mentality is the problem. Delusional ideas of ‘social justice’ are the problem. Crony capitalism is the problem. Concentrated benefits vs distributed costs are the problem. Debt, fiscal and monetary policies are the problem.

Listening to pompous intellectual midgets bloviating over the obvious is tiresome and irritating. 2016-03-28 Taxation - Joseph Weil
Taxation is OF COURSE immoral, but it is we, the people who are electing into office the politicians who impose them. As Joseph “Yellow Kid” Weil used to say:

“I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something.”

We have the same deal with the state. It takes two to tango. Blaming politicians for doing what we elected them to do is just stupid.

In my previous post I tried to make the point that the state has many ways to get our property and taxation is not even the worst. Taxation is just the most visible of the transgressions of the state.

The problem with the constant bitching and whining about taxes is the loss of credibility. It makes libertarians sound and look like selfish, mean, inconsiderate brats throwing power tantrums.

Taxes are part of the reality of a representative democracy. If we have a problem with it, representative democracy is what we need to question, that is what we have to bitch about.

The real problem with taxation is not its immorality, but its effects. Taxation is taking choices and decisions away from me. Since the state IS providing something for my tax dollars, the question becomes a practical one. What am I gaining and losing? I lose value, quality, control, power and choice but I gain mental stupor, the freedom from the need to make decisions. For many people with a leftist persuasion that seems to be a good deal. That is why we have the system we do.

The hard work, the intellectually challenging work is to persuade the idiots of the left that the bargain is a really bad one and that it does not justify the immorality of oppressing those of us who do not want to be part of it.

Righteous indignation about taxation without addressing the underlying causes cannot and will not make any real difference.


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Taxation is NOT theft
Taxes are symptoms
Taxes are worse than theft

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