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2016-02-21 Compassionate mama Merkel

Sehr geehrte Frau Merkel!

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of the Union. I am somewhat puzzled by your actions and I would like to understand your motivations and the reasoning behind them.

Europe and its Union is in its gravest crisis of its existence. You are still not out of the financial one which seems trivial next to the one you created by inviting in possibly millions of ……. well, you don’t even know who.

Why are you encouraging law-breaking on a massive scale?

Every single ‘migrant’ who entered the European Union is a criminal as every one of them entered without proper authorization. Why are you encouraging this? If you really wanted to help them, you could have given them papers in the refugee camps they are coming from, but you chose to create lawless disorder instead.
Less then half are actual refugees from countries with conflicts. You issued a blanket invitation to the most primitive, violent and uneducated people in the world. What you predictably achieved is that the ones coming are the ones who would not qualify under any criteria. You get the worst of the worst. The ones who are worthy, are already going through the regular process. Allowing others in illegally is a spit in their face. Why are you doing it this way?

Why are you killing innocent children?

The people you invited are coming in any possible way they can. Forget about the fact that your policies are enriching the most unscrupulous people smugglers, but let’s NOT forget the thousands dying on the way. You can proclaim already that your politics produced more dead bodies than Osama Bin Laden’s. Over five thousand and counting. The Australians had a similar problem which they resolved by simply refusing any asylum request from people trying to enter Australia illegally. That decision brought the number of drowning victims down to ZERO. The irresponsible policies of you and your fellow European leaders are directly responsible for all the needles death on the seas. Have you no compassion for them?

Why are you tolerating criminal behaviour?

The most striking in the hundreds of YouTube videos of the fighting, looting, rioting migrants is to notice how they are allowed to do it. The criminals can all be identified. THEY ARE ON VIDEO! Each of them could be arrested, fingerprinted and deported immediately. Any of them who pick up a stone, molest a women or start a fight with any other refugee should be kicked out for that act alone and there should be no need for any further process. Why don’t you do it? If you would filter out the criminal elements, native Germans and the rest of the European countries would be much more willing to embrace the rest of them. Why would you want to keep the criminals?

Why are you covering up crimes?

You and your government are not only encouraging the petty crimes; you are covering up the serious ones. Rape and violence is not only tolerated, but actively covered up by the police, politicians and the media. I understand that you are trying to protect the innocent, what I cannot understand is how are you planning to achieve that by protecting the guilty?

What do you need millions of welfare recipients for?

Muslim migration to Europe is an unmitigated disaster. In any country they go they are less likely to work, more likely to be on social assistance and FAR MORE LIKELY to end up in jail than the locals.
There is not a single country in Europe where Muslims are a net benefit to their host countries.
Using immigration to solve your demographic problems is a dubious idea to begin with, but Muslim immigration is already proven to be a bad idea. What makes you think that it will be any different in this case?

Why are you choosing the most wasteful way to help?

Helping refugees just outside the war zones would cost a small fraction of what it costs taking care of them in Europe. You could help far more of them, far better and for far less if you helped them where they are. That would also filter out the ‘refugees’ from Sub-Saharan Africa, Arabic North Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other ‘hot-spots’. Not helping in a way it would make the most sense clearly indicates that this mess is NOT about helping refugees and which begs for the question: What is your real agenda?

What do you have to gain from continent-wide instability?

Germany is already the dominant power in the European Union. It is also disliked by many other members. Nations don’t like to be pushed around. They do not like the flaunting of power and wealth. Bribing them goes only so far. Parts of Europe that you now want to force to accept Muslim immigrants were suffering under Muslim oppression for Centuries. Can anyone be surprised if they don’t want Muslims in their countries? They clearly seem to know something you apparently don’t. Why are you dismissing and even maligning their concerns?

Let me go over this again:

You are breaking your own laws;
You are luring thousands into their deaths on the seas;
You are not only tolerating, but actively covering up the victimization of your own people by the violent criminals you invited to enter Europe;
You are wasting billions of your taxpayers’ money;
You are creating political polarization and unprecedented political instability within the Union.

WHY? What do you hope to achieve?


If you, the person reading this, want your answer directly from Ms. Merkel’s office, send these questions in a mail to her at
If you wish to find the answers, send this mail to everybody you know. Maybe there is someone out there who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows.
If you know the answer yourself, let us know in the comment section below.

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One reply

  1. zorkthehun says:
    From an e-mail response (from Europe):
    Hi Zork,
    The reason for her invitation is to create tension in European states that will result in civil war.
    The civil war will be a good reason to invite American army to calm down the situation.
    American army will calm situation and stay for ever in Europe..
    It is understood that when you ask US army for help, you must pay for it.
    I wish I was mistaken.

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