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Indecent exposure

2016-01-05 review

I have mixed feelings about this year. My attention got hijacked by the believers. Immigration, terrorism, law-fare was the subject of half of the posts I wrote in 2015. I left them for the end of this list.

I truly wish that I can promise not to touch these issues again but I’m afraid it may not be possible. I don’t think that there is much more I can say about Islam, Muslims and the things they do, but the response to any of it is a limitless source of stupidity in need of reasonable comments.
I will try to focus on libertarian issues and the economy in 2016.
With that promise, here is the recap of 2015:

A bit of gender politics

Let’s be careful what we wish for
A post about health care, making the point that we are better off with services on the free market.
 2015-03-11 owlcat
Why it matters
Trying to explain why gender politics matters and why we should be a lot more cautious about it.
Public discourse and the alpha male
Making the point that we already passed the free speech phase of our arguments, public discourse already ceased to exist.
 2015-08-13-Roosh V

Some thoughts on liberty

My liberty
This is the first of three-part series on the nature of libertarianism, what it means to me, what the alternatives are and what our shared goals should be. This post explains my position as a consequentialist cultural libertarian.
Your liberty
Asking my libertarian readers what motivates them as a libertarian. This is part two of a three parts series on the politics of liberty.
 2015-04-28 Libertarians
Our Liberty
After exploring what liberty is for me and what it can be for others, this post explores what it can and should be for our political parties.
 2015-05-02-politics 2
State – Society – Individual
Emphasizing the role of civil society in politics and making the case for the need of principled policy positions.
The deficit of imagination
Discussing some electoral alternatives then explaining yet again why they are not the answers to our problems. Also offering policy ideas to improve political processes.
The Failure of Politics
Lamenting the sorry state of political discourse.
 2014-12-15 the failure of politics

A few thoughts on climate change and the environment

What do I know-
A short summary of my position on the global warming theories analyzing the questions from a layman’s perspective providing a long list of references to indicate how my opinion was formed. First in a series with a few more to come.
What will it take to convince me-
Part two of the series in which I actually answer the question of Jonathan Adler: what would it take to take the warmists seriously?
 2015-05-05-What will it take
The politics of Global warming
In this third piece on global warming I make a few points about the origin of and the drive behind the global warming movement, also trying to explain the political division it creates/exposes.
 2015-05-07-Mencken quote
A most pointless hearing
The hopelessly useless nature of US Senate hearings
 2015-12-16 - hear no evil

Some political and economic points

Seeking truth on the 407
The politics of privatization as observed through the sales of the 407 and Hydro One.
 2015-05-19-407 ETR
Theory and practice
Commenting on the grandiose plan of Obama to create social harmony; making the point that it will not serve the poor but the politically connected.
 2015-06-13-habitat 67
How to be a little bit pregnant
Reviewing the editorial stance and attitude of The Economist, making the point that it is not possible to be a just a little bit interventionist.
The warm and fuzzy feeling of protection
Illustrating with a personal example the libertarian point that regulations serve the interest of the regulators not the interest of those they purport to protect.
Doing what the state does best
The police is best at controlling the people they are supposed to protect.
 2015-12-03 San Bernardino news

Some cultural comments

Free to sleaze
I was asked to comment on a Chomsky quote, so I did.
 2015-12-01 Chomsky
Declaring war on stupid
Commenting on some manifestations of stupidity, pointing out that they serve a social function.
 2015-08-29 Mark Twain
I should be Slovak
A short musing about cultural self confidence.
 2015-10-20 janosik026
The Slovaks want to contribute
Tongue-in-cheek proposal to redistribute Slovak Gypsies among the EU countries (translation from Slovak).
 2015-11-19 Slovak gypsies-01

All the posts about Islam, the Muslims and their problems

Muslims are not the problem. We are.
Commenting on Andrew Lawton’s podcast on some Muslim issues on rebel media. Making the point that Muslims are only taking advantage of opportunities we are providing them with.
The only good Muslim is a BAD Muslim
A post to separate the individual from its social background and the ideology, to make the argument that being Muslim is a matter of choice.
 2015-06-17-good muslims
Gestures, symbols, rights
My comment on Peter Jaworski’s commenting on Rex Murphy’s point of view about the niqab in citizenship ceremonies.
 2015-03-14 Symbols-of-faith
Immigration Delusions
Making the case for a sensible libertarian immigration policy, pointing out that idealized policies do not work well in a political reality.
 2015-08-29 immigration puzzle
Immigration – My personal stories
Sharing my personal stories on immigration; mostly to show that my position is based on personal experience.
Immigration – Race, Culture, Ideology & Identity
Discussing the inherent contradictions of open borders and property rights; an attempt to justify the theoretical existence of the state.
Immigration- the philosophical case
Making the simple point that the libertarian idea of open borders is in an irreconcilable conflict with the notion of private property.
 2015-05-20 Hungarian-Serbian_border_barrier_1
Immigration – the cultural considerations
Considering the cultural context of immigration starting with a definition of what culture is and how it may become a source of conflict.
 2015-09-15-Czech border welcome
Immigration- the questions of morality
Trying to show how little the immigrant crisis in Europe has to do with moral considerations.
 2015-10-03 boat people
Immigration – the economics
Politics and immigration: how large scale immigration is serving the interest of the state.
Immigration – the political case
Politics and immigration: how large scale immigration is deeply political and nothing else, trying to show how the question of immigration is first and above all – political
 2015-10-06-come to Europe
Immigration- Libertarian kumbaya
Suggesting a pragmatic and ideologically consistent policy proposal , making the case for a reasonable libertarian immigration policy
 2015-10-07 Kumbaya
Islam IS the religion of peace
Making the points that peace isn’t necessarily a good thing and that Islam can only be judged in comparison.
The failure of imagination
Making the point that there are many ways to fight Islam if only there was some political will to do it.
 2015-11-17 paris-pianist-john-lennon-imagine-01
The failure of analysis
Answering the question: whose fault is it? Pointing to a number of possible explanations that don’t really enter polite conversation.
 20151-1-21_Economist cover
The sublime wisdom of Islam
Nothing compares to the persuasive power of the originals.
The glorious victory of Islam
Explaining the difference between Muslims, Islam and radicalism using fascism as an analogy.
 2015-12-28 - bacon gun
Answering a question about my previous post pointing out that appeasement can only make matters worse.
 2015-12-31 winston-churchill-quotes-10

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