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The following article is a loose translation of the ‘proposal’ published here:

Quotas for the redistribution of Slovak Gypsies in the EU!

The European Commission is pushing for the distribution of illegal immigrants between the countries of the European Union under strictly defined quotas. Well, we need solidarity within the union through the ‘fair redistribution’ of the immigrants flowing into Europe.

In the spirit of this “logic” I urge the European Union to show solidarity through the fair distribution of Slovak Gypsies between EU Member States.

Quotas to transfer Gypsies into other EU countries would not only show solidarity but also solve the gypsy problem in Slovakia, which is a grave concern to the European officials for many years. Indeed, since the EU is already redistributing the debt of the Greeks and the illegal immigrants, why can’t we redistribute Slovak Gypsies?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that scattering of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants in Europe is fair. If that is indeed the case there can be no objection to the ‘fair treatment’ and reallocation of 500 thousand Slovak Gypsies, which in the context of the migratory flows we can call “East-Indian immigrants.” Since they all have the citizenship of the European Union already, there will be no need to naturalize them! The ratio of children and women among them is undoubtedly higher than among today’s immigrants.

Merkel and her political followers argue that non-European immigrants will ultimately benefit the EU. I believe that most Slovaks are willing to give up the “societal benefit of non-European immigrants,” just as they are ready and willing to share the value of the “social contribution” of the Gypsies with the rest of the EU countries. I believe that the German, British and French voters will be elated with joy. Considering the success of Western Europe in integrating Muslim immigrants, they will surely succeed with the integration of the Slovak Gypsies.

To help attaining this goal, the EU “activists and volunteers” operating in Slovakia can start a fund raising campaign so that the Gypsies don’t go to the West with their calloused hands empty. We would also expect our Gypsies to be greeted in Germany at the railway stations by enthusiastic welcome crowds offering them housing in their own dwellings.

So how about it, Mrs. Merkel, will you take our offer? We can send you the first 100,000 Gypsies within a week.

= = = = = = =

It may be funny but it is not a joke.

The gypsies represent the most serious social problem the Slovaks have.
How are they handling it and who can or should be blamed for the conditions of the gypsies is not the question here. What is, is the attitude of the Brussels paper-pushers who, on one hand, are relentlessly criticising the Slovak Government for their failure to ‘solve the gypsy problem’ while on the other hand are forcing the Slovaks to tackle a similar problem of integration – the refugees. Shouldn’t it be reasonable to ask why are they forced to take responsibility for yet another problem while they are constantly ostracised for not being able to handle the one they already have?

Some more information on the subject, just to show how amazingly it worked out for Britain.

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….but you can find similar stories from other European countries as well



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