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I was in the middle of writing about my position on Dave Meslin’s electoral reform proposal when this was posted on my Facebook:

 Mandatory voting

Since the liberals are pondering, my wife (who was born and raised in another communist country) and I decided to follow suit.

According to the deputy leader the proposal “deserves serious consideration, given the ailing health of Canada’s democracy.”

Yet again, we will have to be violated for our own good. To heal democracy.

My wife often quotes her grandmother who used to say that communism will have to run its course all around the world before the idea can be put to rest. The Americans are a little ahead of us in the race, but Trudeau is working hard to get a chance to catch up with them.

How would that play out?

We have nothing to worry about, as we are assured that “those who failed to cast ballots would receive only a ‘small fine.’ “ Yeah, right. The income tax was also a small amount when it was introduced and only the ‘rich’ had to pay it. Temporarily, of course, just to help the war effort. We start with a small and if it does not improve democracy we will find ways to make it more compelling.

The second step would be to simplify the choices, to move from the confusing array of parties to a ‘popular list’ to incorporate some small parties like the greens and the NDP into the liberal party and have only one candidate for that group of parties. They are already voting their way anyway. If we add up the votes cast for all leftist parties, the conservatives will not stand a chance. There are many compelling reasons to go that way. It would most definitely improve democracy.

Once we have the popular lists, they can start using the extended arms of the leftist cause, the media, law enforcement and the judiciary.
They always had the media which always hounded politicians on the other side. Once they have the popular front majority, they can go wild with phony scandals, attacks and accusations, misquotes and misrepresentation to chip away the opposition.
Through their labor unions, they have the police too. You may find some individual conservative policemen, but as a body, especially in major urban centres, they are already unmistakeably on the left.
A few more favours to their unions and they will be locked into Liberal Popular Front support.
Militarizing them even further than they already are will make the no-knock raids in the wee hours of the morning on the houses of those politicians who get too far out of line opposing the will of the people much safer.
Have you seen some of the latest decisions of the Supreme Court? The reaction to Harper’s attempt to put them in their place about the nomination process? Need I say anything about them?

The last phase is what we grew up with: one party, one candidate. Mandatory voting with serious consequences if you missed it.

Do you really think that I exaggerate? Do you really think that this is impossible?

Read the history of communism in Eastern Europe!

Leftist ideas are never about improving things, they are always about getting more power.
Leftist policies have an alarming tendency to achieve the opposite of their stated goal.
Mandatory voting will not improve democracy, it will eventually destroy it, just like it did in the communist countries.

Why don’t we have NOTA on the federal ballots already? Why can’t we consider every vote not cast a vote for None of the above?

It is not an accident that Trudeau is so cozy with Islam. He likes the Submission idea.
He is demanding unconditional submission from his caucus to his will. He is now ‘pondering’ the submission of the electorate.

I wonder what will come next……


And now I will return to the serious pondering of the subject.

5 replies on “Pondering our future”

  1. I must agree to these words: “My wife often quotes her grandmother who used to say that communism will have to run its course all around the world before the idea can be put to rest.”

    Canada will become a socialist state with only one communist party representing the will of the elected autocrats in its time.

  2. EimaiSkorpios says:
    Hello Zork. If you hear an echo in my salutation it’s because I’m way down here in the rabbit hole–the white rabbit hole–I’m having tea with Alice. Everything is on its head in the world today, especially in Canada. The simple fact that the public even considers this vacuous issue of Margaret for the Prime Minister’s office tells me we’re pretty much screwed. This son-of-a-Marxist clown will devastate our economy long before he drags us into communism. We need to look at the bigger picture. It is my concerted belief that the people of North America have fallen prey to their own successes. We have become stupid and weak, and the ripe victims of corruption–not crime corruption–the Progressive corruption of the wonderful liberal democracy we have come to take for granted. We have no other recourse but to tumble down the rabbit hole and break a bunch of bones as a result. The only thing that will awaken Canadians from their apathy is excruciating pain. While going about the business of our private lives, we have allowed the Progressives to infiltrate everywhere: the media, our schools, government bureaucracies–everywhere. How do you shake an Eloi into an awareness of that he will soon be a Morlock’s dinner?
    • zorkthehun says:
      I have doubts that I can achieve much, but I still think that I must do it.
      The curse did not stop Cassandra either.
      How can you have success and not get corrupted by it is a big question indeed.
  3. […] Democracies and politics in general is about finding ways to make collective decisions about our shared affairs. In the democracies of the developed world most of the decisions are about the redistribution of the collective wealth and income. Most developed countries have around 50% of their GDP spent by the government. It seems reasonable to suggest that only the providers of that income should have a say in how it is spent, not its beneficiaries. If you did not pay into the system, you should not have a say in how it is run. Voting should be a privilege, not an automatic right and definitely not an obligation. […]

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