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2013-05-20 opression

…..and it is not pretty.

I am not going to talk about the religion of Islam, but what the word means, and what the ideology represents: SUBMISSION. Islam is not alone with the desire to force us into submission.

I am reading the scary, depressing, and infuriating but excellent book of Anne Applebaum, “The Iron Curtain”. I just finished chapter five, thinking of the ways the pathologies of the early years of East European communism related to my personal experiences in the seventies. The Iron Curtain is a great book, but it is heavy. I put it down for some lighter reading. I picked up the latest issue of the National Review and went straight to the Happy Warrior column. As I was looking for the link for this post, I came across another one of Mark Steyn’s articles: “The Autocrat Accountants”.

You should read them both. The first is about just this week’s instances of giving in to the ridiculous fits of “hysterical ninnies’; the second is about the highly partisan misuse and abuse of the state’s bureaucratic power.

What makes these things scary (the book, my experiences in the seventies and the present we live in) is the harmony. How perfectly they resonate with each other.

The capricious yet broadly predictable use of power, the appeasement and the cowardly submission, the ever more widely practiced self-censorship and the delusional arrogance of those who see themselves to be on the right side of history.

The message of the communists was simple: submit! They killed millions and destroyed the lives of countless more innocent people to make sure that the rest will get the message.

It is not as bad yet as it was in Eastern Europe where thousands of truly innocent people were killed to terrorize the rest into submission but the attitudes and the signs are the same. Silence, destroy, discredit and eliminate ANY potential opposition.

What people in general do not understand is that this is not accidental, that these scandals are not just aberrations of an otherwise well working system. The bigger we allow the state to grow, the more demanding, the more abusive, the more capricious it will become. If we allow politicians to get away with anything shady, they will try something even shadier. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.“ When I turned on the television today a guest on a conservative station was explaining how the president will have to work with congress if he wants to implement his plans, achieve his objectives. The way it was presented made Congress look as a terrible hindrance to the use of power by the benevolent leader. The assumption was not challenged, was not questioned by the host. It was not pointed out that the President is not supposed to have ANY agenda of his own. That is why his power is called ‘executive.’ He is only supposed to execute the will of the people as expressed through their elected representatives in Congress.

What people on the right do not understand is that the left has no scruples. The left is willing to do anything that it can get away with and it is constantly pushing the boundaries. What seems to be the abuse of power today will be the norm tomorrow, and there will be new challenges, new demands for ever more submission to whatever the fancy of the political left will be that day.
The left fights dirty. They are on a holly crusade for noble goals which – in their eyes – gives them moral justification. Like the glorious soldiers of the Red Army, fighting for a better future is all they need as an excuse for whatever they do. No matter how immoral to the rest of us it may seem.
The answer is not to fight back the same way but to eliminate the possibility of the fight by limiting the size and the number of the battlefields. IRS would not be a problem if it did not exist. If the income tax was eliminated today, the income of the US government would be reduced to what it was in the horrible dark ages of 1999.

What the left does not understand is that there is no victory. Even if they win, they lose. With time, all leftist revolutions devour their children. It is extremely arrogant to think that the special powers, ignoring the constitution, ignoring the laws can and will only be used for causes you support. Even if ‘their guys’ win, the special powers, the arbitrary decisions will stay with the system and eventually, even inevitably they will start punishing those who now support it.

The only way a leftist world can function is war-mode. When they run out of real enemies, they will find new ones within. Socialist economies do not work and they need a constant supply of scape-goats.

The left is pushing for submission, in desperate attempts to appease, the right submits more often than not, the state and its apparatchiks are winning. Since the God of the left is the state we can say that the left is winning.

The most important lesson of the times in history “The Iron Curtain” is about is how fragile democracy and freedom can be. That with power in the right hands it can be destroyed within a few years.
Is it as bad in America today as it was in the late 40’s in Eastern Europe? Of course not. There are no mass executions, only occasional show trials (Conrad Black & Martha Stewart) that are not yet based on confessions extracted under torture, but the direction is clear. The communists are on the march and they want the rest of us to submit to their will.

I think we should be alarmed.

5 replies on “The future is Islam”

  1. Feri says:
    “What seems to be the abuse of power today will be the norm tomorrow, and there will be new challenges, new demands for ever more submission to whatever the fancy of the political left will be that day.”
    “The only way a leftist world can function is war-mode. When they run out of real enemies, they will find new ones within”. – if you replace “left/leftist” to „Orbán Viktor” , this is Hungary today 
    • Feri says:
      please, note: he is a proud rightist – at least in words
    • zorkthehun says:
      Well, it was always clear that Viktor is a socialist, only á la Hitler and Mussolini – the National Socialist kind……
      The language, the attitude, the mechanism is the same. The only thing that is missing is the military posturing
  2. EimaiSkorpios says:
    Radical Left is communism, neo-nazism and Islamism. There is no such thing as radical Right. The whole concept of radical Right is a misnomer. The Right does not congregate to rule. There is no totalitarianism on the Right.

    Furthermore, it is very important that the Left does not control the language. If they control the language they perpetuate the straw man perception of a Right-thinking movement that must be defeated. No such organized movement exists.

    I wrote about this one year ago and I have not changed my opinion:

    A) I see Islam, Fascism, Nazism (National Socialist Party), Communism, Marxism and Socialism as all being on the Left. All of these depend on large, over-bearing, central governments that suppress individuality, free enterprise, free thought and hate Jews. I include Islam because it is a political religion with civil laws that are inseparable from its religious doctrine (Sharia). There are abundant illustrations of how vitriolic and vicious the leftist ideologues are when you disagree with them. Simply observe the mainstream media and the source of death threats to those who put forth such notions as pro-life, opposition to radical Islam, respect for Christianity, the abolition of unions or the outrageous idea that university students should pay for at least one tenth of their education (see Montreal student riots May 2012).

    B) Capitalism and Democracy I see as being on the Right. These are inclusive of all who want to trade and operate (or should operate) under small, decentralized governments that depend on the talent and ingenuity of the individual to look after himself and those close to him. These two inextricably linked policies promote competition and reward individual achievement but pay little heed to race or origin. A large part of the philosophy of the Right is to sweep away any obstructions to free expression and keep regulations to an absolute minimum.

    Certainly there are all kinds of hybrid political ideologies that drift toward the Left and are described as centrist.

    In my opinion there is no centre. I see no Democracy without Capitalism (or something very similar in trade to inspire ingenuity). Through complacency and ignorance, Democracy can only deteriorate and drift to the left where it mutates into all kinds of horrible alternatives that are xenophobic in nature and crush human individuality and aspiration. Yes, I see no such thing as a political centre.

    “We are socialists, we are the enemy of today’s capitalistic system …” — Adolf Hitler, May 1927

    We must also carefully define what is “Right”. The Harper Conservative government is not Right, neither is the conservative political party in Ontario. These are truly Leftist organizations in thought and deed so do not take any comfort in their existence. Most important, we must expose what is happening to our children in the schools and force the Leftists out of the classrooms.

    Zork, as you so “rightly” indicate, the last line of defence for true democracy is the People. Only the People can keep themselves reasonably free.

    • zorkthehun says:
      I think we are in perfect agreement.
      We all need to know where we stand.I believe that there are many decent people who support policies based on feelings, without understanding whet the implications are and where they lead. The way to get across to them is to expose the inevitable consequences. To explain that the Obama scandals are not about left and right but the complete destruction of the system to prepare it for a statist takeover.
      The book I am reading is excellent. According to a friend I gave it to for Christmas, it should be compulsory reading in our schools.

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