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2012-10-06 don't believe me-

Believe it or not, I do not want to be an anti-Muslim crusader. I consider Islam to be a serious threat to the survival of our civilization which I fear is on the verge of collapse and Muslims are the new barbarians to bring it about but I would love to think and talk about other things (and this you should believe).

What I would like to do here is to share with you the information, the influences that led me to believe that  Islam is a serious threat that we should all be concerned about. You can call the books, the speeches, the documentaries propaganda as most people on the left do and will. What is difficult to argue with is the direct evidence made so easily accessible in the age of the Internet. Watching what they do. Listening to what they say. Reading their ideas. They aren’t exactly inaccessible. Read the Quran and the Hadiths. If you are a normal person chances are that you will find them painfully boring, stupid and repetitive. You will probably find contemporary interpretations such as the little green book of Khomeini more entertaining. The site where you find it is also the place to go if you want to go straight to the juicy parts of the Quran and the hadiths.

Nothing can be as convincing as the originals. No anti-Muslim crusader can do as much damage to the image of Islam as the Muslims can themselves. My first encounter with Dawa was a pamphlet that was handed to me about twenty years ago, when I knew very little about Islam, somewhere Downtown.  It was Sayyid Abul A’la Al-Mawdudi’s “Human Rights in Islam.” It had a fascinating section about human rights and women. The most important human right for a woman is the ‘right to chastity.’ If I would sum up the section in one sentence, it would be this: “If we (Muslim men) think that you behave like a !@#$ing whore, you have the right to be stoned to death”

The point of this post is its title: Do not believe me. Check it out for yourself!


For the best selection on the subject, you should look at the list on Robert Spencer’s site. Keep in mind that his list is far from complete.
Here I am only listing the ones I read and the ones I still wish to read.

Lawrence Wright:             The looming tower
….Is the history of Al Qaeda from an author with extensive knowledge of the Muslim world. The book spends a lot of time explaining the background, the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood and the history of the Bin Laden family.

Mark Steyn                     America Alone
Mark Steyn was characterized as the stand-up comedian of the apocalypse.
Anything he writes is to the point and very often very funny. “America Alone” is about politics which includes astute observations about the demise of Europe and the role Islam plays in the process.

Sam Harris                       The End of Faith
……Is a general indictment of organized religions, not just Islam but since Islam is the most organized, the most political, most of the book’s criticism is directed against it.

Richard Dawkins           The God Delusion
……Is not about Islam, it is about religion in general but asking questions that all believers should ask about their faith. Highly recommended as any other book from this author. He also did a number of documentaries that can be found on Youtube.

Oriana Fallaci                  The Rage And The Pride
……Was first published as a lengthy newspaper article later expanded to a book size. It chronicles the advances of Islam in Italy.

The Force of Reason
……Is a sequel to the above also addressing the public response to the first.

Robert Spencer            The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam
PIGs to Islam! How delightfully appropriate. Like the other PIGs, it is an introduction to the subject dispelling popular myths.

Melanie Phillips            Londonistan
Is a book of righteous indignation, similar in many ways to the books of Oriana Fallaci. My characterization should not mislead you, this is an eminently well researched and documented book of solid facts.

I think I read plenty about Islam already, but I still have a few books on my wish-list:

Reza Aslan                      No God But God

Geert Wilders                Marked for Death

David Horowitz             Unholy Alliance

Robert Spencer            Did Mohamed Exist 

Documentaries and short videos

Geert Wilders Fitna is an excellent eye opener. Very well done, very persuasive. It does not give a single sentence of opinion, not one comment. It is quoting the Quran and showing how the Muslims are obeying its commands.

You should also listen to this two part speech/documentary of his. Part 1part 2

In the end of the second part he spells out very clearly what needs to be done. I especially like his recommendation #6 (at 4:30 in the video).

A four part documentary called “Blaming the Jews” Part 1part 2part 3part 4

Saudi Woman fighting the righteous fight. What is noteworthy is the narrowness of the confines within which she is trying make a little room. She is asking for more rights on entirely religious grounds. What is the point in question? Her right to appear on television without a niqab.

Beheading of an apostate Need I say anything? This is of course not the only example. There are douzens floating around in cyberspace. The only thing that is not around, is a single request from the mythical  moderate Muslims to get these videos off Youtube.

Pakistani Blasphemy       Christian Woman sentenced to death on bogus charges

Afghanis without a nose               If you look just a little, you can find several (I mean douzens) of examples of Muslim intolerance from cut off noses and ears, acid-destroyed faces, stonings and the likes.

Once you start looking, you will find an endless stream of youtube videos exposing Islam for what it is, an intolerant, barbaric and murderous ideology bent on world domination.

You will also find some proselytizing propaganda (Dawa). Several conversion stories and revisionist history.  How The Khilafah was destroyed and how it shall return insh ALLAH
And this one showing Islam as the source of all knowledge we have in the west today. You thought newton discovered gravity? Think again. The important point is the closing message:
“Subscribe and support and share this video with everyone to increase knowledge and awareness of what life is really like living under Islamic rulership (Khilafah)”

There are serious attempts from the liberal media to make Islam look much better than it is, such as this BBC documentary

About the demographics see Islam is a “peace-loving” religion from beginning to end

Web sites

Jihad watch              This is the web-site of Robert Spencer with tons of excellent information. It is primarily a news site with archives documenting the progress of Jihad around the world.

Pamela Geller         American freedom fighter, bright, articulate and feisty. We need more like her. If you want to do something about Jihad, supporting her campaign is a good start.

David Horowitz       I picked up his first book in a bookstore quite by accident. I got hooked. I read several, but not one yet about Islam. It is worth looking for his speeches on Youtube. He is an outspoken defender of Israel and a critique of the political left. He started his career as the editor of Rampart magazine but eventually became disillusioned by the left (the journey documented in Destructive Generation); and today he is an outspoken conservative.

Pat Condell               is a most articulately, most fearlessly outspoken critic of unreason. Islam is not his only subject, but considering how eminently unreasonable Islam is, it is no wonder that it is a frequent subject of his delightful rants. Unfortunately, his web-site sucks as it does not have an ordered archive. Luckily, all of his videos can be found on ordered in any way you wish. I suggest chronological. The videos there are also translated into several languages so you can send them to your non-English speaking acquaintances.

Prophet of Doom  This is an excellent resource site to understand what Islam is and always has been from original documents. My favourite part of the site is the little green book of the Ayatollah Khomeini.

FLAME                        Facts and Logic About the Middle East is a great place to learn about the recent history of the middle east, the front line of the war against the West. FLAME publishes full page ads in Magazines such as National Review. Read them.

….and if you happen to be a Muslim looking at this page, you have to admit:

If nothing else, Islam has a serious image problem.

2 replies on “Do not believe me”

  1. chicagoja says:
    The Muslim war against the world has its roots in a place you would least expect – in the West (many years ago). By that I mean that over time world events have been contrived to benefit certain people, the same ones who manipulate theses events from behind the scenes. The Muslims are taught to hate the Jews and in Western culture we are taught that all Muslims are Islamic terrorists. A state of Israel is created to fan the fires of hatred, throwing in a few armed Arab/Israeli conflicts along the way. In recent days, this same movement brought us Arab Spring, has recently spread to Syria and now threatens to engulf the world in nuclear conflict with respect to Iran. In war, there is only one winner and by that I don’t mean the combatant left standing on the battlefield. For anyone to really know who that winner is, they would have to follow the money trail down the rabbit hole which in my case took years of research. Needless to say that we are all pawns in this game, referred to by The Wizard of Oz as useful idiots. While the threat that you perceive is very real, you should try not to be a useful idiot. Good luck.
  2. zorkthehun says:
    Sounds like a conspiracy, doesn’t it?

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