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2012-09-30 immigration

I am an immigrant to Canada. I escaped communist Hungary because I did not want to live in a Communist country. I detested the religion-like ideology. I DID NOT come to Canada for a larger slice of bread, I came here for freedom. Definitely not to export communism.

I came here, because I value the Anglo-Saxon culture and the freedoms it provides.
(Plus the beauty of the Country) I could go into more details, but I will do that at another time.

Shortly after I came, I was working in a restaurant where one of the dishwashers was a Chilean communist refugee. He was here, he said, to keep fighting for the cause. He looked at me with disgust for being a traitor, for being someone who rejected all the amazing things communists did for the proletariat. I asked him why he didn’t go to the Soviet Union. Because there, he said, everything is perfect; he would have nothing to fight for.

I think Canadians would be well advised to take note that there are three basic types of immigrants coming into this country: those seeking freedom and opportunity, those who seek to destroy our culture and society and those who just want to take advantage of our generosity. Only the first of these three types should be welcome, and we should find ways to weed out the other two.

Unfortunately, the post-modernist, relativist ideology of multiculturalism does not make it easy.
In our effort to accommodate and respect other cultures we are embracing cultures and people who are fundamentally hostile to the values of a liberal democracy.

My message to new immigrants (especially to the ones with the Islamic persuasion):

Being a Canadian means to espouse Canadian values such as Individual freedom and responsibility, equality, respect for the law, tolerance, freedom of religion and freedom of speech – among others. You cannot call yourself a Canadian until you really understand what they mean.

  •  You cannot call yourself a Canadian if you cannot accept the simple fact that your God is NOT THE ONLY GOD. People in Canada worship douzens of them in hundreds of ways. You cannot expect ANY respect for your own faith if you cannot respect theirs. (And YES, this includes the Jews.) No Canadian could or should be expected to ‘respect’ your God and your prophet.
    Freedom of religion does not mean that you are free to make demands or to force the ‘laws’ of your faith onto others; it only means that you are free to believe whatever you wish to believe.
  • You cannot call yourself a Canadian until you can start respecting other peoples’ right to disagree with you, to dislike you and to disrespect you and ANYTHING YOU BELIEVE IN.
    You cannot call yourself a Canadian until you are willing to accept that someone can piss on your Quran, stick it into a pile of Camel dung with a picture of your prophet and display it in a museum as a piece of art.
    Christians are not happy when their religious symbols are desecrated this way (or this), but they live with it. They probably pray to the lord to punish the blasphemer, they may express their displeasure; but that is where their actions stop. They will not burn flags and embassies; they will not riot and definitely will not butcher innocent people. Doing that would be the Muslim way.
  • Let me raise this last point just a notch higher:
    You cannot call yourself a Canadian until you are willing to defend someone’s right to piss on your Quran, stick it into a pile of Camel dung with a picture of your prophet and display it in a museum as a piece of art
    Once you can pass this test, you will be on your way to become Canadian. And by the way, if you wish to protest that our tax dollars are spent on supporting such ‘art’ I will be protesting with you.
  • You cannot call yourself a Canadian if you openly advocate violence. There is a fine line between a peaceful protest and carrying a sign asking for the beheading of someone you disagree with.
  • You cannot call yourself a Canadian man until you understand that equality means that your wife and you daughter have the same rights you do. No matter how they dress, no matter what they do. You have NO POWER over them.
  • You cannot call yourself a Canadian until you understand that the private lives of others is none of your business, no matter how much you dislike it or how much it is against the laws of you faith. We are not supposed to police the morality of others.
  • You cannot call yourself a Canadian until you fully accept that the laws of Canada Reign Supreme over the laws of Sharia.  That you are free to worship pedophilia in the abstract, but you are not free to advocate it and practice it. That you can dislike homosexuality, apostasy and adultery but there is NOTHING you can do about it beyond disapproval.
  • These last three points mean that you cannot call yourself a Canadian until you stick your Sharia to where the sun does not shine (like the back of a drawer)

 …. and if you do not want to call yourself a Canadian,
then what the hell are you doing here????

I have to confess, I have no idea how many Muslims living in Canada today could pass the above test.
I fear it is not many because if they can call themselves Canadian it is doubtful that they could also call themselves Muslims.

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