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2012-05-20 Sun media

There is an awful lot of talk on Sun News about balls. From the shorn scrotum of Dr Evil/Special Rapporteur De Schutter to the invisible balls of Premiere Charest.

But how about the balls of Sun media? Bitching about the protesters, the police and the Premiere does not need much bravery. Making fun of an obvious retard does not need much either. (….but I shouldn’t insult the mentally challenged by comparing them to the Special Rapporteur)

Pointing out the root of the problem and offering real solutions is. The closest I saw coming to this was Brian Lilly’s suggestion that Canada should get out of the UN, but when it comes to the students in Quebec, all I can see is some well-mannered grumbling.

When Ronald Reagan fired the striking Air traffic controller in 1981, that was ballsy. Doing something similar with the students would be too, but we don’t even have somebody with the balls to SAY what needs to be done.

The striking students should have their tuition for this academic year refunded then they should be expelled from their universities with no possibility of ever reapplying. If they don’t like to pay what they are asked to pay, they don’t have to. They should be free to look for a better deal somewhere else. They can go to France. We should teach them how not to look a gift horse in the mouth. They are paying one tenth of the cost of their education and get a collective hissy-fit when it is suggested that they should pay 15%? As if the 90% from the Canadian taxpayers were their god given right?
(I am considering the cost for a foreign student to be the full cost)
(Foreign students ~$20,000 – out of province students ~$6,000 – Quebec students ~$2,000)
The exact numbers for McGill are here.

I will calm down now

OF COURSE I understand that SUN is a news Media and not a political advocacy organization, but they are doing a lot of that anyway. Shouldn’t we expect them to bring the subjects of their discussions to their logical conclusion? The logical conclusion in this matter is that Governments should have nothing to do with higher education. The logical conclusion in dealing with the ungrateful little brats in Quebec is to spank them and send them to the corner.

OF COURSE I understand that there is no chance of such thing happening, but why doesn’t Sun have the courage to even suggest it? To point out the economic problems created by government involvement such as the moral hazard created by subsidies? By making it more difficult for a freshman to evaluate what is marketable by lessening the pressure he would be under if he was using his own money? There isn’t anything controversial here. It would be simply pointing out that nothing can escape the basic laws of economics but since education is a sacred cow; even pointing out the obvious would require balls.


My personal Jiminy Cricket is telling me that I am not fair to Sun news. She is probably right.
The very existence of Sun news is a blessing to Canada. I certainly appreciate it a lot. The people at Sun news have more guts than all the rest of the media in Canada put together. Still, I decided to post it for the questions in it. The provocation may be overboard, but the questions are not. If we wish to understand the symptoms of a problem, we have to look at its roots. The root of the problem here, as usual, is the government involvement. Free market educational institutions never have to face this kind of riots.

3 replies on “The balls of Sun media”

  1. Chris says:
    I spoke with a mother of one of those students and suggested that they should stop complaining and be happy that they at least can even get an education. Then I suggested that a business should be allowed to raise the tuition, her response was that government shouldn’t be in business…and then stared blankly at me as I tried to explain that school is a business like any other. It truly hurt my head.
  2. David Strutt says:
    The folks at SUN should take your Jiminy Cricket out for dinner.
    • Lori says:
      The majority of protesting students are college (CEGEP)students who are paying $100 per trimester. The cost per year of university for a poor student in Quebec, after tax credits is $25 per year

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