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2012-05-20 my roots

Watching the weekly half an hour Hungarian TV show on CFMT  (OMNI 1-Channel  4) (2012 May 19th episode)
Five segments with some advertising and some horrendous operetta music at the end.

  • The Ontario Trillium Foundation gave money to a Hungarian theatre project to stage a play about the last days of World War II, a family trying to survive and cope with life.  The TV show was invited to the reading rehearsal. I was not able to determine the language of the performance as it was voiced over by the commentary describing it. The only participant we heard speaking was the author of the play casting his daughter in the role of his mother. Judging from his incredibly poor, typical second generation broken Hungarian, it is safe to assume that the play is in English.
    I could not find their grant which is, quite possibly but not necessarily, less than the average. The foundation distributes 120 million dollars amongst 1,500 recipients.
  • An interview with the visiting founder of the ‘mag’(seed) movement which is calling for a return to our pre-industrial  roots of idyllic harmony with nature and each other.
    They are against everything modern and foreign, including modern or even traditional Chinese medicine, advocating Hungarian folk medicine instead. They have courses to re-teach the basic technologies of pre-industrial life. A disturbing mixture of the preppers, the de-growth movement and Hungarian nationalist romanticism.
  • Short documentary about the Crawford lake Iroquois village.
    Strikingly similar in its stupidity to the preceding segment idealizing 15th century Native American life style.
  • Regular segment of a local, ethnic Hungarian economist dispelling myths about Hungary’s EU membership.
    I don’t know what was more embarrassing, the fact that after stating that he reviewed several articles, he simply read quotes from a single article in a Hungarian paper; OR the article itself.
    The sum of the commentary of a leading Hungarian paper is that Hungarians shouldn’t complain because they are getting more money out of the Union than what they are putting in. The incoming transfer payments amount to 10% of Hungarian GDP.
  • I have absolutely no interest in spectator sports so I skipped the segment.

No brains, no spine. Leeches on Canada and Europe, advocating leeches as an option to brain surgery which I think they sorely need themselves.

I hope I do not even need to mention that the show itself was also helped by the Canadian tax payers.

Looking at my roots, I often feel deep sadness or – as in this case – just plain embarrassment.

(note to self – Ask David whether the Trillium Alliance would oppose the very existence of the Trillium Foundation)

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  1. David Strutt says:
    Hello Zork,

    Before I get to the question of the Trillium Foundation, I would like to address a couple of other points first.

    Native North Americans:

    Let’s talk about “Native’ North Americans. I am a native North American. My family has been raising their young here since before the War of 1812. We sailed in tiny wooden ships across the Atlantic and trekked into the wilderness to clear the forest and till the soil. We built roads and villages; we fought wars to preserve our land and our freedom and, with great pride, we became a nation. We “settled” in Canada and made it our own and if you don’t accept that I am a native of North America, then you must concede that there are no natives of North America.

    Stone Age people from the European Continent migrated across the Atlantic using ice flows (remnants of the last Ice Age) in much the same way as the Inuit did for centuries, following the marine mammals. These were the first people to arrive in Canada some 20,000 years ago.

    About 8,000 years later, the Asian peoples wandered across what was Beringia to settle on the west side of the continent. Over thousands of years, these immigrant “settlers” interspersed throughout the regions to become many and varied tribes of, what we now mistakenly refer to as, “Aboriginals”.

    If I am not a native, then they are not natives and, therefore, cannot be aboriginal.

    In North America, many thousands of years later, more modern Europeans discovered hundreds of tribes of stone-age people that had not advanced very much from the days of their migrating ancestors. Those later immigrants were far more advanced technologically, recognized the rich resources here and built this great nation.

    Crawford Lake:

    (Named after the Crawford family that originally owned the land and had a building and lumber mercantile in Campbellville just north of the homestead.)

    I know Crawford Lake very well. When I was a teen we camped around and swam in that primordial pool for years, long before the bureaucrats found it and decided to make it off limits for fun. Eventually they hired uniformed thugs to chase us out of the area and outlawed the very recreation we enjoyed for years. They built boardwalks with high railings all over the woods and threatened to fine and jail us if we actually walked on the paths that we had made over decades of blissful camping trips. Then they had the temerity to call it a “Recreation Area”.

    There had been the old Crawford house right on the lake and it sat there for years and years before the government moved in. We were fascinated by the old building and paid an unconscious reverence to it, as was typical of my generation and those of us who loved nature and history. Years later, the organized structure of the “Recreation Area” attracted the attention of a new kind of youth; the old Crawford home was razed to the ground by a arson.

    Another publicly funded bureaucrat received an historical, Indian relic that someone had found just north of the lake and across the farm trial we used as access (which is now a major road). Within no time at all a really half-assed replica of an Indian village went up, along with a huge parking lot that destroyed acres of natural land. In reality, it is just someone’s guess at the possibility of an Indian village but, hey … look at all feel-good, taxpayers’ dough they got to squander.

    No other young Canadian will ever enjoy a day at Crawford Lake again.

    The Trillium Foundation:

    As a side note, the Trillium Alliance is gathering a strong following already even though I have had some setbacks with the website (technical, but I will solve them).

    If the Trillium Alliance were a party in power in Ontario today, the Trillium Foundation would be immediately privatized or it would be dismantled. This is one of those feel-good programs to which I alluded earlier and not a place to spend public revenues. We have lots of rich philanthropists in this country and they can enjoy the good feelings of sponsoring plays about the good folks in Hungary at the end of the Second World War.

    There was a time that I believed in government-funded stuff … all kinds of stuff, because I hadn’t yet learned that governments couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery. I once believed that all education, right through to university, should be publicly funded but that was before I witnessed the result of government subsidized education organized by government bureaucrats and executed by unionized, government teaching practitioners.

    How lucky we are now to have children who are programmed not to think, denied the risks they need to take to learn their limits and assess danger, indoctrinated with the most erroneous and socialist information you can imagine and endowed with a sense of entitlement that will be dashed to pieces in the real world; the consequences of which we can see in Quebec right now (May 2012).

    The government must get out of trying to manage anything … period. It must allow free enterprise and the capital system to take natural courses as long as the folks are provided with the protection of their rights; which is one of the government’s few real responsibilities. Provide funding for public education up to the end of high school by allowing parents to direct that funding to private schools competing for those dollars. Offer subsidized college or university tuition only to students who are willing to offer two or three years of worthwhile community service in return (similar to Germany’s earlier system before the flood of Islam turned everything upside down).

    We have a lot of work ahead of us.


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