Emily and the House of Terror

I am coming from an illustrious line of amnestied criminals. My grandfather, a respected notary public was declared a class enemy by the communists and completely dispossessed in 1946. My father was jailed for his 100% non-violent participation in the 1956 Hungarian revolution and I was jailed for participating in a peaceful demonstration in 1972. The lives of all three of us were – in a way – destroyed by it. My grandfather was never able to practice law again; my father was not able to finish university and I was forbidden to even apply to one. (You can read more about my case here.) All three of us got rehabilitated around the same time in the early 90s.

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A question of morality – references

The following is a long list of references.  related to my last post: A question of morality
The number of references are so overwhelming that they deserve their own post.
If you have questions about anything I said in the post itself, the answer to your question can most likely be found somewhere in the links below. Since the war is still going on and  new information is still coming in, I will keep adding links to this page.                                    Continue reading →

A question of morality

Early into the war in the Ukraine I got into a few heated arguments. I was told by a relative that my views on the matter are “incomprehensible and unacceptable.” Our conversation ended in a shouting match. Not unlike the ones about Covid. The point of these discussions is always, somehow, about morality and the vehement emotions in support of that moral conviction.

Just like with all the Covid discussions, the views are polarized, moralized and emotionalized. The things that are missing from all of them are nuance, logic and knowledge on one side and often too much (bordering on speculation) on the other, making reasonable discussion practically impossible.

In the case of the Ukraine war, I tried to make the point that I also look at it in moral terms, that I am also outraged, that I also find the support of subversion, interference and outright intervention in the affairs of a sovereign nation “incomprehensible and unacceptable,” but I had a feeling that my points fell on deaf ears.  So here I am, trying to summarize my views, my puzzlement, and the foundation of my moral outrage.
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The Great Reset

What on earth are they thinking???

The great reset is a dream for some, a globalist conspiracy to others.
For its promoters and the globalist left it is a great promise, for everybody else, it is a great threat.
For its proponents, it is a great plan of enlightened visionaries, for its opponents, it is a globalist conspiracy for our enslavement and exploitation.
Questioning the benevolence of its promoters or expressing any kind of concern about it is labeled a conspiracy theory.
If you agree with the agenda, then it is a wonderful plan, if you don’t, you will be told that it does not even exist. The only conspiracy around is your attempt to besmirch the benevolent efforts of well-meaning philanthropists who have nothing but your happiness on their mind. They want to take everything away from you, so that you won’t have to worry. “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” Continue reading →

Faith and falsifiability

I don’t think there can be any doubt about my position on, or what I think in general about the insanity of the last two years. The reason we still have to talk about it is the many conversations I had on the subject, all too often with the same disappointing outcome of no common ground. I tried to challenge the beliefs of my opponents by asking them to provide me with some falsifiability criteria so that we can bring the conversation beyond the perpetual restating of our positions. Continue reading →

A web of interests

In “The Foundation of Theories” I tried to make the point about the inevitability of what we are seeing around us. We somehow managed to push ourselves into a corner economically, politically, philosophically, culturally and maybe even civilizationally. I also made the point that being trapped in that corner created the fertile ground for the insanity we are experiencing for the past two years.
However, none of this apparent inevitability, none of the circumstances can excuse the despicable and often criminal behaviour of so many, nor lessen the virtue of those standing up against it.
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Dear friend,

Dear friend,

After a month, I still cannot get over that short exchange we had at the door of your cottage when you said that you heard about that horse medicine the uneducated are poisoning themselves with. It left me speechless. Then a little later you asked a poetic question: Isn’t it interesting – you said – to see the correlation between vaccine acceptance and level of education. I still cannot get over the revolting, paternalistic condescension of what you said. Then you told me about your doctor friend, who wishes that she could smash the face of the unvaccinated with a coal-shovel to shock some sense into them. As a doctor, she has an alarming level of animosity toward her potential patients. The ones she would NOT treat with bleach or some horse-paste.
Then a day later, your husband, another brilliant intellectual, was trying to explain to me why the Israeli statistics mean exactly the opposite of what they actually mean. In his opinion, if 85% of the hospital admissions involve the vaccinated in a country where 80% of the population is vaccinated, that does not mean that the vaccines don’t work, it means that the unvaccinated are responsible.
I remember you informing me last year that Trump told his followers to drink bleach. You actually believed that. It may be that you still do.  At some point I had to just drop the subject. Continue reading →

The Book of Judas

In the infant days of the internet, in the early 90s, when Bill Gates declared it to be of no interest to Microsoft, I got an idea for a book of a sort. It had two inspirations: Orson Welles’ radio play adaptation of H.G. Wells’  “The War of the Worlds”  and Nikos Kazantzakis’  “The Last Temptation of Christ”. I was very young when I read the Last temptation. The conversation where Jesus asks Judas to sacrifice his integrity and reputation so that he, Jesus, can fulfill his destiny made a lasting impression on me. Until about the mid eighties I also had some concerns about overpopulation and running out of planetary resources but I grew out of it by the nineties. I just had to properly digest the zeitgeist of the time. Continue reading →

Conspiracy questions

I am still trying to get a handle on conspiracies. Forget that… I am still trying to get a handle on reality. In the end, theorizing about conspiracies is just that: an attempt to get a handle on reality.
We don’t like uncertainty. It makes us feel comfortable to know that things happen for a reason. Knowing the reason makes it easier to accept even things we do not particularly like.
Some theories are trying to foretell the future, some to explain the past. Sometimes, when the present makes no sense at all, we need to theorize about the intent that brought it to us. Religions are very elaborate conspiracy theories. Continue reading →

Communist boots, bread and health care

My political awakening, meaning the moment I realized what politics in a communist country actually means, happened around the time I was maybe 12-13 years old.
The idea of communism, meaning collective decision making, always had a tendency to degrade into a dysfunctional epistocracy in which the appointed experts were trying to solve problems in the spirit of communism. We had debates about various public concerns. Housing, shortages, prices, absenteeism, you name it. There were television panel discussions and newspaper back-and-forths trying to solve the problems. Continue reading →